Backpack Drink Dispenser Technical

For more than 25 years now, we have been providing professional equipment to the large-scale catering industry. We are a Rocketpacks company that shines through constant improvement and is now even the European market leader for beer catering equipment.
  • Backpack beverage tap?
  • New equipment option "Premium nozzle".
  • Suitable for all drink backpacks!
The original beer tap This is the classic tap in the original Bavarian form for tapping barrels with Bavarian tapping And of course its special closure:
  • Backpack beer tap Pro!  
  • The nozzle is ultramodern, with which the beverage flow and the foam formation can be controlled.
  • A conveniently placed adjustable belt loop holds the gun in the desired position.
Product Information "Counter Pressure Filler Head for Flat Combi or Basket Kegs".

With all still drinks (without carbon dioxide), the Rocketpacks beverage container's complete emptying takes place completely without pressure!

Product information "Filling adapter for tap head to fill keg barrels". With this filling adapter you can convert your tap head to a filling tap head. Choose as variant 5/8" or 3/4". The filling adapter has a pressure gauge up to 2.5bar, a safety valve adjustable up to 2 bar and 3/4 inch stopcock. Your dispensing head must be prepared so that the internal lip valves allow a passage in both directions. Screw the filling adapter onto your dispensing head. Then you can start the filling process by first pre-bunging the keg. Detailed illustrated instructions are included with delivery. Related Links to "Filling adapter for tap head to fill keg barrels".

Beerkeg and Conelius tank refilling without Co2 loss. A sophisticated neutral design with advertising insert allows a serious presentation of your product.

One of the most important things in brewing beer is the fermentation tank. This should keep out oxygen during fermentation but also carbon dioxide can drain independently. Our fermentation tanks have a fermentation tube or fermentation bung which are filled with water and thus fulfill this property. Furthermore, the fermentation tanks are useful for backpack drink dispenser with a large opening to clean them easily after use.
  • The Rocketpacks can be quickly cleaned and refilled.
  • Qualitative materials and the backpack's unique manufacturing process keep the total weight of the mobile dispensing system as low as possible while significantly increasing the available space for your logo.
Tapping equipment for beverage dispensing here you will find tapping equipment of all kinds. Select a Rocketpacks of your needed to the vendor tap equipment to view more subcategories. Tapping plants are devices, which are equipped with a cooling machine. Thus, cold drinks can be tapped such as beer, wine, soft drinks (AfG) and water.
  • Filling device for beer
  • Filling the Rocket Pack beverage container from a beer keg
  • Set consists of tapping head (flat, basket, or combination fitting), CO2 pressure reducer 0-6/3 bar, with integrated safety valve, with cylinder content display, with stopcock, ready for connection with pressure line incl.
  • The non-return safety device and beverage line with NC coupling black and sniffer valve NC 7/6".
We offer beer dispensing columns made of stainless steel, brass, chrome plated or gold. Choose between, straight or slanted designs. The dispensing tower should fit your premises and be easy for you to handle. If you are not yet familiar with the operation of dispensing towers, we will be happy to advise you on the products offered by Rocketpacks.

No  CO2 bottle!

Easy to use: Before turning on, the liquid is passed through the pump; the liquid flows from the bottom of the valve into the pump, and once the unit is turned on, the propeller circulates the liquid for maximum flow; Use for beer dispensing, water treatment, transferring hot water from your kettle to a mash tun, or for circulating mash wort and foam and transferring to a brew kettle. Wide use: this home brew beer pump is an optimal liquid transfer pump with high flow rate and quiet operation for industrial and home appliances.

No foot Pump!  No accu!

Safe Transfer Fluids: Tested to safety and performance standards, it can transfer hot and cold fluids quickly and safely. Meets food standards and can be used on professional occasions. Food grade backpack beer pumps are resistant to corrosive chemicals and can be effectively sanitized.

No compressor!       No  No2!

Beer Pump with Food Grade Stainless Steel Head, High Temperature Resistant Drive Pump

All pressure accessories are completely replaced with the hand pump !

  • Furthermore, there is the possibility to connect a hand pump to all gravitations tanks to serve beer, cola, etc.
  • Gravitation drinks backpack suitable for all still drinks such as coffee mulled wine, soda, tea, soup, etc. - hot/cold.
  • No pressure accessories required; emptying by natural gradient or with Rocket Packs pump for beer, cola, etc.

Mechanical manual air pump?

Therefore, accessories like foot pump, compressor, nitrogen, battery compressor, battery pump, Co2 bottle, and pressure reducer are unnecessary!

CO2 and the right pressure are needed to tap beer professionally. Therefore, CO2 pressure is necessary to tap delicious beer. It comes in gas cylinders and when handling chemicals, safety aspects always come first. Therefore, among other things, you should store the bottles safely in a well-ventilated place.
  • In addition to down-to-earth dispensers, which are suitable both for professional catering and for private use.
  • Dispensers in various styles give a noble flair and allow up to six glasses of beer to be tapped simultaneously.
Use of CO2 cylinders? Depending on the filling quantity, CO2 cylinders are of different sizes and diameters. A 0.5 kg bottle is sufficient for 160 liters of beer, a 2 kg bottle for 700 liters. The valves of the bottles are standardized and therefore fit on every pressure reducer. To connect pressure reducers to the bottles, you can also find connectors. Pressure reducers ensure that even with different pressure on the input side, a certain pressure is not exceeded on the output side.
  • Versatile dispensing systems
     A freshly tapped beer is always good.
  • This is not only true for beer: non-alcoholic and warm drinks from a professional tap also taste even better.
Some bottles already have a practical foot for safe placement. But you can also buy a foot separately. Bottle holders that can be hooked into a beer keg are also practical. The bottle holders are ideal when there is too little space to safely place a CO2 bottle. Beer keg Safety also comes first when tapping beer! That's why we also have signs with operating instructions for safe dispensing in our range for catering establishments.
  • Possibility to pressuring beer cola
  • 10 L as KEG version for serving beer.
  • Equipment as before article no. RP1002/11, but with 10 litre beer KEG incl. Fitting and tapping head (please specify the type of fitting when ordering).
Not only for cola and beer tapping, but also for camping or for a fish aquarium you need CO2. Therefore, refilling is possible in many places. You keep the bottle and can refill it at any time. You can refill CO2 bottles at dealers for camping supplies, in beverage stores or in hardware stores. The CO2 cylinders have 10 years. Some cylinders have a bottle cage, a special handle. This cage is required by Rocketpacks backpack beverage dispenser law and some retailers will only refill the bottle if the cage is attached. Refilling should always be done by professionals only. You should always pay attention to the current safety regulations.
  • Mechanical foot air pump with manometer for generating the dispensing pressure for CO2-free beverages
  • The beverage container is filled: The beverage container is only filled with 80% of the tank volume; the remaining 20% is compressed air storage.
  • Now 6 bar air pressure is built up; with this, the 80% tank contents can be emptied.
  • No further pumping necessary in between.
  • It can only be used with a compensator tap!
CO2 bottles for your beer tapping plant! Carbon dioxide bottles are used when tapping beer to build up the required pressure in the tap system and thus prevent the carbon dioxide from dissolving from the beer dispenser backpack and enable transport through the beer line. In our assortment, you are guaranteed to find the right CO2 bottle for your dispensing system as well as suitable accessories such as bottle holders, connectors and operating instructions that you need to connect the carbon dioxide bottle and safely operate the dispensing system.
  • Nitrogen (N2) Pressure reducer 7 bar … for fast dispensing pressure generation for CO2-free beverages
  • N2 pressure reducing valve AFG, 0-10/7 bar, with integrated safety valve, with cylinder content display, with stopcock, ready for connection with pressure line, non-return valve, and NC 7/16" coupling.
  • Procedure: The beverage container is only filled with 80% of the tank volume; the remaining 20% is compressed air storage.
  • Now 6 bar air pressure is built up; with this, the 80% tank contents can be emptied.
  • No pumping necessary in between!
  • Can only be used with a compensator tap!
