Backpack Beverage Dispenser 15-liter

  • Backpack beverage dispenser is suitable for fast and convenient beverage service.
  • The insulation of the backpack keeps the beverages in temperature and quality for about 2 hours.
High-quality, waterproof zippers provide a dirt-repellent exterior finish.
Cup dispenser, PE, color sand, for EW drinking cups, EW cups of 120-300 ml
It is an inexpensive entry-level model which can be used for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.
  • It can hold a flag to promote your business.
  • The flag portion is weatherproof and takes 2 x A4 size advertising inserts in signal colour.
  • Multifunctional backpacks: 
  • Several pockets to store all items in the designated pockets.
If the system is operated with CO2-containing beverages, the manually operated air pump must be used (one pump per backpack).
The backpack beverage dispenser is huge enough.
The backpack is well processed.
The material is a tarpaulin fabric, which has the advantage that it is more durable than cotton fabric and water-repellent at the same time.
Provides two sides zipped compartments in which you can store drinks and valuables. 

Also, there is a compartment on the backside, and you have complete access to the zipped inner compartment.

Has a spacious storage compartment, two mesh side pockets, two large zipped front pockets, a zipped lid pocket, a mesh pocket and a beer opener on the strap.

Another advantage are the padded shoulder straps, which can be adjusted and are soft in use, nothing cuts in, even if the bag has a little more to carry.

The beverage is released automatically without applying any extra pressure or Equipment.

15 Liter Backpack Beverage Dispenser Video

  • The backpack content stays as is, i.e., warm or cold, and the bag is leak-proof
  • The Rocket-Packs are insulated on all sides to keep the backpack cold or hot for hours, depending on the contents. 
  • The outer fabric is waterproof, so nothing stands in the way of a bike ride.
  • The backpack is comfortably padded with an additional chest strap.
A simple tap is connected to the container via an insulated pipe to dispense the drink quickly.
  • The design!
  • Because it's not too conspicuous in colour, it fits everything and looks good.
  • Has got many small pockets and a zipper at the top. 
  • Also, the zipper at the back comes in very handy.
  • A functional, efficient and handy backpack.
  • The high-density insulation material and leak-proof insert prevent leakage in the worst case.
  • It will keep your snacks and drinks' temperature maintained for 2 hours minimum.
  • Covered under a two-year warranty period to give you peace of mind.
  • Send us an e-mail if you have any questions, and we will get back to you in around 24 hours.

Delivery includes a gastro-vendor apron with 3 pockets for purse, service accessories, etc., and three pockets for wallet, service accessories, etc.

  • In light silver and black, this backpack is a real eye-catcher. 
  • The fact that this backpack is gender-neutral.

Insulaited Beverage Dispenser Backpack

Material used:

  • A robust design and weatherproof truck tarpaulin Insulation.
  • Maintains temperature for up to 2 hours or more (depending on environment)  
  • Dimensions are H 54 x W 42 x D 22 cm  
  • Weight (without added content) is 3,8 Kg
  • Advertising space (foil window) takes two inserts in any colour.
  • Featured H43 x W60 cm Cup dispenser comes as transparent, for EW cups 120-300 ml Beverage containers.
  • Utilizes food-grade plastic (PE) and 15 liters capacity
  • Equipped with standard or premium tap (Optional)

Rocketpacks beverage dispensing backpack video

  • Durable and comfortable to wear.
  • Padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps provide maximum comfort and support!
  • The backpack is made of durable nylon that tear or scratch but is easy to carry.
  • It is super waterproof and can be used in the rain without a worry.
  • For shopping, it is also super suitable and fit for all.  
  • It can also be used for a daily trip to the office etc.
  • There are many things to take with you, and you could take even more with this.
A great advantage is that you have a zipper on the back part as well, so you don't have to open the oversized zipper on the top to take or insert anything.
    • A great advantage is that you have a zipper on the back part as well, so you don't have to open the oversized zipper on the top to take or insert anything.
    • A practical and functional backpack with a safe compartment and large storage space that could be use for any event. 
    • This backpack fulfils all the needs and gives outstanding results
    • Customizable and upgradable
    • Delivers with Gastro Vendor apron and Promotion Flag.

    Rocketpacks was founded in Frankfurt in 1996!

    In addition to the steady expansion of the product range, growth is primarily being achieved through the further expansion of the distribution partner network, which Rocketpacks is pursuing with partners both from the catering industry and from the beverage areas of marketing and sales.