Special designs also possible!  All  backpacks with gravity function!  With or without pressuring Equipment!

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The Rocketpacks Beverage Backpack dispenses carbonated and non-carbonated, hot and cold beverages

  • If you are looking for the best backpack drink dispenser, we have got you covered.
  • We had tested and read different reviews before we brought you the following dispensers as our choice.
  •  Serve hot or iced coffee, hot chocolate, wine, liquor, juice, and much more.
  • You can dispense any liquid substance through it.

Thermo Dispenser Backpack Video

  1. With the beverage backpack, Rocket-Packs succeeded in revolutionizing the beverage backpack system. 
  2. But it was not only the innovation that conquered the backpack dispensers market.
  3. The customer-oriented market knowledge and know-how of beverage backpack specialists guarantees longevity, stability, volume stability and safety.    
  4. A beverage backpack system that has proven itself worldwide.  
  5. The new products are the latest development in the Rocket-Packs Family.
  6. Practically, the high production quality of the beverage backpack impressed the breweries.
Beverage backpack at fillingstation
  • This Rocket-Packs Mobile Drink Dispenser model hold up from 10 to 19 litters of your favourite beverage.
  • The convenient, insulated beverage dispensing hose serves any non-carbonated liquid from this easy to carry, portable drink dispensing backpack.
  • Rocket-Packs Beverage Backpack measures 22 inches high x 12 inches wide and weighs approximately 15 KG when full.

 Easy to carry, this insulated drink dispenser comes complete with a cup dispenser, backpack cover with a sleeve for a customized sign or ad and a convenient beverage dispensing hose with a nozzle. However, the Rocket Pump is not included with the backpack.

Rocketpacks dispense limette water
  • The Rocket-Packs Beer Dispensing Backpack Model is uniquely designed for dispensing ice-cold, draft beer.
  • This portable beer dispensing backpack features a convenient, insulated hose with the nozzle for serving from 11 to 19 KG of any beer type.

This backpack dispenser is connected either to their existing flow-through cooling or to the supplied cooling!

  • The backpack system allows for elegant designs, homogeneous beverages, and very clean and fast dispensing - a final result to be proud of.
  • The Rocket-Packs dispenser offers flexibility at every level. 100% fruit juice, nectar, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, CO2 or still, hot or cold - plus a perfect mixing result with immaculate output from a compact machine are just some of the highlights.