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Here you can get drinks to go? You could do with a drink or two again, but unfortunately mixing them by yourself isn't working out as well as you'd hoped? That's finally no longer a problem, because bit by bit our favorite bartenders* decide to supply us again: drinks to go or at street vendors. We've listed where you can get your favorite Rocketpacks drinks for a bit of bar feeling at home.
  • Portable, specially designed and backlit back panels.
  • These eye-catching backplates advertise your business and release your products/services in a very appealing and straightforward way directly to your desired target group.
If you enjoy a drink or a snack on such days, you should definitely stop by the "Café Kiosk" in San Diego, as long as the sun is shining. Because when it rains, the kiosk is not open. So if you fancy a coffee, beer, soft drinks or even a cake for in between, this is just the place for you. What's more, the little Mobile Rucksack stand is in the middle of the greenery.
The Rocketpacks Backpack beverage dispenser is a cute, beer service with a cozy atmosphere. It is located in the Manhattan district. Right, next to the before the pandemic there was live music here from time to time, mainly jazz. Can you enjoy many hot and cold drinks, such as chai latte, cocoa, Coca-Cola, latte macchiato, as well as small dishes!

Concerts, sports events, department stores, beaches, take your message only to the audience you want, anytime and anywhere!

If you fancy homemade lemonades, cool soft drinks, beer, a glass of wine or even a snack for in between, you should try the one located directly on the. On the steps and the meadow directly in front of it, many sales-motivated people gather on sunny days. So this tip is one of the most popular meeting places for moments reminiscent of dolce vita in an Italian piazza.
  • Dimensions: L 126 x W 64 x D 28 cm
  • Color: Silver-Black - Material truck tarpaulin
  • Placard able area backside: H 119 x W 83 cm (approx. DIN A0)
  • Placard able area front: H 41 x W 57 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5,2 Kg

Combine your marketing campaign with sampling directly to your customers.

Plakatpack Backpack Video

The concave advertising structure attracts your target group's attention, especially when several people drive in convoy on highly frequented routes in inner-city locations or the vicinity of events.

Our Plakat Pak- the ergonomic mobile advertising medium - is a mobile advertisement gadget and guarantees better results.

With the poster on both sides, you can reach pedestrians and public transport participants, and motorists.

Poster Backpack video

  • Why do you want to wait passively for passers-by to come to you by chance?
  • Use the advertising part of the backpack with your advert.
  • With the Plakat pak Backpack, you actively drive your advertising message directly to your target audience.