In this conceptualized contract work, we act as an executive agency for your municipality or your city and take care of, among other things: Marketing, sponsoring, artist placement, calculation and the organization, execution and postprocessing of events of most diverse kind. With a variety of beverage events and offers we address the citizens of your municipality/your city and additionally numerous guests from your region. We promote the local network of local businesses, clubs, organizations, partner communities, schools and kindergartens and strengthen it sustainably. In this way, structures and ideas develop that can be built upon even after the anniversary year. Through our existing beverage backpack concept and experience in this area, we fully exploit the possibilities for refinancing the anniversary year.
With our trade fair special shows we offer trade fair organizers and their visitors a special, thematically delimited highlight to the conventional, commercial sales or exhibition space at consumer fairs or trade fairs in the field of dispenser backpack
  • Backpack beverage dispenser is suitable for fast and convenient beverage service.
  • The insulation of the backpack keeps the beverages in temperature and quality for about 2 hours.
Whether concert, corporate incentive, anniversary event or private celebration - we will advise you which Rocketpacks suit you. Of course, we coordinate the program and the contents individually with you, according to your wishes. We arrange individual artists and showcars or design the entire artist program. The concept includes all details of the portable beverage backpack, the contract formalities and all arrangements. Together with our professional partners we offer you a wide range of artists, so that a tailor-made program design is possible. If desired, we are also available on site for the overall handling and artist support in Idaho.
High-quality, waterproof zippers provide a dirt-repellent exterior finish.
A drink so impressive. Its discovery so legendary, as well as amazing. So it was that as cellar master of the monastery in the year um was responsible for the wines dispenser. When he was out of sight of the fermentation process in some backpacks, a few of the bottles in storage exploded. Tasted the bubbly drink dispensing system of Rocketpacks and shouted, "Brothers come quickly, I drink stars".
Cup dispenser, PE, color sand, for EW drinking cups, EW cups of 120-300 ml
Whether you want to reward your rocket pack team for achievements or motivate them to perform at their best, our incentive is just right for your company! Motivated employees are the most important element of a functioning company. An incentive also increases creativity and team spirit, i.e. the feeling of togetherness. In the long run, this leads to a positive development of turnover - so the invested money has a lasting effect!
It is an inexpensive entry-level model which can be used for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.
We have identified the backpack as the ideal place to go. With a wide range of leisure activities in a unique atmosphere under the Spanish sun, the island offers everything for the ideal balance to everyday working life. The perfect environment to forget the stress of work, have fun, get to know each other better and still achieve the desired business goals. Through our wide network on beverage dispenser in Bahama we can offer you the most diverse activities and modules for you and your employees to put together an incentive completely according to your wishes - contact us!
  • It can hold a flag to promote your business.
  • The flag portion is weatherproof and takes 2 x A4 size advertising inserts in signal colour.
Professional event equipment is essential for a successful event. In terms of our filling service chilled drinks backpack we are also here the right contact! Through our creative advice and the right assortment, your event will be a stylish and exclusive moment. We equip private as well as business events of any kind and size with the appropriate event equipment. From delivery to assembly - we guarantee professional work from one source. With our many years of experience and our large selection, we put your events in the right light.
  • Multifunctional backpacks: 
  • Several pockets to store all items in the designated pockets.
An Catering equipmentis always a special event from Rocketpacks. Because it documents the fact that you successfully created something many years ago that has withstood the test of time and defied all odds. Perhaps it's the founding day of your company's backpack beverage pump, a long-standing business partnership, or the day you opened your first store 25 years ago. In any case, this business deserves special recognition.
If the system is operated with CO2-containing beverages, the manually operated air pump must be used (one pump per backpack).
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Illuminated Branding Display!

Supply us your individual design!

