Product promotion with free drinks!

You want to reach your target group? Then we are the best partner for you! Through numerous experiences we have already gained with other customers, we know our way around most cities in Germany very well. Therefore, you can sit back and relax and leave the organization to us. Take advantage of the fact that we operate nationwide. With us you have a partner for beer, coffee and cola of ice cream promotion & sampling in countless locations. You have a fixed contact person for your promotions. With knowledgeable staff, the purchase decision in your favor and increase awareness of the Rocketpacks backpack brand and product - that's how we approach the goal of a tasting or Tastings. Whether supermarket, shopping mile or shopping mall: We are on duty for you, if you want. With charming promoters who professionally and competently offer your product. Make your customers more aware of you and show your loyal existing customers or not-yet-customers that you can do more than what you were previously perceived for. And who can say "no" when you're offered something free drinks in a friendly way with a smile on your face that doesn't involve any obligation? No one!
  • Here are many different types of Rocketpacks backpacks available for street promotions. 
  • Some popular options like Canpak backpacks. 
  • Beverage backpacks are great for street promotions because they are lightweight and easy to carry.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.
A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!
We offer a wide variety of beverage backpack to choose from, including coffee, tea, soda, and more. Whether you're looking for a hot or cold drink, we have something for everyone. Plus, our prices are unbeatable!
  • Street Teams are a great way to engage your brand’s target consumers face-to-face! 
  • A team of professional ambassadors of your brand, engaging consumers where they live, work, play, and shop, creating lasting connections and turning tryers into buyers. 

Everyone accepts Free Coffee!

No successful promotion campaign without an extensive analysis of your target group. Our professional assessment of the preparation of a backpack promotion campaign could be summarized in this lean sentence. As an agency for promotion, we know from over 25 years of experience that the more time and care you invest in answering certain questions beforehand, the more successful you will be. Where do I find my target group in the public space? When do I meet my target group there? What does the coffee target group value, what is important to them and in what weighting? Can I find a witty way to embed a topic humorously in a promotion campaign in Utah?

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  • Airport
  • Shopping Mail
  • Amusement Park
  • Railways Station
  • Downtown
  • Sport Events
  • Open Air
  • Holiday Site
  • Beach
  • Parks
  • Trade Fair
  • Street Marketing
For us, however, a promotion campaign involves not only careful preparation, but also a qualified evaluation of our work. So that you and we can work with you even more edge-focused in the future and stay with the customer. Because what worked well 10 years ago may not inspire anyone today. Therefore, stay close to your target group with Rocketpack's beverages event marketing and thus convincing and successful!

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  • Insurance
  • Political Election
  • Credit Card
  • Mobil Phone
  • Red Cross
  • Subscription
  • Costumer Service
  • Army
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Traveling
  • Donation
  • New Event
  • Sign Collection
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  • Image Campaigns
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  • Creating a professional, engaging, and successful street team activation takes planning and management.
  • A backpack beverage dispenser can be an effective tool for street marketing, as it allows a person to distribute cold drinks to potential customers while on the move.
  • Here are some ideas for using a backpack beverage dispenser for street marketing: Create a branded backpack: Design a backpack that prominently displays your brand logo and colors. 
  • This will help people identify your company and create a memorable impression.
  • Choose the right location: Find a high-traffic area where people are likely to be thirsty, such as a busy park or outdoor event. 
  • Make sure you have any necessary permits or permissions to operate in that area.
  • Offer free samples: People are more likely to try your drinks if they can sample them for free.
    1. Engage with customers: Strike up conversations with people as you dispense drinks.
    2.  Ask them what they think of the product and take note of any feedback they provide.
    3. Use social media: Take photos and videos of your backpack beverage dispenser in action and share them on your company's social media accounts.
    4. This will help generate buzz and attract more customers.
    5. Offer discounts or coupons: Encourage people to buy your product by offering discounts or coupons to those who try it.
    6. This will help create a sense of urgency and incentivize people to make a purchase.
    7. By following these tips, you can use a backpack beverage dispenser as an effective tool for street marketing and increase awareness and sales for your brand.
    Classic sampling with sample distribution by a promoter team or would you rather do it by mail? What do you have to consider when handing out samples? Are you allowed to distribute everything or are there restrictions? How many samples do you need? Where should the Ice Cream Samplings best be distributed and at what time of day are you most likely to meet your target group? How large should the individual sample be? Is the sampling embedded in a larger ventriloquist campaign and how should the individual sample be designed for it? We are the experts who have an answer to all these questions, leading to a successful sampling campaign.
    • Since it was founded in 1995, Rocketpacks has developed into one of the most successful partners for all catering tasks at open-air festivals, indoor, music and sporting events.
    • Rocketpacks is now one of the largest and most powerful providers in the German event scene. 
    • But despite its size, the team is characterized by a very cooperative approach. 

    Challenge us! IDEAS. EVENTS. EMOTIONS!

    Our tasks are diverse. We bring our gastronomic knowledge to stationary and mobile beverage sales (beer, punch, non-alcoholic beverages) at major events. 
    • Learning from each other, working together as equals and, last but not least, appropriate payment are factors that are indispensable for the founding couple.
    • Using a backpack beverage dispenser at a public event can be a great way to provide refreshments to attendees and promote your brand or product.
    •  Here are some tips for using a backpack beverage dispenser at a public event:
    • Choose the right location: Look for an area with high foot traffic, such as near the entrance or main stage.
    • Make sure you have permission to operate in that area and any necessary permits.
    Ask them what they think of the product and take note of any feedback they provide.
  • Offer a variety of drinks: Consider offering a variety of drinks to appeal to different tastes and dietary restrictions, such as water, soda, juice, and sports drinks. 
  • Make sure the drinks are chilled before serving.
  • Provide cups or bottles: Offer cups or bottles along with the drinks so attendees have a way to consume the beverage. 
  • Consider branding the cups or bottles with your logo for additional brand visibility.
  • Train your staff: Make sure your staff is trained on how to use the backpack beverage dispenser and how to interact with attendees. 
  • They should also be knowledgeable about the product and able to answer any questions.
  • Brand the backpack: Consider branding the backpack with your logo or product name to help promote your brand. 
  • This will make the backpack stand out and attract more attention from attendees.
  • Engage with attendees: Encourage your staff to strike up conversations with attendees as they serve drinks. 
  • tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!