Backpack Beverage Dispenser 2 x 5 liter

Base price excl. printing accessories Price/piece € 239.- (incl.19% MwSt. € 284.41.-)

If the backpack cover of the Premium5 litre is equipped with two plastic beverage containers of 5 litres each, a new product is created. The "DrinkPackKombi" is also a universal drink backpack for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks (preferably suitable for cold drinks). From this model, however, two different types of drinks can be served from one backpack.

Equipment/Technical data:

Material ... very robust and weatherproof truck tarpaulin
Insulation Plus ... 1 to max. 2 hours (depending on ambient temperature)
Dimensions ... H 36 x W 31 x D 28 cm
Weight (without beverage content) ... 2,8 Kg
Advertising space (foil window) ... H 30,5 x W 64,5 cm
Cup dispenser ... Transparent, cst., for EW cups 120-300 ml
Plastic beverage containers ... 2x 5 litres (total 10 litres)
Tapping device ... Standard one-hand tap
further equipment options ... Gastro apron and Promotion Flag

DrinkPackKombi 2x 5-Liter

... Use with carbonated beverages

When used with non-carbonated beverages, the air is emptied by gravity. The manually operated air pump with T-distributor is used for dispensing beverages containing CO2.

Further accessories/equipment:

Hand-operated air pump with T-distributor,
Spare container plastic, 5-litre complete with beverage line (insulated and sheathed) as well as standard one-hand tap,

DPD200 Drink-Pack-Duo Gravitational drink backpack for open drink, consisting of insulated special backpack, with 2x 5 litre gravitational drink container PE, with gravitational tap - per container -, with insulated and sheathed drink line, with integrated transparent cup dispenser tube (for 120-300ml cups), with transparent cover for advertising inserts (H 35 cm x W 69 cm) and pre-binder for gastronomy.
The Drink-Pack-Duo is suitable for cold drinks with or without carbon dioxide. Sparkling beverages do not necessarily require a pressure accessory for tapping. Emptying takes place by gravity (gravitation). For the dispensing of drinks containing CO2, optional pressure accessories such as barrel pumps or CO2-Automatic can be added (for prices, see price list 01/05) The special backpack is comfortable to carry, made of hard-wearing backpack fabric, extremely tear-resistant, washable, fabric side water- and dirt-repellent impregnated.
All plastics used in the Drink-Pack-Duo are suitable for foodstuffs and comply with the technical requirements for materials in contact with foodstuffs.
Dimensions: Drink-Pack-Duo H 39 x W 30 x D 27 cm
Own weight: approx. 2200 g (without contents)
Backpack colour: Silver in stock. Special colours on request. However, a minimum purchase of 50 pieces is required and may entail additional costs. Delivery time for 50 pieces in special colour approx.
3 - 4 weeks after order clarification.

Delivery time: Depending on order volume. Standard models in smaller quantities usually however at short notice from stock. It is possible to state a binding delivery time after concrete formulation of the order.

Furthermore we offer optional:

Direct branding: Drink-Pack-Duo back side. Consisting of digital large colour print H 35 x W 69 cm (4 colours), light and moisture resistant laminated, laminated on 0.5 mm polystyrene, fixed to backpack with Velcro straps.

Branding behind the visual cover: As before, but without laminating and Velcro Velcro. The laminated print is placed behind the transparent cover.

Quantity scale: 3 - 5 prints (same motif) = 10 % discount
6 - 10 prints (same motif) = 15 % discount
11 - 25 prints (same motif) = 25 % discount
26 - 50 prints (same motif) = 35 % discount
from 51 prints (same motif) = 45 % discount
The above prices for branding apply to the delivery of print-ready files.