Backpack Drink Dispenser for Hot & Cold Beverages

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Our dispensers are portable, allow self-service and are fun to use. In business terms it increases drinks turnover and reduces staff requirements in any venue where drink is served. Present your products with a good advertisement through promotion activities.

Production & Marketing – Beverage backpacks, vendor’s trays and special bags.

Your product and company will be discovered and recognized fast. Using the Rocket Pack Beverage Backpack you can serve beverages at ski slopes, a disco or during an event without any problems. The beverage backpack particularly makes versatile selling and sampling of beverages of all types possible. At fairs, various events or even in the pedestrian area you’ll be promotionally effective and profitable en route. 

Rocket Packs vendor’s trays

are also available in various types of designs. A large number are made of robust truck tarpaulin, thermal isolated, with two side pockets and detachable hinged lids and flexible room dividers. They are best suited for sale or distribution of food and products that aren’t food. 

Rocket Packs owns a variety of diverse backpacks with bar systems. Types for various applications. It doesn’t matter if the beverages are hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide. We have suitable equipment for every demand.

Why You Must Get A Backpack Drink-Dispenser

  • Currently, through advancements in technology, virtually everything is becoming easier, faster and safer to operate, work with, and of course, eat and drink. In the aspect of food and drink delivery, many new improvements have been made and they have gone a long way in serving humanity better.
  • One of such improvement is the backpack drink-dispenser. Now, more than ever, almost every savvy drinks’ wholesaler, retailer, restaurateur, and individuals all seem to have or interested in getting one for their use. Wondering why the amazing piece of technology is in such a high demand?
  • Check out the following reasons, and you will discover what you have been missing with you not having a backpack drink-dispenser.

Simple, easy and convenient handling

One of the savviest reasons why many settle for Backpack Drink-dispenser is not only because it is simple to understand how to use, but also it is convenient to handle. Just like a knapsack sprayer, all you have to do is to pump, press, but instead of spray, you fill. This is as easy as you can get. Most of these Backpack Drink-dispensers can be easily used to fill cans, bottles or even dispense snacks from the exit holes such as the Rocketpacks Backpack.

Multi-purpose delivery service

  1. By now, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a drink-dispenser that serves snacks such as the Rocketpacks Backpack. But this is not all.
  2. A Backpack is a gadget with a multifaceted importance. For instance, the model 19 Liter can be used to supply hot or cold beverages, hot chocolate, wine, juice, and even, soup.
  3. Likewise, the model Rocketpacks Dispenser is capable of been used to serve drinks in cans, bottles pop and other beverages from its several side exit outlets.
  4. Such is the multi-purpose functions that the Backpack Dispensers are capable of doing.

Gallons of drinks delivered with ease

The Backpack has been designed in such a way that it holds enough quantity of drinks than you can possibly imagine, and likewise, enough to serve almost everyone in your party at one-go. For instance, the Rocketpacks Model has been specially crafted to hold not less than 384 ounces of drafted beer through its 22 inches high and 22 inches wide dispenser. Also, the Model is designed with a 22 inches high by 12 inches wide dispenser and it is capable of holding 1.3 gallons of drinks and weighs 16 pounds when full. This is how you can deliver drinks to many customers without stress.

Replaceable spare parts

  • Finally, most parts of the Backpack Drink-dispenser are replaceable. This is good for easy refill of drinks, convenient change of damaged parts, and replacement of dispenser.
  • For example, the rocket pump and spare beverage tanks of the Model can be easily changed so as to allow for a convenient refill of the dispenser.
  • Likewise, the cup dispenser and the dispensing hose are also changeable. It is advisable to also get a spare rocket pump for better customer satisfaction.

Backpack Drink Dispenser

  • Obviously, you are impressed, yes?
  • If you are wondering where to get a reliable and quality backpack drink-dispenser that would perfectly suit that purpose you are proposing, your worries stop here. Rocketpacks has you covered.
  • At Rocketpacks, we offer best-in-class backpack drink dispensers of different models and sizes that are specially designed to serve every purpose you have in mind.
  • All you need to do is visit Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser Frankfurt surf through the available options and pick your choice.
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