A good beer is tapped in a few minutes and with professional tapping equipment and accessories it tastes even better. More and more beer lovers and hobby brewers want to tap beer at home, and a tap system is also part of the inventory in clubhouses. Draft beers, regardless of the variety, convince with the right carbon dioxide content and a foam crown as "icing on the cake". It is important that the tap equipment and accessories are of good quality and that you clean the equipment regularly, but even with good cleaning, the beer should never come into contact with the tap. Tap equipment, accessories and cleaning products you can order directly online with us.
Professional Rocketpacks beer taps? In a pub, beer taps simply belong, and at home, beer taps are the highlight of every party. It's fun to tap your own beer! However, every tap system must be set up correctly before use. In doing so, you should pay particular attention to the CO2 pressure, because safety also comes first when tapping beer, then you can tap the first beer backpack in peace. By the way, the beer tastes best when it is freshly tapped and not pre-tapped and then poured together.
  • The right dispensing technique is a must so that everything runs smoothly behind the bar.
  • This starts with professional dispensing systems and ends with hygienic cleaning of beer lines and glasses.
Proper beer tapping? First, hold the beer glass at an angle under the tap and open the tap. When filling, slowly move the glass to a vertical position. When the glass is about 2/3 full, close the tap and let the beer rest for a short time so that the foam can settle. When the glass is put back in the backpack beer keg , the beer runs into the glass at the rim and the glass is filled to the brim. Alt and wheat beers are an exception, which should be tapped in one go. Many taps also have a foam button, which you can use to shape the foam crown a bit more.
  • Via the  container opening with pipe connection by means of a funnel. 
  • No foam formation. 
  • Picnic pump with piston tap ...
  •  for screwing on KEG, full metal Version
  • The serving of hot drinks! At winter and Christmas time, the demand for cocktails and cool beer decreases, but epicureans may also experience palate pleasures during this time. Belgian mulled beer is not yet widespread, but it is an even hotter insider tip. Based on a sweet and sour beer, it is aged for several months with fresh cherries to create an aromatic hot beverage that is gaining more and more fans as a wholesome alternative to mulled wine. For serving alcoholic hot drinks such as mulled beer, mulled wine, punch or grog, you need a device specially designed for this purpose. At we offer mulled wine dispensers, basket dispensing heads, riser tubes, beverage hoses and other practical accessories for your hot beverage equipment.
  • The mulled wine or coffee dispenser makes it cuddly.?   
  • Our mulled wine backpack is ready for use in just ten minutes and  spreads a cosy Christmas market atmosphere.
  • Discover our professional Rocketpacks dispensers with electric pump and a dispensing capacity of 100 l/h, available in 2 lines with two preheated taps or 3 lines with three taps. They have an infinitely variable temperature control from 35°C to 85°C and are suitable for any kind of alcoholic hot beverages. Thanks to their uncomplicated design, they are ready for immediate use and can even be used for serving mulled beer after appropriate conversion. The hook-in drip tray is 520 mm deep, the matching suction hoses are also available in our online store. Our "hot keg" is a special hot beverage device in a playful barrel shape, which is also operated with an electric pump and has two preheated taps. In addition to the same high-quality equipment as our mulled wine devices, the "hot keg" impresses with its cozy wintery look.
    • Filling funnel, Ø 16 cm, made of PE-HD 9507
    • These Rocketpacks dispensers can be filled with almost any beverage and are suited for professional usage in catering.
    During the cold season, beverages such as beer or coffee become less important at events. Instead, visitors increasingly look forward to Rocketpacks flag am rucksack tasty hot drinks, such as mulled wine, mulled beer or punch. Serving hot beverages is particularly easy with a professional mulled wine dispenser. This is because the powerful equipment allows mulled wine to be dispensed in record time and long waiting times for customers can be avoided.

