STAND OUT AND REMAIN MEMORABLE? To what extent is the individual branding of a street an advantage for addressing customers? Why is a promotion with clever gifts more interesting for passers-by? Quite simply, because it stands out, stands out from the competition and is well remembered. Game, set and match with advertising beertower backpack campaigns.
  • Rocket Tower Backpack Single version.
  • Backpack construction with 3 litres beverage tube includes Internal cooling.
  • For more demand, it is also available in a version with 2 tubes and a total capacity of 6 litres.
Handing out advertising leaflets or flyers is not particularly creative and rarely proves effective with people rushing by. With a few means, some creativity and small gimmicks, you can easily convince passers-by to stop and attend. Whether it's a free coffee on the street or an army of mobile posters and street stencils in front of a large trade fair: Rocketpacks work out effective actions for our clients.
  • Rocket Tower Single is as per the event gastronomy. Equipped with a 3 litre drinks dispenser including internal cooling (Ice tube) and tap.
  • Ideal for the gastronomy of event, discos, bowling alleys, pubs, beer gardens.
Whoever decides to carry out a promotional action should have a clear goal and create a concept that helps to achieve it. We are happy to help with the choice of suitable advertising media, select touch points and create special designs for the campaign itself, such as stands, vehicles or installations. In the combination of vending promotions with street beverage branding, we create an ideal advertising effect. Whether in front of trade fairs, events in Alaska or at other touch points: this is how we help you to make a special impact at special locations.
  1. Each tower in this backpack has a capacity of approx. 3 litres.
  2. With the use of the inner column, approx. 2.5 litres.
We at Rocketpacks are flexible and professionally respond to individual wishes, which is why many event organizers have already made use of our staff. No matter if it is a small event or a big one - our vendor people can be deployed quickly and without complications. We draw on a large database of employees who are active in a wide variety of fields. These include among others!

Advantages of the backpack are simple operation, convenient carrying system, safe transport of drinks even at festivals and folk festivals, large capacity of 3 litres to 6 litres, fast and targeted dosing of all beverages.

REQUIREMENTS FOR OUR EVENT STAFF. We want you and your guests to experience an all-around successful event. For this reason, we select our event staff conscientiously and set the following requirements: obliging service consciousness neat, friendly appearance

Rocket Tower (Twin Tube Version) Two beverage tubes - every 3 liters - with pipe and tap and cup dispenser integrated with the backpack cover.

How many service personnel do I need? The number of beer service staff varies depending on how large and elaborate your event is to be. You should select them depending on the number of guests and the work to be done. We will be happy to advise you on both the right choice and the number of your event staff.
What does beverage event staff cost? The price of professional event staff depends on various factors. These include the number of people employed, the range of tasks, the accessibility of the event location, the duration of the event
  • Truck tarpaulin and transparent plastic
  • Backpack dimensions: H 60 x W 32 x D 11 cm
  • Beverage tubes length: 70 cm
  • Weight empty: approx. 1,7 Kg
  • Visible film for an advertising insert
  • Advertising space: 1x H54 x W10 cm, 1x H14 x W23 cm
YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT? If you're designing a hawking campaign around an event, it's always best to use multiple media to make the campaign as dynamic and diverse as possible. Classic posters, but also Sticker Billboards, Easy Posters, backpack Light Posters and much more are suitable for the promotion of an event. There are no limits for you.
The Rocket Tower backpack beverage dispenser has a flexible supporting structure.
THE RIGHT LOCATION FOR YOUR Rocketpacks. If you want to book a backpack, the most important point in planning the campaign is the location. The shape and dimensions of the backpack should also be clarified in advance so that the display hangs securely and is easy to see. After all, what good is it if it is covered by a construction site. Scouting the location is why, because the locations for drinks backpacks change regularly in the capital. This is due to the many construction sites, which on the one hand can obstruct free walls, but on the other hand also offer a new spot. Our team will find just the right place for your campaign!

