There are a number of ways to market portable backpack drinks. One way is to use mobile marketing campaigns, such as SMS campaigns, to reach potential customers. This can be done by offering discounts or special promotions to those who subscribe to the campaign. Social media campaigns can also be used to reach potential customers and build brand awareness. Finally, promotional events, such as sampling events, can be used to introduce customers to a new product or to build brand loyalty.
Rocketpacks Beer dispensing is the process of pouring beer from a keg or other container into a glass or cup. This is usually done by a bartender or server in a bar, restaurant or other establishment that serves beer. Beer can also be served at home using a home draft system.
  • It comes with a standard tap for dispensing drinks.
  • Supplied with a catering apron and promotional flag.
  • Supplied with a gastro apron with three pockets, a purse and service accessories.
A beverage dispenser is a device used to dispense beverages such as soda, juice and water. It typically consists of a container, a spout and a valve. The Rocketpacks backpack container holds the beverage, the spout allows the beverage to be poured, and the valve regulates the flow of the beverage. Beverage dispensers are commonly used in restaurants, bars and other establishments where beverages are served.
  • The Drink Backpack Pro is available in 11 Liter. 
  •  It is a multifunctional mobile backpack drink dispenser like the Premium 11-Liter one, but it has a robust design with durable insulation. 
  • The drink line to the tap is connected to the bottom of the container.
Gravity feed Rocketpacks delivery system that uses the force of gravity to move a product from one point to another. This type of system is most commonly used in the food and beverage industry, where it is used to move liquids such as beer, wine and other beverages from a storage tank to a dispensing tap. Gravity feed systems are also used in industrial applications such as moving fuel, water and other liquids.
  • Pro 11-litre is used for still drinks.
  • No additional pressurised accessories are required to dispense drinks with this unit.
  • As the tap line is at the bottom and the drinks are not carbonated, dispensing is automatic when the tap is opened.
A Rocketpacks beer pump is used to dispense beer from a keg. It typically consists of a handle, a spout and a tap. The handle is used to pump the beer from the keg, the spout is used to direct the beer into a glass and the tap is used to control the flow of beer. Beer pumps are commonly found in bars, pubs and restaurants.

This backpack’s container does not provide automatic dispensing of fluid and needs a pump to maintain air pressure to make the drink move to the drink outlet connected at the top, leading to the pipeline and tap. 

CO2 is used in the brewing process to carbonate beer. It is also used to pressurise kegs and bottles of beer.
  • CO2 Cylinder and feed tap Container 
  • A safe and upright position of the CO2 cylinder with the mounted stainless-steel pressure control is essential for the proper functioning of these components and the operational safety during use.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Illuminated Branding Display!

Supply us your individual design!

Professional drink dispensers used to dispense beverages such as beer, wine and other beverages from a backpack. These machines are typically used in commercial settings such as bars, restaurants and other establishments. Professional drink dispensers are designed to dispense drinks quickly and accurately, and often have adjustable temperature and flow settings. They can also be used to mix drinks, such as cocktails.
  • Fulfils all the requirements of a professional and mobile dispensing machine.
  • The backpack drink dispenser "mochila bebidas dispenasdor"cover is ergonomically designed and made of robust and weatherproof materials.
Promotional flags fit into the rocketpacks to promote a company, organisation, event or product. Promotional flags are usually made of lightweight fabric and feature a logo, slogan or other design. They are often used at trade shows, conventions and other events to attract attention and create brand awareness.
It provides support to mount a promotion flag where a weatherproof foil bag takes two A4 sized inserts in any prominent colour.
Jupiler Belgian pilsner-style lager beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch InBev. It was first brewed in 1966 and is now the best-selling beer in Belgium. It has an alcohol content of 5.2% ABV.

The filling of the (11.4 litres) container can be done via the container opening and via the out valve at the top of the container without compromising the beverages' quality.

Cola vending backpack with a large red and white logo on the front. The logo reads "Cola" and there is a selection of different cola drinks available. The Rocketpacks has a coin slot and a selection of buttons to choose from.

If a more substantial dispensing pressure is needed, the manually operated air pump can also be used.

Water dispensing backpack dispenses water from a tank or reservoir to a Arabian user. It is typically used in areas where there is no access to a public water supply, such as remote villages, rural areas, and disaster-affected areas.It can be used to provide clean drinking water to people in need.

Depending on the model, it is suitable for serving carbonated and non-carbonated drinks at different temperatures.

Rocketpacks beverage promotional team in San Diego are responsible for promoting a particular beverage brand or product. The team typically consists of marketing professionals, sales representatives, and other personnel who are responsible for creating and executing promotional campaigns. The team may also include public relations specialists, graphic designers, and other professionals who are responsible for creating and managing the brand's image. The team's primary goal is to increase sales and brand awareness of the beverage product.

The smooth surface, round transitions without corners, edges, and the existing drain openings guarantee optimal external cleaning.

Wine backpack sellers must be knowledgeable about the different types of wines, their production, and the laws and regulations governing the sale of wine. They must also be able to provide customers with accurate information about the wines they are selling.

