Hand Sanitizing Backpack - Tray

Our mobile beverage / liquid distributors are also indicated for use with ALCOHOL and DISINFECTING GEL, for application in the hands of people, in disinfecting them, in the most diverse places where there may be a significant movement of people, and there is a need for a quick application of said disinfectants, as an example:

We are, among many others, a present and effective partner in the fight against the CORONAVIRUS - COVID 19 Pandemic.


  1.  Entrances to Hospitals, Health Centers, Education Establishments, companies and factories, hotels and also at the stations of Metro stops, Buses, Taxis, Trains, Airports….
  2. On public roads, Jardins, at traffic lights stops on roads
  3.  In the most diverse car parks, such as large commercial areas and supermarkets.

Technoparty, fairs, signature collections, street marketing, amusement parks, beaches, traffic jams and gas station services, streets and private parties of all kinds, family entertainment centers, festivals, cinemas, soccer stadiums, giveaways, coupon distribution, disco, army, police, trade show new customer acquisition, target group oriented sampling, demonstrations, event hall, information services, image campaigns, store marketing, church congress, election campaign,

  • Manufacturer and world leader in portable distribution equipment for ALCOHOL, GEL and DISINFECTANT LIQUIDS.
  • Suitable to fight CORONAVIRUS - Covid19.

Up to 11 liters of commercially available hand or surface disinfectant solution can be dispensed from the hand disinfection backpack.

In addition, the half-shell-shaped back of the event hand sanitizing backpack is ideal for displaying flexible advertising messages and messages of all kinds.

With the Rocket Packs Hand Sanitizing-Backpack you can disinfect objects, surfaces, people (e.g. hands) in a controlled and hygienic way, mobile and independent of a fixed location. comfortable and absolutely hygienic.

Using an extended arm and adjustable spray head.

Advantages the Hand Sanitizing-Backpack!
- Can be used independently of location
- High flexibility
- Maintaining a safe distance
- Absolutely hygienic, controlled dispensing
- Attractive presentation
- Creates trust
- High attention
- Additional advertising medium and much more

Application Sanitizing-Backpack.

Rocket Pack's beverage backpack can be used even in times of COVID-19 and can be used in a practical way.

  • Event hydro alcoholic backpack?
  • Weekly corona restrictions have catapulted people into social isolation and severely restricted their activities.
  • Step by step, the restrictions are now being relaxed and we are slowly returning to regular operations in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Event hand disinfectant backpack

Indoors and outdoors, e.g. retail outlets of all kinds, hotels and restaurants (event catering), beer gardens, museums & galleries, leisure facilities (fitness, tennis, golf and yacht clubs, gym, swimming and adventure pools etc.) ...

Corona will possibly remain our constant companion.

Event Hand disinfection dispenser backpack

Offer your customers/guests/visitors this innovative and attractive form of the Corona Prevent Option.

  • Further Accessories (optionally):
  • - Promotion-Flagg incl. telescope stick (length 140 cm)

Basic Product Features/Technical Data:
- Material: Tarpaulin (641 COMPLAN Original)
- Standard Color: SILVER
- Backpack Dimensions: H 54 x W 42 x D 22 cm
- Weight (not loaded): 5,5 Kg
- Spraying Lance: (can be extended to a length up to 150 cm)
- Advertising Surface (visible foil surface): H 44.5 x L 60 cm
- Beverage Container: AFG Container NC (Steel), content 11-liters

Vendor’s Apron incl. 3 front bags (Material & Color as backpack)

  • Accessory (mandatory for function):
  • Our recommendation, Stand-Air-Pump with Manometer, to generate the working pressure.
  • Further pressure accessories on request.

Hand sterilize backpack

Mobile event hygiene station

Trade fairs, marketing event promotion, concert, motor sports events, indoor and outdoor, sports events football, winter sports, swimming lakes, shopping centres,
Carnival parades, promotion tour, product positioning, P.O.S. support, service expansion, impulse purchases, test purchases, surveys, Red Cross, disaster protection, marquee, city festival,

Disinfection Backpack Video

  • Not for the distribution of beverages (food) but for various, highly effective disinfection actions with high visibility and additional advertising effectiveness.
  • Premium 11-liter beverage backpack has been modified!