Homeless helpers associations - hot beverage backpacks

Mobile beverage systems such as coffee backpacks
  • When the temperatures drop and it gets cold and frosty, the hardest time of year begins for the homeless. 
  • This is when hot beverage backpack helpfulness is especially important. 
  • In order to find some warmth and shelter, homeless men and women can now be found more often in the city centers. Most of us are not left cold by this.
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  • If a homeless person is sleeping in the cold with little protection, it is legitimate to wake them up to offer help. 
  • In some major cities, so-called warm coffee backpack patrols/ hot mobiles are on the road to point out shelters. 
  • They can also be requested by phone. Charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army, also offer assistance in such cases.
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  • With gloves, socks and underwear: such clothes wear out quickly, because they often can not be washed.
  • Sleeping bags or blankets are also welcome, of course.
  • You are also welcome to drop off such donations in kind at the Salvation Army's clothing stores: 
  • Money is sometimes used for alcohol or other drugs.
  • Therefore, if you don't want to give cash, you can instead ask for needs and shop accordingly, for example, hygiene items, food, hot drinks, coffee, tee,  medicine, or a prepaid cell phone credit card. Some homeless people have a dog for which they would give what little they have.
  • So food for the companion can be a special joy.
Our mobile tee backpack dispensers are ideal for the sale of all type of hot drinks, not carbonated.
  • Many homeless people are happy when they are simply noticed and given a smile or a kind word, for example - and not just in the cold season!
  • In addition to providing basic needs, guests at the Salvation Army find attentive listeners as well as concrete counseling services.
  • Learn more about The Salvation Army's backpack hot beverages homeless services.
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  • The Salvation Army as an international aid organization and Protestant free church cares for men and women without homes in many major European cities. 
  • In cafés and warming rooms, day care centers, emergency shelters and overnight homes, it meets people regardless of who they are: everyone is welcome.
Our drink dispensers are a powerfully publicizing tool. You will contact people and points that they never reach earlier. Use it as a central tool in your support programs.
  • It drives to various locations in the city and brings warm drinks from the Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser, rolls and fruit to the homeless.
  •  "Especially at Christmas, you often feel alone when you don't have your family with you or there are problems," head of the Diakonie's midnight hot drinks bus.
  • "Therefore, it is important that you with each other, for this we want to set an example and are therefore on the spot with."
If you are a beverage manufacturing business, has a restaurant or cafeteria, our equipment is an ideal instrument for the mobile selling of your wares.
  • Over a cup of coffeebackpack, homeless people can talk off their frustrations at the "cold bus".  For hygienic reasons." The helpers also hand out sausages and five-minute terrines. Sometimes also wool blankets, really thick hunting socks or sleeping bags.
  • Most are only suitable down to ten degrees, "They need sleeping bags that keep warm down to at least minus five degrees." The location at the train station is no reason to be happy when winter comes. 
Our containers will allow you to sale your beverages such as coffee, tea, soda waters, collations, juice, beer, alcoholic beverage, liquors, soups, consommé, and even plastic nursing bottle, PET, and meals in a fast and sufficient style
  • The backpack Coffee-To-Go at the train station sweetens your way to work in the morning, but for a homeless person it might be the first warm drink in days. 
  • Many volunteers help out and make it possible for the midnight bus to reliably roll along the streets even on festive and holiday days "When you offer tea to a guest at the bus on Christmas Eve and start a conversation with them, those are already very moving moments," 
If you have a business organization where your customers make a row when they wait to be served, like banks, in the public eye services, customer care centers, you can use our instrumentation to supply an first-class service providing a coffee or drink of good manners to them while they wait for being taken care.
  1. Winter can become a struggle for survival for people living on the streets.  
  2. They use a Rocketpacks to visit places where homeless people stay and offer a place to warm up, warm drinks, clothing and conversation.
  3. "People are just happy that on days like that there is someone who comes to them and spends time with them. That's our motivation."
Use our equipment to serve a drink to its workers, collaborator, and workers such as Coffee, juice or water while they are operating, bettering its health and the productiveness of your establishment.
  • Every year in Europe, people living on the streets freeze to death. 
  • That's why Salvation Army Rocketpacks backpack employees throughout Europa help people without a place to stay through the winter.  
  • The Salvation Army takes care of the homeless and those seeking help, giving them not only shelter from the cold, but also food, clothing and human warmth. This help can be life-saving for one or the other of them.
Our backpack soup dispensers are ideal to spread out fluid foods, medicines, and vitamins in health facility, health centers, or during medical missions. Serve drinks that promote the health, concentration, and natural science development of children and young families in classrooms, schools, educational institution, and sports installations.
  • This year, Malteser International will once again accompany homeless people through the cold season with warm drinks from the backpack and freshly cooked meals.
  • The project is going into the second round and is completely financed by donations.
  • The helpers are now supported by the project "A backpack full of hope".
  • People in need are given backpacks packed with clothes and all kinds of useful items.
  • But there is also human warmth.
Hot & cold beverages (non-carbonated) similar coffee, tea, juices, fluid soup, water, milk, drinking chocolate, colas wine and sparkling wine.
  • The full-time employees and the teams of volunteers are aware of the responsibility they bear during the cold season.
  • Because in the freezing temperatures, it is very dangerous to sleep outside under bridges, on park benches, in driveways or condemned buildings.
  • Every additional degree below zero can mean death.
All kinds of carbonated drinkables, such as beer, alcoholic beverage on water tap.
  1. When temperatures drop below freezing, Salvation Army backpackteams  go on "cold patrol" in the evening hours.
  2. Often until after midnight, the helpers are out and about looking for homeless people, bringing them warm drinks, soup and sleeping bags, and talking to them.
  3. Here we report by way of example on the cold aid provided by the Salvation Army.
  4. At times, some homeless people react grumpily at first, not wanting to be disturbed when they are just hoping to sleep. But when they hear that the Salvati
  5. Offering them concrete help, they are usually grateful. They accept the coffee from the backpack drink dispenser and sometimes also the invitation of the Salvation Army helpers to take them to one of the so-called night cafés.