The insulated backpack system "Sac a Dos Boissons Distributeur" the stainless-steel beverage container ensure hygienic dispensing without losing quality taste and temperature.

Canned beer is a popular choice for many beer drinkers in Frankfurt, as it is convenient and easy to transport. It is also generally cheaper than bottled beer. Many bars, restaurants, and stores sell canned beer.

This new system in the form of a beer backpack was specially designed by Rocket Packs and was made more effective and mobile.

Beer hawking with Rocketpacks in stadiums is generally allowed in most stadiums. This is due to the fact that it can create a good environment for fans.

The backpack drink dispenser suitable for universal use with beer, carbonated soft drinks, and still drinks, both hot and cold.

Wine festival celebrates the culture and production of wine. It typically includes wine tastings, food pairings, educational seminars, live music, and other activities. Wine festivals are often held in wine-producing regions and are a great way to explore the local culture and backpack sample the local wines.

It’s noise-free and allows easy repairs whenever there is some issue.

Backpack Drink Dispenser Technical

  • It is robustly designed with quality material of weatherproof truck tarpaulin material.
  • It has unique material, and its construction is strengthened by the bracing of aluminum in the back part. 
  • It has good insulation and maintains the temperature for up to 3 hours.
  • The dimensions of the Backpack Drink Dispenser are H 52 x W 35 x D 35 cm
  • Its weight without beverage content is 6.5 Kgs
  • The advertising space dimensions are H48 x W79 cm
  • A transparent cup dispenser which takes EW cups of 120-300 ml capacity.
  • A stainless-steel beverage container of capacity of 3-US gallons (11.4 liters)
  • Provides an option to choose between premium and standard tap.
  • Further equipment options include a Gastro apron and Promotion Flag.
There are a variety of ways to dispense soft drinks in a stadium. This allows customers to purchase a cup of soda and fill it up with their favorite flavor. Other options include having a vending backpack machine. Additionally, some stadiums may have a mobile beverage Rocketpacks that serves soft drinks.

On the backpack’s belt, the instrument is installed to generate air pressure as per the requirement. 

A drink vendor at an Newark airport sells a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and bottled water. The vendor may also offer snacks such as chips, candy, and other packaged snacks in kombination of backpack and tray.

To generate the dispensing pressure with ease, the hand-operated drink air pumps are recommended. 

Backpack Drink Dispenser Video

Beverage sampling Backpack for Event and Marketing: From concerts to sporting events to street festivals
  1. The Pro11-Liter backpack to dispense non-carbonated drinks has a steel container, dispenses liquid automatically via gravity, requires no external pressure, has 11.4 litre capacity, and the backpack and the pipeline to tap are well insulated to ensure quality servings.
  2. A transparent cup dispenser which takes EW cups of 120-300 ml capacity.
  3. It comes with a premium tap and the insulated line, connecting the tap to the backpack/container.
  4. If needed, you can use a manual air pump to increase the dispensing pressure.
  5. Gastro Vendor apron is provided with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories, etc.
  6. Bottom outlet and pressure less dispensing are suitable for non-carbonated drinks such as coffee, mulled wine, soda, tea, soup, etc. 
Rocketpacks coffee seller sells coffee, either in a retail or wholesale capacity. They may work in a coffee shop, grocery store, or other retail establishment, or they may be self-employed. Coffee sellers in Budapest may also be involved in the production and roasting of coffee beans.
  • Rocket Packs’ backpacks are designed while keeping in mind the marketing and advertisement requirements.
  • Also, manual handling, especially at extreme temperatures, is perceived as a very nice backpack.
Beach drink hawking in many beach towns and resorts. It involves a person or group of people walking up and down the beach, offering drinks and snacks for sale. The hawkers typically carry a coolerbackpack of drinks and snacks, and they may also have a sign or banner advertising their wares. Beach drink hawking is a great way to make some extra money, as well as to provide a convenient service to beachgoers.
  • The effective advertisement allows to present itself individually and in line with the brand through the decorative color and design of the backpack’s body.
  • Even when in the field, it does not take more than a minute to update or change the advertisement message or flag..
  • The transparent plastic film opens on all sides and makes it very easy to insert the advertisements and close it in place.
  • On the sides, there are additionally two plug-in possibilities for flags etc.
  • An insulated jacket for the beverage container ensures extended insulation of the beverages and other contents for up to 3 hours and more, depending on the environment.

Mobile selling is successful in both standing and seated areas?

  • The hand-operated air pump can be used for pressure dispensing of any beverage
  •  Thus, nothing stands in the way of a perfect brand appearance. 
  • A high recognition and marketing value is, therefore, guaranteed
  • Customers rewards for purchasing your beach beverages, such as discounts or free samples. Encourage customers to come back and purchase more of your product.
    1. In Germany it is called Getränkerucksack
    2. In France it is called Sac a dos Boissons
    3. In Spain it is called Mochila Bebidas Dispensador
    tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!