Backpack Drink Dispensers Sortiment

Special designs also possible!  All  backpacks with gravity function!  With or without pressuring Equipment!

Backpack Beverage Dispenser 15-liter

Backpack Beer Dispenser Premium 11- Liter

Backpack Drink Dispenser Pro 11 - Liter

Backpack Beer Dispenser Premium 19 - Liter

Drink Backpack  5 - Liter

Beverage Can and Bottle Dispenser Backpack

Drink Pack 5 Liter Beverage Backpack

Coffee Backpack Combi 2 x 11 Liter

Beer Backpack  2 x 15 Liter

Beverage Backpack 2 x 5 liter

Beer Tower Backpack

Mobile Poster Pack Backpack

coffee dispensing gun Premium
beer dispensing gun Pro
beverage dispensing gun Standart
  •  We offer you a comprehensive service which, in addition to serving, logistics and organization, also includes personnel controlling and promotion.
  • Our range of drinks ranges from beer and non-alcoholic drinks to hot drinks and strawberry punch.
  • Areas are provided on the dispensing equipment for your brand image or your advertising message, supplemented by the possibility of inserting flags and banners.
Do you want to make your brand better known, bind existing customers even more strongly and above all in the long term to the company, or are you introducing a new coffee product or service? Do you want to generate more sales or do you want to stand out more from a Rocketpacks competitor and highlight the advantages of your product or service?

The Rocketpacks Beverage Backpack dispenses carbonated and non-carbonated, hot and cold beverages

  • If you are looking for the best backpack drink dispenser, we have got you covered.
  • We had tested and read different reviews before we brought you the following dispensers as our choice.
  •  Serve hot or iced coffee, hot chocolate, wine, liquor, juice, and much more.
  • You can dispense any liquid substance through it.

Thermo Dispenser Backpack Video

  1. With the beverage backpack, Rocket-Packs succeeded in revolutionizing the beverage backpack system. 
  2. But it was not only the innovation that conquered the backpack dispensers market.
  3. The customer-oriented market knowledge and know-how of beverage backpack specialists guarantees longevity, stability, volume stability and safety.    
Before we get started with you, we clarify with you which goal your promotion campaign should pursue. Because this decision affects the further procedure. We will advise you on which type of coffee beverage promotion is best suited to achieve your goal. Through our experience of over 20 years of marketing, we know very well what type of promotion works well and how to get the most success out of your promotion.
  • This Rocket-Packs Mobile Drink Dispenser model hold up from 10 to 19 litters of your favourite beverage.
  • The convenient, insulated beverage dispensing hose serves any non-carbonated liquid from this easy to carry, portable drink dispensing backpack.
  • Rocket-Packs Beverage Backpack measures 22 inches high x 12 inches wide and weighs approximately 15 KG when full.
What we experience and feel is what we remember. And we do so for a long time. We can repeat it over and over again. We plan your beer promotion campaign with you and advise you on which type of promotion will lead to the intended goal. We clarify all questions of who, where, what, when and how for you and provide you with appropriate answers and efficient Rocketpacks solutions to all these questions.

 Easy to carry, this insulated drink dispenser comes complete with a cup dispenser, backpack cover with a sleeve for a customized sign or ad and a convenient beverage dispensing hose with a nozzle. However, the Rocket Pump is not included with the backpack.

As rocketpacks, we will of course also create a tailor-made concept for your beverage dispensing promotion campaign and ensure that it is implemented on time. We keep to your budget and get the greatest success for it. We always pay attention to the greatest possible customer satisfaction.
  • The Rocket-Packs Beer Dispensing Backpack Model is uniquely designed for dispensing ice-cold, draft beer.
  • This portable beer dispensing backpack features a convenient, insulated hose with the nozzle for serving from 11 to 19 KG of any beer type.
We believe that your event must suit you and convey the message of your beverage catering brand in the best possible way in Orlando. This requires individual planning - which we provide!
  • The backpack system allows for elegant designs, homogeneous beverages, and very clean and fast dispensing - a final result to be proud of.
  • The Rocket-Packs dispenser offers flexibility at every level. 100% fruit juice, nectar, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, CO2 or still, hot or cold - plus a perfect mixing result with immaculate output from a compact machine are just some of the highlights.
  • Your event takes place for a specific reason and this should be implemented ideally? Then we are your event agency, because our job is to develop the right drink concept for you!
    • With our mobile Rocketpacks systems, we ensure the highest level of service - and this with the least amount of space!
    • At peak times, our mobile employees relieve the counters and thus support the local catering!
    • Our mobile sales systems bring beer and soft drinks directly to the customer, even when there is a large crowd!
    How should the to go event proceed? How many program points are there? When do I have to invite my guests? How much coffee staff needs to be hired? It's all good - we'll take care of it!
    • WHO WE ARE?
    • Rockerpacks Mobile Dispenser is a division of and as a separate brand specializing in the mobile sale of drinks.
    • Since 1995, Rocketpacks service has been offering professional catering to the public at major events throughout the world.
    • For us, special requirements are an incentive for special performance. 
    • Flexibility in planning and implementation are guarantors for maximum success.
    Wir übernehmen alles, was zwischen Auf- und Abbau des Events stattfindet. Wir sorgen dafür, dass Ihr Beer Event nicht ins Stocken gerät. Sie wollen eine Evaluation? Machen wir auch!
    1. WHAT WE DO?
    2. Our team supplies customers with its mobile dispensing systems where local catering reaches its limits.
    3.  Our numerous runners are equipped with mobile drinks backpacks and trays, which they use to supplement the stationary range of hot and cold drinks.
    4. With more than 1100 of our own Rocketpacks systems, we guarantee competent and flexible service, both outdoors and indoors.
    As Rocketpacks for promotion and all kinds of events, we have planned and successfully carried out many promotions in the past. In doing so, we benefit from the fact that we, as Espresso Service, have a lot of experience in the event sector as well as in the field of sales promotions. Therefore, we do not only assure you a technically perfect implementation of the promotion campaign, but also offer you the backpack dispenser know-how in all other event formats. The promotion in Liverpool is often only one tool of an overall live communication strategy. Here you will find a list of actions that we can organize for you in the area of promotion, product presentation, image cultivation or awareness raising.
    • In addition to runners and our service staff, who are the heart of our team, our team consists of generalists - at every level. 
    • The highly dynamic environment presents us with new challenges at all times, so that independent and responsible action is a necessary core competency.
    • We are interested in expanding our service every day!
    Trust us as Rocketpacks, which has been successful in the market for over 25 years. We simply know what we are talking about, our concepts have more than just hand and foot and, but above all, heart and mind. We move safely within the legal framework and therefore know what is possible, what is possible under certain conditions and how to make even the unusual possible.
    • The Rocket packs
    • It doesn't matter whether it's ice cold or boiling hot, whether with or without CO2: 
    • With our more Rocketpacks systems, nobody has to stay thirsty, even in the busiest crowd.

    This backpack dispenser is connected either to their existing flow-through cooling or to the supplied cooling!

    • Does this sound like the job you are looking for? 
    • Then become part of our successful team!
    • You can find entry opportunities via the listed vacancies or on your own initiative.
    he Rocketpacks is a portable dispensing system and is the only one of its kind that can be used universally for any drink.