Drink Pack Fun 5 Litre Beverage Backpack


Drink Pak Fun

 from € 79.- netSimple drinks backpack, with moderate insulation, suitable for any fun occasion. Preferably suitable for cold drinks. For non-carbonated drinks, emptying by natural gradient.

5 Liter beverage backpack

No pressuring accessories required! When used with CO2-containing beverages, we recommend the barrel pump as a pressure accessory.  The content of 10 beer bottles of 0.5 litres each fits into the PET container. ( refillable, 250g light, pressure resistant and unbreakable )

DrinkTank 5 litre gravitational plastic (PE) drinks container adapted to the back Hand pump (Optional for beer and cola). Fan article fan clubs, scene gastronomy, as father's day taps, gift for beer lovers.. Family celebrations, garden parties, cycling and hiking tours, picnics, children's parties, but also promotion and marketing events.

5 litre beverage backpack. Can be filled with all cold drinks, with or without carbon dioxide. Ideal for self-suppliers at concerts or sports events, at private parties indoors and outdoors, at children's parties, family outings and many other fun occasions is our Junior Pack - 5 litre drink backpack. Fillable with all cold drinks, with or without carbonic acid.

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  • 5 litre container PE incl. pipe, insulation, sheathing and GV tap.
    Standard colour: grey-black
  • Material: Nylon Backpack Dimensions: H36 x W27x D17 cm
    Backpack Dimensions: H36 x W27x D17 cm
  • Plastic container PE, GV: 5 litres
  • Weight (empty): 1,2 Kg
  • Visible film for advertising insert
  • Advertising space: H 31 x W 46 cm

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PartyPack for 5 litre beer can - Iso backpack for 5 litre beer can from the trade


  • price from EUR 89.- net, Well, cheers! This large drink dispenser is simply a must have for all those who always want a cool drink.
  •  total of 5 litres fit into the glass container and this is a great thing, for example, when the next summer party is coming up.
  • he guests can serve themselves, simply open the tap and fill the glass. Whether it's water, wine or lemonade - the sight alone is really cool.
  • ip: Place a container with ice cubes next to it. Beverage backpack for 5 l beer can from the supermarket. Equipment:
  • special backpack with insulation, cup holder sewn on the shoulder strap, complete with claw and tapping as well as insulated and sheathed beverage line with tap body. (Supplied without 5 litre beer can).
  • Incl. tap set for beer can. Tapping set for beer can, connected beverage line with GV tap and drum pump.
  • NOTE! ONLY beer cans with rubber stoppers from WECOMATIC can be used!
  •  Drum pump, rubber ball ... with cable and coupling for beverage containers.

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