So that you can celebrate it properly and enjoy it yourself, we at rocketpacks events are at your side with a lot of experience and creative ideas in the preparation and execution of anniversary celebrations in the Chicago area (and far surrounding areas). We accompany you in the planning, advise you on the budget and develop a comprehensive road map for your corporate anniversary. We look for and book a location, organize a moderator, the musical entertainment and the beverage catering and much more. In short, we make sure that your company anniversary becomes an unforgettable experience.
The backpack beverage dispenser is huge enough.
Whether beach party at the lake, stylish company party in the city or active team event in the green, there are many possibilities to design your summer party indoor or outdoor. Experience unforgettable beverage service moments in a special ambiance with your employees. Whether it is a company anniversary, a company outing or a social program - we leave nothing to be desired.
The backpack is well processed.
Rocketpacks Events not only finds the right location, but also suggests the right mix of entertainment, catering, activity program and team building activities. Years of experience, attention to detail and solution-oriented beer backpack ideas will make your summer party an unforgettable experience. Just sit back and watch your happy colleagues!
The material is a tarpaulin fabric, which has the advantage that it is more durable than cotton fabric and water-repellent at the same time.
The success of a Rocketpacks stands and falls with the right mix of perfect organization, successful knowledge transfer and a suitable supporting program. Sufficient space must be given to the personal encounters of your participants. This is where important contacts, inspiration and valuable exchange take place.
Provides two sides zipped compartments in which you can store drinks and valuables. 
From professional, rucksack event technology to a suitable supporting program for the accompanying persons, we take care of all aspects of your project. Would you like to give your conference or meeting a breath of fresh air with modern methods and innovative content? Then visit our Meeting Teedesign section and let us advise you in Minneapolis!

Also, there is a compartment on the backside, and you have complete access to the zipped inner compartment.

Groundbreaking, laying of the foundation stone, topping-out ceremony, inauguration, new opening - there are many occasions around your new building to toast with guests. Each beverage should be tailored to your specific needs and the expected attendees to make it an unforgettable celebration.
Has a spacious storage compartment, two mesh side pockets, two large zipped front pockets, a zipped lid pocket, a mesh pocket and a beer opener on the strap.
No problem. With our know-how acquired over many years, we transform your rocketpacks beverage tank into glittering highlights. You want to make your building project public? We would be happy to stage the new building for you with our own homepage, webcam and a film documentary.

Another advantage are the padded shoulder straps, which can be adjusted and are soft in use, nothing cuts in, even if the bag has a little more to carry.

There are many ways to give your meetings and conferences new momentum. Why not actively involve your participants in your event through creative meeting design and make use of the guests' great potential. At the conference break up the usual drinks tank structures of your meetings. New perspectives generate new energy and listeners become actors. Together Rocketpacks results are developed with high acceptance and identification.
The beverage is released automatically without applying any extra pressure or Equipment.