    Weatherproof foil pouch in signal Colour.

    Flag for Beverage Backpacks

    This is how a Flag Stange works!

    Promotion flag with telescopic pole.

    Advantages of a mulled wine dispenser? The use of a beer dispenser offers you a number of advantages. Among other things, you benefit from a particularly fast operational readiness through its use. This is because it is not necessary to heat the entire quantity in backpack can dispenser a kettle for serving. Instead, only part of it is heated in the cola dispenser. This is much faster and ensures that you can start serving after just a few minutes. In addition, you do not have to heat the mulled wine permanently. In this way, you avoid evaporation of alcohol as well as caramelization of the sugar it contains. In addition, no harmful substances are produced that can form with increasing duration of heating.

    It is edged with the reflective light strip space for lateral insertion of flags.

    Flexible temperature control for perfect beverage enjoyment a professional drinking dispenser allows you to flexibly adjust the temperature of the beverages served. Depending on the model, you can usually set the regulator to up to 86 degrees and thus always serve your customers perfectly tempered beverages.
    • Color: currently neon yellow (subject to alterations)
    • Dimensions: 40/26 cm x 36 cm
    • Material: Nylon / Textiles
    • Weight: approx. 200 g
    • Visible film for an advertising insert
    Mulled wine dispensers are flexible Despite the designation as beer dispensers, the devices are suitable for a variety of different beverages. Depending on the model, for example, you can also use your dispenser to prepare children's punch, mulled beer, hot cocoa, grog and numerous other warm delicacies. A Rocketpacks beverage dispenser thus offers you maximum flexibility and allows you to optimally adapt your offer to the wishes of your customers.

    Flexibly applicable flag with a telescopic stainless steel rod, approx. 125 cm high, 2x DIN A4 foil pockets for exchangeable advertising messages

    Rocketpacks Backpacks Display

    From shot to cocktail - Everything for your bar equipment! What would a bar counter be without the Rocketpacks glamour and joie de vivre that well-mixed cocktails exude? From the shaker and various pourers and portioners to the noble champagne cooler and ice cube tray, we offer you an extensive range to equip your bar professionally. Many cocktails give a small, tasteful backpack decoration only the final touch. Discover in our assortment cocktail decorations, such as the popular

    Rocket Packs is an excellent system for brewers who want a professional system of the highest quality that offers plenty of space for product and company presentation during use. 

    Behind the bar it is sometimes fast and hectic and every handle must sit, so it is essential that bottles and glasses have their place and are always ready for use. A glass rail stores glasses in a hanging and space-saving manner and thereby enhances your bar in a noble way. For freshly rinsed glasses, a drip tray is suitable, which catches dripping water in a shallow container. The glasses stand on the plastic coffee rucksack, which gives them a firm stand and at the same time protects the rim of the glass. On we offer you only products made of high quality materials, which are characterized by durability and a chic look, so that the work behind the counter means one thing above all: fun mixing!
    • Display - Branding surface.
    • The advertising displays can be fastened with Velcro fasteners.
    Buy your Rocketpacks Coffee dispenser conveniently online and have your order delivered quickly and reliably to your desired address. When buying a practical complete set, you can also be sure that the connection and commissioning will go off without a hitch and that you will be able to serve the first cold coffee from your new dispenser in no time at all.
    • Visible film on all Rocketpacks!
    • Velcro fastening - branding surface:
    If you want to serve your guests creamy beer from the tap in the future, you've come to the right place. Because in our online store you will find the right dispensing equipment you need for serving Rocketpacks. As with all our products, you can of course be sure that the quality of the individual components leaves nothing to be desired and that nothing stands in the way of a long service life.

    Insertion behind a PVC protective film Space for lateral insertion of flags.

