Technical Information

Beer backpack tap      New equipment option "Premium nozzle".     ... suitable for all drinks backpacks!

The Premium nozzle is made of high-quality, modern materials that comply with legal and hygienic requirements.

All Rocketpacks backpacks with gravity function!

With all still drinks (without carbon dioxide) the complete emptying of the Rocketpacks beverage container takes place completely without pressure!
Accessories like foot pump, compressor, nitrogen, or battery compressor, battery pump, Co2 bottle, pressure reducer are therefore not necessary!
Furthermore there is the possibility to connect a hand pump to all gravitationstank to serve beer, cola etc..
Gravitation drinks backpack suitable for all still drinks such as coffee, mulled wine, soda, tea, soup etc.. - hot/cold.
No pressure accessories required; emptying by natural gradient, or with Rocket Packs pump for beer, cola, etc.

Gravity function suitable for all non-carbonated drinks such as coffee, mulled wine, soda, tea, soup, etc. Without CO2 hot/cold.
No pressure accessories necessary; emptying is done by natural gradient, or with Rocket Packs pump for beer, cola etc..
Rocket Packs Pump: In-house development and production with integrated
Non-return valve makes expensive and heavy accessories superfluous! Generates the dispensing pressure for all beverages with or without CO2.

No co2 bottle        No Compressor           No foot pump

All pressure accessories are completely replaced with the hand pump !

Possibility to pressuring beer cola
10 L as KEG version for serving beer. Equipment as before article no. RP1002/11, but with 10 litre beer KEG incl. fitting and tapping head (please specify type of fitting when ordering).

possibility to print coffee mulled wine
We can still supply for the individual needs of CO2 or N2, or air pressure accessories.

The pressure possibilities only in combination with Profi tap. The nozzle is ultramodern, with which the beverage flow and the foam formation can be controlled. A conveniently placed adjustable belt loop holds the gun in the desired position.

Other pressure accessories Options on request Available



Keg and Conelius tank refilling without Co2 loss

Nitrogen N2

Promotion flag with telescopic pole
Weatherproof foil pouch in signal Colour

Flexibly applicable flag with telescopic stainless steel rod, approx. 125 cm high, 2x DIN A4 foil pockets for exchangeable advertising messages. Edged with reflective light strip. Space for lateral insertion of flags.

Colour: currently neon yellow (subject to alterations)
Dimensions: 40/26 cm x 36 cm
Material: Nylon / Textiles
Weight: approx. 200 g
Visible film for advertising insert

Visible film on all Rocketpacks

Velcro fastening - branding surface: insertion behind a PVC protective film. The system ensures a constant visibility of the product logo from three sides. Rocket Packs is an excellent system for brewers who want a professional system of the highest quality that offers plenty of space for product and company presentation during use.

A sophisticated neutral design with advertising insert allows a serious presentation of your product.
High-quality materials and the unique manufacturing process of the backpack keep the total weight of the mobile dispensing system as low as possible and at the same time significantly increase the available space for the advertising / product presentation "your logo".
A big advantage is the increased profitability for the sale.
Maximum mobility to bring a product to the customer anywhere.

Branding surface:

Insertion behind a PVC protective film Space for lateral insertion of flags. The advertising displays can be fastened with Velcro fasteners.


beer backpack cleaning
The Rocketpacks can be quickly cleaned and refilled.
Qualitative materials and the unique manufacturing process of the backpack keep the total weight of the mobile dispensing system as low as possible while significantly increasing the available space for your logo.
The latter advantage means increased profitability for sales.
It offers maximum mobility to bring a product to the customer anywhere.
Rocket Packs is an excellent system for sellers who want a professional product of the highest quality and absolute mobility that significantly improves beverage sales.

Thanks to its solid, smooth and flat outer shell, the rocketpacks backpack   serves as an optimal advertising space. For a perfect advertising appearance, the rocketpacks backpack designed precisely for such requirements: a highly functional and at the same time robust technology combines optimally thought-out detailed solutions. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a perfect and "wrinkle-free" brand appearance. A high recognition value is therefore guaranteed.

 Due to the solid and always planning under the base of the outside of the corpus, the exchange of the advertising message within one minute is possible at any time. The transparent plastic film to be opened on four sides simplifies the user-friendliness (attaching the advertising banner) and then fixes the advertising depositor (spray resistant). On the sides there are additionally two plug-in possibilities for flags or transparent.

Beverage Dispenser

Additionally, to the beverage backpack systems and vendor’s trays there are dispensers for tables „BIERTOWER” available as well. Types of 3-5 liters with or without cooling, a cone able to pivot 360° or as a solid 3-Cone-Model. These dispensers for tables can be filled with almost any beverage and are suited for professional usage in in catering.