Backpack Drink Dispenser Technical

The Premium nozzle is made of high-quality, modern materials that comply with legal and hygienic requirements.
  • Backpack beverage tap?
  • New equipment option "Premium nozzle".
  • Suitable for all drink backpacks!
dispensing tap beergun
  • Backpack beer tap Pro!  
  • The nozzle is ultramodern, with which the beverage flow and the foam formation can be controlled.
  • A conveniently placed adjustable belt loop holds the gun in the desired position.
filling the beerkeg

With all still drinks (without carbon dioxide), the Rocketpacks beverage container's complete emptying takes place completely without pressure!

Beerkeg and Conelius tank refilling without Co2 loss. A sophisticated neutral design with advertising insert allows a serious presentation of your product.

n2 for for coffe filling
  • The Rocketpacks can be quickly cleaned and refilled.
  • Qualitative materials and the backpack's unique manufacturing process keep the total weight of the mobile dispensing system as low as possible while significantly increasing the available space for your logo.
beer filling from barel to keg
  • Filling device for beer
  • Filling the Rocket Pack beverage container from a beer keg
  • Set consists of tapping head (flat, basket, or combination fitting), CO2 pressure reducer 0-6/3 bar, with integrated safety valve, with cylinder content display, with stopcock, ready for connection with pressure line incl.
  • The non-return safety device and beverage line with NC coupling black and sniffer valve NC 7/6".
co2 bottle for beer and cola

No  CO2 bottle!

beerpump foot and battery

No foot Pump!  No accu!

kompressor for beverage pressuring

No compressor!       No  No2!

rocketpacks beverage pump

All pressure accessories are completely replaced with the hand pump !

Mechanical manual air pump?

Therefore, accessories like foot pump, compressor, nitrogen, battery compressor, battery pump, Co2 bottle, and pressure reducer are unnecessary!

co 2 sodaclub for tankpressuring
  • In addition to down-to-earth dispensers, which are suitable both for professional catering and for private use.
  • Dispensers in various styles give a noble flair and allow up to six glasses of beer to be tapped simultaneously.
bottle for beer and coke pressuring
  • Versatile dispensing systems
     A freshly tapped beer is always good.
  • This is not only true for beer: non-alcoholic and warm drinks from a professional tap also taste even better.
draught beerkeg pressuring
  • Possibility to pressuring beer cola
  • 10 L as KEG version for serving beer.
  • Equipment as before article no. RP1002/11, but with 10 litre beer KEG incl. Fitting and tapping head (please specify the type of fitting when ordering).
pump for cola
  • Mechanical foot air pump with manometer for generating the dispensing pressure for CO2-free beverages
  • The beverage container is filled: The beverage container is only filled with 80% of the tank volume; the remaining 20% is compressed air storage.
  • Now 6 bar air pressure is built up; with this, the 80% tank contents can be emptied.
  • No further pumping necessary in between.
  • It can only be used with a compensator tap!
n2 for hot and col drinks without co2
  • Nitrogen (N2) Pressure reducer 7 bar … for fast dispensing pressure generation for CO2-free beverages
  • N2 pressure reducing valve AFG, 0-10/7 bar, with integrated safety valve, with cylinder content display, with stopcock, ready for connection with pressure line, non-return valve, and NC 7/16" coupling.
  • Procedure: The beverage container is only filled with 80% of the tank volume; the remaining 20% is compressed air storage.
  • Now 6 bar air pressure is built up; with this, the 80% tank contents can be emptied.
  • No pumping necessary in between!
  • Can only be used with a compensator tap!
beverage chiller refilling
beer keg tapp refilling
  • The right dispensing technique is a must so that everything runs smoothly behind the bar.
  • This starts with professional dispensing systems and ends with hygienic cleaning of beer lines and glasses.
refilling with beerpump

Unconventional filling of the Rocket Pack beverage container?

coffe mulled wine refilling

Hot mulled wine, without annoying waiting time in a mulled wine pot?

can refilling with funnel
  • Filling funnel, Ø 16 cm, made of PE-HD 9507
  • These Rocketpacks dispensers can be filled with almost any beverage and are suited for professional usage in catering.
coffee bag flag

Weatherproof foil pouch in signal Colour.

Flag for Beverage Backpacks

beverage backpack flag

Promotion flag with telescopic pole.

can flag holder

It is edged with the reflective light strip space for lateral insertion of flags.

foldable drink bag flag
  • Color: currently neon yellow (subject to alterations)
  • Dimensions: 40/26 cm x 36 cm
  • Material: Nylon / Textiles
  • Weight: approx. 200 g
  • Visible film for an advertising insert
beer flag backpack team

Flexibly applicable flag with a telescopic stainless steel rod, approx. 125 cm high, 2x DIN A4 foil pockets for exchangeable advertising messages

Rocketpacks Backpacks Display

dispaly for budweiser beer

Rocket Packs is an excellent system for brewers who want a professional system of the highest quality that offers plenty of space for product and company presentation during use. 

coffee d italia backpack display cover
  • Display - Branding surface.
  • The advertising displays can be fastened with Velcro fasteners.
foil cover backside
  • Visible film on all Rocketpacks!
  • Velcro fastening - branding surface:
beer logo display

Insertion behind a PVC protective film Space for lateral insertion of flags.

display design for rocketpacks
  • The backpack system ensures constant visibility of the product logo from three sides.
  • We get to the bottom of problem cases until the beverage quality is right and the guest and the person enjoying the beverage at the system!
  • All our backpacks are perfect for event marketing.
thirstsolution backpack for firewire
  • Cinema centre, the large canteen or stadiums are routine tasks for us.
  • Thanks to our experience and personal commitment, you can entirely rely on us to plan, install, maintain, and customer service.
homeless beverage care backpack
  • Rocketpacks is committed to providing customers with a happy online shopping experience.
  • We believe the key to this success is to provide high-quality products, affordable prices, fast delivery, all through our hard-working staff.
beverage care backpack for redcross
  • For us, a dispensing system is not just a dispensing system.
  • We look forward to our systems supporting the employees on-site in their work with the guest.
mobile hot drink dispenser on demonstration

The quality of our systems and the products served are our incentive.

mobile demostration beverage service

That's why we don't just offer beer dispensers in our dispensing technology range: in premix dispensers with up to six connections, you can spoil your guests with freshly tapped, carbonated soft drinks.

beverage catering maltese

In our rocketpacks tapping system, the hot chocolate drink always has precisely the right temperature - even if you pour large quantities.

Beverage Dispenser Backpack Video

  • A professional dispenser is the heart of a counter.
  • So that the guest receives his beer precisely as the brewery bottled it in barrels, the right tap is the be-all and end-all.
  • Our range includes classic beer dispensers and dispensing pumps as well as  ready-to-use dispensing systems  
  •  Everything that goes with them.
  •   Stainless steel and brass dispensing taps in various designs, accessories,  
  • CO2 bottles for optimum pressure compensation and spare parts for dispensing systems.  
  •  We support you in your projects.
  • A big advantage is the increased profitability for sale.
    Bierdispensing systems or the equipment of a but it's not only beer should greet the guest with a refreshing tingling sensation.
  •  Non-alcoholic drinks such as cola, Fanta or apple spritzer, and bottled wheat must always be adequately cooled. 
  •  Maximum mobility to bring a product to the customer anywhere.