Backpack Drink Dispenser for Hot & Cold from 79 €

Backpack Beer Dispenser

Our dispensers are portable, allow self-service and are fun to use. In business terms it increases drinks turnover and reduces staff requirements in any venue where drink is served. 

Can/Bottle Dispenser Backpack

Your product and company will be discovered and recognized fast.      Backpacks in 5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 Liter  Version

Backpack Coffee Dispenser

The beverage backpack particularly makes versatile selling and sampling of beverages of all types possible.

Production & Marketing – Backpack Drink Dispenser, Vendor’s trays!

Backpack Drink dispenser

Rocket Packs owns a variety of diverse backpacks with bar systems. Types for various applications.

Drink Backpack

Most of Rocketpacks can be easily used to fill cans, bottles or even dispense snacks from the exit holes such as the Rocketpacks Backpack

Backpack Beverage Dispenser

Rocketpacks has various sorts of backpack dispensers, which have been developed and can be used for various purposes.


The mobile beer backpack

that has been developed for the dispensing of CO2-containing beverages/products. It stands out due to its light but sturdy construction. It is available as a AFG or keg version.

Its perfect wearing comfort, the professional appearance and its high functionality form the basis for a strong (brand) appearance. Behind an easy-to-change, glass-Clear PVC film there is an advertising space with the dimensions.