Rocketpacks has undertaken a major relaunch of its PE brand. The entire brand and corporate image was given a fresh and contemporary makeover. The backpack label design was modernized for all products in the brand. At the same time, a new tagline, Beer Dispenser Backpack, was developed to target new audiences in Miami.
  • Backpack Beer Dispenser
  • Depending on your needs, these backpacks are available in 5,   10,   11,   15,   19,   22 and 30 liter sizes.
The Rocketpacks brand relaunch has been an elaborate process over the past 16 months. The communication experts at the agency, a full-service agency specializing in food and packaging design, were tasked with this challenging assignment. The redesign was accompanied by market research involving both users and non-users. Consumers primarily associated coffee backpacks with trendy themes such as origin, love of home and nature. Accordingly, these Drink to By values are reflected throughout the relaunch, which was interpreted in an authentic and contemporary way under the personal direction of Rocketpacks in New York.
  • Backpack Coffee Dispenser
  • The most versatile way to sell and sample beverages of all kinds is with an effective and mobile coffee backpack.
Relaunch of Rocketpacks labels, slogan and corporate identity.
  • Can & Bottle Dispenser Backpack
  • This can and bottle dispenser can be customized with your brand logo and slogan to make your product and company instantly recognizable.
The relaunch of the Rocketpacks beverage brand image has been designed to be equally recognizable to existing customers and attractive to new customers. The re-launch will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign on radio, billboards, the Internet, in-store and in advertisements. More information on beverage consumption can also be found on the company's website.

Stopping people with free mulled wine, coffee and children's punch and handing out promotional material

At Rocketpacks, we believe that access to clean and refreshing drinking water is a fundamental right for everyone. We are thrilled to announce our new initiative, the Free Drink Water Service, aimed at providing communities with easy and convenient access to high-quality drinking water at no cost.

Donating water in the heat on the street and distribute flyers of products

Our Free Drink Water Service is simple and hassle-free. We have strategically placed state-of-the-art water stations in public spaces, parks, schools, and other community gathering areas. These stations are equipped with advanced filtration technology to ensure that the water is purified, free from contaminants, and safe for consumption.

Donate suntan lotion from the backpack and distribute flyers of products

Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Drink is more than just a beverage. If you're holding a coffee in one hand, you're probably holding your mobile device in the other. For some time now, frothy milk art, or "latte art," has been a popular topic on Instagram. But now we see coffee being associated with friendship or solidarity. And on the first working day of the Wine Festival in January, there were a lot of conversations about coffee. So beer is not just a drink. Over a Coked dispenser, you can deepen relationships and face new challenges.
  • Backpack Drink Dispensers
  • "Rocket Packs has a variety of beverage dispensers with bar systems installed and readily available for different situations.
The regulation of alcoholic beverage advertising in the U.S. rests on two pillars - effective industry self-regulation and legislation. Laws such as the Unfair Competition Act, the Youth Protection Act, the Broadcasting Act, and the Beverage Communications Act protect consumers and businesses as competitors. "Rocketpack's advertising for alcoholic beverages must not be directed at children or adolescents, must not appeal to children or adolescents in any way, and must not show them warmly drinking alcohol!
  • Drink Backpack
  • Rocket-Packs can easily be used to fill cans and bottles. You can even dispense snacks through the backpack's exit holes.
Rocketpacks business drinkers, high income couples and beverage enthusiasts enjoy all types of tastings including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and even coffee or tea. You can earn a lot of promotional bonuses by hosting a World Beer or Craft Beer Tasting. If you offer craft beer, you can use promotions to attract beer lovers and people curious about the craft beer trend. These tastings can be themed - such as a particular spirit, country of origin, holiday drinks and other creative concepts. Menu-driven food tastings can also attract social bar patrons, where guests can sample different foods, appetizers and beverages. It's a big draw when you walk by a bar and receive an invitation on your phone to enjoy a cocktail while sampling tapas in Chicago.
  • At events, fairs, and even in pedestrian areas, you can serve food, drinks, and other items effectively and profitably.
  • We offer a range of products for street vendors and market sellers such as portable sales stands that are lightweight and easy to carry. Other products that street vendors can use include carts, kiosks, and tents.
Most bars rely heavily on their regular clientele, and customers often place a high value on the atmosphere of the bar and the other patrons. One of the easiest ways to attract regulars with the same attitude is to support a local sports team. This could be a professional beer team or even a school team. You could even invite team members in for a free meal or drink after a local game. There are many ways to promote local teams, including merchandise, betting games, live broadcasts, sports paraphernalia, and silly sports contests. Your bar could also host virtual sports teams and leagues, especially for championship tournaments.