Quality is enhanced, and the traditional plastic stench is not used, which is common with many beer columns.

PRODUCTION DETAILS of the Rocketpacks? After the location is decided, the material of the giant poster can be determined. Our blow ups are made of both mesh and PVC. Mesh ones are chosen for especially windy locations, for example, because otherwise the wind will gather under the high-quality PVC Hawker backpack display and blow it up or cause it to tear off. If desired, the displays can also be printed very accurately to 600 DPI. In order to effectively stage a Rocketpacks at night, lighting is recommended! This can be done with spotlights as well as back ground lighting, which is extremely impressive due to translucent colors. The production time of Rocketpacks at a maximum of 5 days. The assembly and disassembly is done professionally and secured and takes a maximum of another day each in Montana.
  • The system increases the turnover rate of the beverage and, thus, the economy.
  • The Beer Tower backpack system offers high user comfort and ease of use due to its lightweight, efficient packaging.
ASSEMBLY OF Rocketpacks beer towers.
  • Beer can be distributed quickly and efficiently via the long hose with a nozzle connected to the integrated dispensing system.
  • It is best for motorsports, stadiums, rock and pop concerts, festivals, fairs, charity events, celebrations, parks, beaches, shopping, streets, winter, and sports centers.
Can be used nationwide! Our trailers are available for use nationwide Beer tower backpack in large quantities. Book trailers for short term promotions nationwide. Whether it's for PR stunts, or for touch point appeal. We place mobile outdoor advertising where it will be seen.
  • Rocket Tower Twin Backpack construction with 2 x 3 litre drink tube incl. Internal cooling.
  • The Tower can be filled with all kinds of drinks. Mixed drinks such as vodka lemon or Tequila Sunrise can also be sold well.

Placement at the tocuhpoint! We place our mobile dispenser backpack exactly where there is high traffic or at any touchpoint, which are freely chooseable. The beer backpack can also change locations.

The sales guarantee for indoor event gastronomy!

At fixed locations or city tours! We can place our beverage equipment at fixed locations over certain periods of time or, for example, conduct city tours. These also for example in connection with a beer dispenser.

If desired, some foam can be applied at the end of the filling process to achieve an optical effect.

Our Mobile Beer Tap Backpack! The large-format advertising trailers can be used anywhere in the city and offer a perfect advertising presence on a wide variety of occasions. Above all, the possibility of setting up large-format backpack displays anywhere you like thanks to car hangers makes this form of outdoor advertising not only flexible, but also effective. You are thus guaranteed a wide-ranging advertising effect.

There is not much to say about the application itself due to its simplicity.

Rocketpacks the pulse generator for the point of sale? The presentation of product samples by trained promotion teams, which can be combined with flyers and prize draws, is a targeted hawker tool, directed communication measure, which promises great attention. Direct promotion with passers-by in city centers and pedestrian zones is ideal to draw attention to special offers at short notice, such as new store openings, temporary sales promotions or product launches. Direct contact with passers-by in the retail environment provides mobile beverage distribution opportunities for information, gifts and coupons and thus increases store frequency in Arkansas.
  • Then simply put it on, and off you go.
  • Nothing more stands in the way of the tapping pleasure.

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The Beer Tower can be filled with any kind of beverage.The Rocket Tower consists of a transparent tube with 3-litres or 6-litres capacity and a comfortable carrying system.
Mobile promotion in lively pedestrian zones delivers information and creates a lasting impression on the end consumer through direct communication. Interactions in shopping streets that can be experienced multi-sensory and thus anchors messages in the minds of passers-by. Flexible and short-term implementation is available in cities and enables the deployment of Rucksack promotion teams wherever there are streams of passers-by.
  • Cooling tube Two nozzles allow each tube to be tapped separately.
  • Luminous ice cubes for cool drinks.
  • Supplied with Gastro apron.
  • The sales guarantee for indoor event gastronomy.

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