    The dream of many beer display lovers and gourmets is to brew their own beer one day. Since brewing beer is a complex biochemical process, it is important to have the right equipment and ingredients together, so that in the end a sparkling, full-bodied drink comes out. In the Rocketpacks online store, you'll find the brewing accessories you need to easily brew your own beer. We offer basic ingredients, such as brewer's yeast, malts, flakes and special utensils, such as mash kettles, fermentation backpacks, malt mills, fermentation bungs and wort coolers.
    • The backpack system ensures constant visibility of the product logo from three sides.
    • We get to the bottom of problem cases until the beverage quality is right and the guest and the person enjoying the beverage at the system!
    • All our backpacks are perfect for event marketing.
    If you want to brew beer yourself, you need special equipment, first and foremost a brew kettle. Our mash kettles made of first-class stainless steel hold 26 l to 160 l, are available with or without a tap and are suitable for all types of stoves. Our high-quality electric brewing kettles have their own heating element with thermostat. For all brewing processes, from mashing to lautering to boiling, you need only one kettle. You will find compact electric brewing kettles for 30 l up to fully automatic Braumeister kettles with 210 l capacity. For the fermentation process to succeed, you need a fermentation bung, which ensures that the fermentation gases escape from the brewing vessel, but air cannot get in. You can find fermentation bungs in different sizes. If you grind your own malt, we offer practical malt mills, for example made of shapely cast iron, which are also suitable for grinding corn and seeds. With our extensive range of hawker backpack accessories, you are perfectly equipped for professional brewing at home!
    • Cinema centre, the large canteen or stadiums are routine tasks for us.
    • Thanks to our experience and personal commitment, you can entirely rely on us to plan, install, maintain, and customer service.
    • Rocketpacks is committed to providing customers with a happy online shopping experience.
    • We believe the key to this success is to provide high-quality products, affordable prices, fast delivery, all through our hard-working staff.
    On average, every American drinks 110 liters of beer per year. This puts citizens not only in third place, but even in third place worldwide. Only in is beer consumption even higher. Given the continuing popularity of beer, it should hardly come as a surprise that more and more people are trying their hand at hobby brewing. It is not uncommon for beer brewing to soon become a real passion after the first few attempts. After all, with the right utensils and the right ingredients, it's not that hard to brew a tasty beer from the Rocketpacks backpack yourself, making it a great alternative to store-bought varieties.
    • For us, a dispensing system is not just a dispensing system.
    • We look forward to our systems supporting the employees on-site in their work with the guest.
    • The quality of our systems and the products served are our incentive.
    If you have no experience with brewing beer, we recommend that you start with a beer hawking brewing kit. Such a set contains all the important components you need for your start as a hobby brewer. You can thus get started right away and try your hand at your first home-brewed beer. It really couldn't be simpler. The preparation of the fermenting brew is quickly done, so you basically only have to give the beer time to ferment. Thanks to the beer backpack brewing kit, you'll soon be able to toast your home-brewed beer for the first time. We are sure that not only you, but also your friends will be thrilled. In our online store you will of course also find complete beer brewing sets, which will give you an uncomplicated and inexpensive start in brewing beer.
    1. That's why we don't just offer beer dispensers in our dispensing technology range: in premix dispensers with up to six connections, you can spoil your guests with freshly tapped, carbonated soft drinks.
    2. In our rocketpacks tapping system, the hot chocolate drink always has precisely the right temperature - even if you pour large quantities.

    Beverage Dispenser Backpack Video

    • A professional dispenser is the heart of a counter.
    • So that the guest receives his beer precisely as the brewery bottled it in barrels, the right tap is the be-all and end-all.
    • Our range includes classic beer dispensers and dispensing pumps as well as  ready-to-use dispensing systems  
    •  Everything that goes with them.
    •   Stainless steel and brass dispensing taps in various designs, accessories,  
    • CO2 bottles for optimum pressure compensation and spare parts for dispensing systems.  
    •  We support you in your projects.
    Coffee backpack dispenser buy? If you want to serve your guests creamy coffee from the dispenser in the future, you've come to the right place. Because in our online store you will find the right tap hawker equipment that you need for the dispensing of. As with all our products, you can of course be sure that the quality of the individual components leaves nothing to be desired and that nothing stands in the way of a long service life. Buy your dispensing system conveniently online and have your order delivered quickly and reliably to your desired address. When buying a practical complete set, you can also be sure that the connection and commissioning will go off without a hitch and that you will be able to serve the first cold coffee from your new dispenser in no time at all.
  • A big advantage is the increased profitability for sale.
    Bierdispensing systems or the equipment of a but it's not only beer should greet the guest with a refreshing tingling sensation.
  •  Non-alcoholic drinks such as cola, Fanta or apple spritzer, and bottled wheat must always be adequately cooled. 
  •  Maximum mobility to bring a product to the customer anywhere.

  • Cooling the 5-liter party keg backpack

    Therefore, be sure to pay enough attention to the care of your 5 liter dispenser and clean it thoroughly after each use.

    By the way you will also ensure longer life and ensure that you will enjoy your dispenser for as long as possible.

    • Normal beer dispensers, the beer is usually cooled on its way through the line to the tap by means of wet or dry cooling.
    • Usually cooled by means of wet or dry cooling. However, this is not the case with 5-liter dispensers.
    • For this reason, it is particularly important to cool the keg itself sufficiently cool the keg itself.
    • This improves the taste and also makes tapping easier, since less carbon dioxide dissolves from cold beer.
    • Less carbon dioxide dissolves from cold beer and thus less backpressure is required.
    • To keep the keg cool, for example, a cooling sleeve can be put over the keg.
    • This solution is particularly practical on excursions. It prevents the keg from warming of the keg completely without electricity.
    • Alternatively, however, you can also use as a 5 liter tap on a suitable keg beer cooler with CO2 pressure reducer and compensator tap.
    • This also keeps your 5 liter party keg at the right temperature and thus allows you a perfect beer enjoyment with your friends.