Backpack Drink Dispenser, is a mobile hawking backpack.

  • Rocket-Packs are fully customizable with your branding and available worldwide.
  • You can brand this backpack beverage dispenser, move around with the crew and serve the drinks of the event.
  • Rocket-Packs are versatile and it doesn't matter if the drink is hot or cold, carbonated or not.
Can the launch of the drink be seen as a response to major trends in beverage consumption? The rise of the health trend, stevia as a sweetener and the shift in consumption towards functional drinks (containing added benefits such as vitamins). Despite the fact that Rocketpacks is opening up a new product segment and therefore has no direct competition on the shelf, entering the beverage market will be a big challenge. This market in London is extremely competitive and dominated by a few large manufacturers who have great advantages such as brand recognition and economies of scale!
  • We have suitable equipment to suit every demand.
  • Thanks to its reliable, smooth and flat outer shell, the Rocketpacks as an optimal advertising space.
  • They are best suited for the sale or distribution of edible and inedible items. 
The right Rocketpacks stadium marketing is essential in the hospitality industry. If no one understands the restaurant business, you can decorate the dining room all you want and serve the most delicious food - but tables and wallets will remain empty. An important task for the ambitious restaurateur is to create a sophisticated backpack marketing plan. This plan includes all planned promotional activities, the times when they will take place, and the estimated costs. In this way, the marketing of catering drinks can be included in the budget planning. Marketing strategies can be varied. Use both online and offline marketing to promote your catering business across all channels.
  • It doesn't matter if the drinks are hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide, it can handle any situation. 
  • The frame offers a high level of freedom of movement, functionality and comfort.
Another way to reach new Rocketpacks customers is through food festivals? These events are becoming increasingly popular. However, they need to be well planned - after all, you are surrounded by a lot of competition! Visitors can compare stands directly, so you need to find ways to attract as many potential customers as possible with your Mobile Catering Studio beverage dispensing offer.
  • The integrated cup dispenser accepts cups with a maximum diameter of 89 mm.
  • Dispensers and vendor trays are also available.

Beverage Backpack Video

Beverage Backpack for still drinks offers excellent temperature retention with our new container. It reduces the number of staff required in any venue where drinks are served, helping to alleviate staff shortages and ensure drinks are served efficiently.
Need hydration packs for a party or just because you are thirsty? Rocketpacks offers not only a rental service for events, but also a delivery service. We deliver to event venues, caterers, companies, clubs, doctor's offices, homes, private households and anyone who is just thirsty - even without an event. You can choose from a well-balanced range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Rocketpacks will help you decide what to drink. If we don't have what you want in stock, we'll get it for you as soon as possible.
  • Using the Rocket-Packs drink dispenser, you can serve beverages at ski slopes or during an event without any hassle. 
  • The rubber diaphragm controls the separating mechanism of the cup dispenser.
  •  In business terms, this beer dispenser increases drinks turnover.
  • Multifunctional beverage backpack for open dispensing of hot/cold beverages with/without CO2.
  • Provides mobile refreshment for events and easy food catering.
Planning a party and having trouble with the drinks? Do you lack the necessary bar equipment? Then you have come to the right place! Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event or a special occasion. You are in good hands with us! At Rocketpacks, we see ourselves as an all-round supplier who can provide you with the right backpack equipment for any event. We are happy to answer your questions and advise you in a personal conversation. Use our callback service and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • Rocket-Packs come in a variety of designs and customization options.
  • They consist of heavy-duty truck tarpaulins, thermal insulation, double-sided and removable pockets, hinged lids and flexible dividers.

We are also the right partner if you need additional equipment for your event.

Mobile beverage catering?

  • The Rocketpacks mobile backpack is the perfect way to serve drinks and beer to your guests in a class of its own.
  • Our backpack beverage dispenser is the perfect solution for staying hydrated and refreshed on the go.
  • With its innovative design, you can easily carry and dispense your favorite beverages wherever you go, whether you're hiking, attending a festival, or hosting a party.
  • The backpack features a spacious insulated compartment that holds up to 3 liters of liquid, while the adjustable straps and padded back provide comfort for extended use.
  • Whether you prefer water, sports drinks or cocktails, our hydration pack has you covered.
  • tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
  • Discover the variety of Bauchladen: Click here for practical and stylish solutions!