15 Liter Backpack Beverage Dispenser Video

The backpack content stays as is, i.e., warm or cold, and the bag is leak-proof!The Rocket-Packs are insulated on all sides to keep the backpack cold or hot for hours, depending on the contents.
Whether World-Cafe, BarCamp or other Rocketpack innovative methods, adapted to your needs we combine innovative building blocks to an exciting and varied conference, because who involves people, creates space for inspiration and creativity. Interested in a new and exciting event format? Then let us suggest how to make your cocktail more varied and productive.
  • The outer fabric is waterproof, so nothing stands in the way of a bike ride.
  • The backpack is comfortably padded with an additional chest strap.
Trade fairs are indispensable marketing measures for many companies, which often bring with them a variety of requirements. Do you need backpack drink dispenser hostesses for your booth? Do you want to increase the frequency of your trade show appearance? Do you want to invite customers and business partners to a stand party or a special event?
A simple tap is connected to the container via an insulated pipe to dispense the drink quickly.
Then exactly the right partner for you! For more than 25 years we have been serving customers from all over the world around their trade fair appearances. We are coffee backpack specialists through and through and advise you competently in the selection of hotels, transfers, program or the search for suitable locations. We are there for you when things heat up at the trade fair.
  • The design!
  • Because it's not too conspicuous in colour, it fits everything and looks good.
  • Has got many small pockets and a zipper at the top. 
  • Also, the zipper at the back comes in very handy.
  • A functional, efficient and handy backpack.
There are many occasions that can become an unforgettable experience. It is important for us to involve your guests emotionally. Stimulating communication, surprising cola backpack dispenser appearances, active participation and the special enjoyment are important elements to turn your event into a distinctive event that is completely tailored to your company, your goals and your guests. With Rocketpacks you have a reliable partner at your side, who supports you personally with special ideas and a professional concept. Let our decades of know-how and our enthusiasm for your event convince you!
  • The high-density insulation material and leak-proof insert prevent leakage in the worst case.
  • It will keep your snacks and drinks' temperature maintained for 2 hours minimum.
Motivation is the most important asset of any company - without it, nothing runs at all. With our customized Rocketpacks incentive offers, which we implement in a sustainable and climate-friendly way, you ensure that motivation and enthusiasm never fail. Strengthen team spirit, cultivate corporate identity and a profound sense of "we" - emotional, uncomplicated and with a focus on the essentials. For moments that are always well remembered.
The office for event marketing convinces with many years of experience and unique ideas - but our main feature are the sustainable events. True to the motto "Not only good for you, but also for the climate" we take care of your very personal moments, without any losses. No matter if it is a small company party on vivid meadows or a big event from very small to gigantic we organize beverage event. Uncompromisingly good, affordable and always sustainable. This is what our customers say...
  • Covered under a two-year warranty period to give you peace of mind.
  • Send us an e-mail if you have any questions, and we will get back to you in around 24 hours.
We want to share our many years of experience in sustainable and climate-friendly event planning. Therefore, Rocketpacks offers live and online seminars on climate-friendly and sustainable event planning. In several blocks, you will learn the most important beverage service starting points that will help you to design your events in an ecologically conscious way.
  • Delivery includes a gastro-vendor apron with 3 pockets for purse, service accessories, etc., and three pockets for wallet, service accessories, etc.
  • In light silver and black, this backpack is a real eye-catcher. 
  • The fact that this backpack is gender-neutral.
The aim of the beverage service is to publicize and promote a company, a product or a brand. To do this, the right target group must be reached, addressed and invited to the event. The event is not primarily about the product being marketed, yet it is always omnipresent. The audience is emotionally addressed by an ingenious event in the best case, is active and motivated. Rocketpack's event marketing is therefore usually experience-oriented.

Rocketpacks beverage dispensing backpack video

Durable and comfortable to wear. Padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps provide maximum comfort and support! The backpack is made of durable nylon that tear or scratch but is easy to carry.
Rocketpacks can be quite challenging at times. Maybe you know this as an organizer of your event. After several rounds of the same event, it becomes quite difficult to come up with new creative ideas. The backpacks you put on once have to last a few years, and the list of 10 good reasons why someone should come to your beer event is kind of worn out by now, too. That's why this one will be a collection of great examples. With net finds and similar examples. The ones I find and maybe one of yours? If you come across one, feel free to send it to me and I'll include it here. Provided that it is somehow different from the classics that flutter across our screens and co. every day.
  • It is super waterproof and can be used in the rain without a worry.
  • For shopping, it is also super suitable and fit for all.  

Rocketpacks was founded in Frankfurt in 1996!

In addition to the steady expansion of the product range, growth is primarily being achieved through the further expansion of the distribution partner network, which Rocketpacks is pursuing with partners both from the catering industry and from the beverage areas of marketing and sales.
  2. Flexible use with little space requirement
  3. No use of materials on the part of the organizer necessary
  4. Equalization and relief in peak situations
tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
    • It can also be used for a daily trip to the office etc.
    • There are many things to take with you, and you could take even more with this.
  • Provision of outdoor areas before or after the event
  • Supply in front of the stages and the grandstands for the disabled
  • Generation of additional sales
  • Comforting drinks for the autumn and winter season.