Beer Tower Backpack

tower for beer selling
  • Rocket Tower Backpack Single version.
  • Backpack construction with 3 litres beverage tube includes Internal cooling.
  • For more demand, it is also available in a version with 2 tubes and a total capacity of 6 litres.
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  • Rocket Tower Single is as per the event gastronomy. Equipped with a 3 litre drinks dispenser including internal cooling (Ice tube) and tap.
  • Ideal for the gastronomy of event, discos, bowling alleys, pubs, beer gardens.
beverage tower
  1. Each tower in this backpack has a capacity of approx. 3 litres.
  2. With the use of the inner column, approx. 2.5 litres.
  3. The Rocket Tower has a flexible supporting structure.

Advantages of the backpack are simple operation, convenient carrying system, safe transport of drinks even at festivals and folk festivals, large capacity of 3 litres to 6 litres, fast and targeted dosing of all beverages.

tower backpak for beverage hawking

Rocket Tower (Twin Tube Version) Two beverage tubes - every 3 liters - with pipe and tap and cup dispenser integrated with the backpack cover.

tower bag for beer
material truck tarpaulin


bag for two beverage distributing

Standard Color?

two beverage tower

Quality is enhanced, and the traditional plastic stench is not used, which is common with many beer columns.

beertower bulk manufacturing
  • The system increases the turnover rate of the beverage and, thus, the economy.
  • The Beer Tower backpack system offers high user comfort and ease of use due to its lightweight, efficient packaging.
twin tower in aktion

It is best for motorsports, stadiums, rock and pop concerts, festivals, fairs, charity events, celebrations, parks, beaches, shopping, streets, winter, and sports centers.

for beach and park uses

The Tower can be filled with all kinds of drinks. Mixed drinks such as vodka lemon or Tequila Sunrise can also be sold well.

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Beer can be distributed quickly and efficiently via the long hose with a nozzle connected to the integrated dispensing system.

adalaide event service

Rocket Tower Twin Backpack construction with 2 x 3 litre drink tube incl. Internal cooling.

beer dispensing

The sales guarantee for indoor event gastronomy!

party beer celbration

If desired, some foam can be applied at the end of the filling process to achieve an optical effect.

disco beer catering

There is not much to say about the application itself due to its simplicity.

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  • Then simply put it on, and off you go.
  • Nothing more stands in the way of the tapping pleasure.

Rocket Tower Backpack Video

The Rocket Tower can be filled with any kind of beverage.

nstea serving from the backpack
  • Cooling tube Two nozzles allow each tube to be tapped separately.
  • Luminous ice cubes for cool drinks.

Rocket Tower Backpack

The Rocket Tower consists of a transparent tube with 3-litres or 6-litres capacity and a comfortable carrying system.

  • Supplied with Gastro apron.
  • The sales guarantee for indoor event gastronomy.