Backpack Drink Dispensers Sortiment

Special designs also possible!   All  backpacks with gravity function!   with or without pressuring Equipment !

Multifunctional beverage backpack for open dispensing of hot/cold beverages with/without CO2.

  • Thanks to its sophisticated technology and user-friendly design, the Rocketpacks is a classic beverage backpack that is used worldwide in the beverage industry.
  • The special design features of the cola vending beverage backpack make it technically and economically superior. That's all a beverage backpack can offer.

More than 28 thousand beverage backpacks are on the market worldwide and provide daily proof of their outstanding properties.  With all the quality features of the thousandfold proven beverage backpacks.

Thermo Dispenser Backpack

  • With the beverage backpack, Rocketpacks succeeded in revolutionizing the beverage backpack system. But it was not only the innovation that conquered the market.
  • The market- and customer-oriented know-how of beverage backpack specialists guarantees longevity, stability, volume stability and safety. 
  • A beverage backpack system that has proven itself worldwide.
  • The new products are the latest development in the Rocketpacks Family!
  • Best raw material, perfect construction, high durability and robustness in daily use.
  • But essentially the high production quality of the beverage backpack that impressed the breweries: