Backpack Drink Dispenser

  • Backpack Coffee Dispenser
  • An effective and mobile coffee backpack mainly makes versatile selling and sampling of beverages of all kinds possible.
  • Can & Bottle Dispenser Backpack
  • This Can and Bottle dispenser enables customization to have your brand logo and slogan to make your product and company quickly discoverable and recognized.
  • Backpack Beverage Dispenser
  • We have a variety of portable vending dispensers available to fulfil various needs for beverage dispensing aptly.
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  • Backpack Drink Dispensers
  •  “Rocket Packs” has a diversity of drink dispensers with bar systems installed and readily available to suit various situations.
  • Drink Backpack
  • Most of the Rocket-Packs can be easily used to fill cans, bottles, or even dispense snacks from the backpack's exit holes.

Backpack Drink Dispenser, is a mobile hawking backpack.

  • Rocket-Packs are fully customizable to your trade name, with Worldwide delivery available.
  • You can do branding with this backpack drink dispenser, move around with the crew, and serve the event's drinks.
  • Rocket-Packs are versatile, and it doesn't matter if the beverage is hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide.
  • It doesn't matter if the beverages are hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide, it caters all situations. 
  • The frame offers a high degree of movement, functionality and brings wearing comfort. 
  • The Integrated cup dispenser can accommodate cups with a maximum diameter of 89 mm.
  • Dispensers and Vendor's Trays also available.
  • Multifunctional beverage backpacks for open dispensing of hot/cold beverages with/without CO2.
  • Provides mobile Refreshments for events and easy food catering.
  • Using the Rocket-Packs drink dispenser, you can serve beverages at ski slopes or during an event without any hassle. 
  • The rubber diaphragm controls the separating mechanism of the cup dispenser.
  •  In business terms, this beer dispenser increases drinks turnover.

Backpack Cold Drink Dispenser Video

  • On various events, fairs and even in the pedestrian area, you can be profoundly effective and profitable at dispensing food, drinks and such items. 
  •  It reduces the number of staff required in any venue that serves drinks, hence fulfilling the staff shortage and dispensing beverages effectively.
  • Rocket-Packs have a wide variety of designs and customization options available.
  • They are made up of robust truck tarpaulin, thermal isolated, double-side and detachable pockets, hinged lids and flexible room dividers.