Beverage backpack Basic 15-liter ...
... universal beverage backpack, with good insulation. Backpack cover identical with model "Premium 11-Liter", but equipped with plastic beverage container 15-Liter. Can be used for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, hot and cold. Inexpensive entry-level model!
Delivery incl. Vendor apron with three pockets, for wallet, service accessories etc. **
Standard equipment excl. printing accessories incl. standard tap, price/piece € 239,- (incl.19% MwSt. € 284,41)

The "BASIC 15-Liter" beverage backpack is suitable for fast, uncomplicated beverage service. The insulation of the backpack keeps the beverages in temperature and quality for about 2 hours.

It is suitable for serving both non-carbonated and CO2-containing beverages, hot or cold. When serving non-carbonated beverages such as juice, tea, coffee, clear soups, mulled wine, hot chocolate, etc., the water is emptied by natural gradient. No additional printing accessories are required.

Equipment/Technical data:

Material ... very robust and weatherproof truck tarpaulin
Insulation ... Up to 2 hours or more (depending on outdoor temperature)
Dimensions ... H54 x W42 x D22 cm
Weight (without beverage content) ... 3,8 Kg
Advertising space (foil window) ... H43 x W60 cm
Cup dispenser ... Transparent, cst., for EW cups 120-300 ml
Beverage containers ... Food suitable plastic (PE) , 15 litre capacity
Optionally ...equipped with standard or premium tap
further equipment options ... Gastro Prebinder and Promotion Flag

If a CO2-containing drink is to be poured out of the backpack, e.g. juice spritzers, sparkling water,
beer, cola etc., the use of pressure accessories is necessary. Our recommendation is to use the manually operated air pump.
Attached to the lap belt of the backpack, the dispensing pressure is generated as required.
The pump can be used at any time and for any beverage (also for non-carbonated beverages - to increase the dispensing pressure).
If the system is operated with CO2-containing beverages, the manually operated air pump must be used (one pump per backpack).

Rocket Packs has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, Wella AG, Krombacher, Becks, Bitburger, Jägermeister, Nestle and many other well-known brand names in the past and has been represented at numerous events such as the "Love Parade", "Tour de France", "Formel Eins" etc.

Beverage container made of plastic (PE), 15 litre capacity, incl. beverage line, insulation, casing and standard tap,

Gastro- Vendor apron with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories etc.,
Promotion flag with telescope rod - weatherproof foil pocket for 2x DIN A4 advertising inserts, in signal colour,

Cup dispenser, PE, colour sand, for EW drinking cups 350-710 ml,
Premium tap, complete with pipe, insulation, sheathing and container connection part,
Hand-operated air pump, steel casing (for use of the backpack with CO2-containing beverages),