Backpack Beer Dispenser Premium 11- Liter Hot & Cold


  • Is a multifunctional mobile beverage dispenser. Solid, robust beverage backpack with low weight and good insulation.
  • Can be used for all carbonated and still drinks hot and cold. Suitable for the uncomplicated, fast beverage service!
  • Designed and made of robust and weatherproof materials. Depending on the model equipment, suitable for serving carbonated drinks, hot/cold.
  • The Premium 11 litre fulfils all the requirements of a professional, mobile beer service.

Can beverages of all kinds be offered, sold or promoted mobile and independent of a fixed location, in optimal serving condition.

  • Our recommendation for the generation of the dispensing pressure, is the hand-operated drinks air pump.
  • Mounted on the lap belt of the backpack beer dispenser, the dispensing pressure is simply generated as required.
  • The pump is always ready for use and suitable for every beer.
  • Promotion flag with telescope pole - Weatherproof foil bag 2x DIN A4, in signal colour, further accessories / equipment:
  • If the system is operated with CO2-containing beverages, the manually operated air pump must be used (one pump per backpack).
  • Cup dispenser, PE, colour sand, for EW drinking cups 350-710 ml.
  • The insulated backpack beer dispenser system and the stainless steel beer container ensure hygienic dispensing without loss of quality in taste and temperature.

In the "without CO2" version, no additional pressure accessories are required for beverage dispensing. Emptying takes place by gravity (natural gradient).

The beverage line is connected to the bottom of the container. If a stronger dispensing pressure is required, the manually operated air pump can also be used.

With the Rocket Packs backpack beer dispenser, whether on the ski slope, in the disco or during an event, drinks can be served without any problems.

Present your products effectively through promotional activities. Your beer or your company will soon be known or recognized.

Beer tapping on the train complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and tank connection part,

Multifunctional backpack for open dispensing of cold beer with/without CO2.

The backpack model Premium 11-Liter "for dispensing CO2-containing beverages

In addition, they are a walking and talking advertising board.

  • Material ... very robust and weatherproof truck tarpaulin
  • Insulation ... Up to 2 hours or more (depending on outdoor temperature)
  • Dimensions ... H54 x W42 x D22 cm
  • Weight (without beverage content) ... 5,5 Kg

  • The emptying by natural gradient is not possible with this beer  dispensing backpack because the beer flow must be transported via a riser pipe to the top, for this dispensing pressure is required.

    • Advertising space (foil window) ... H43 x W60 cm
    • Cup dispenser ... Transparent, cst., for EW cups 120-300 ml
    • AFG beverage container NC ... Gravity, stainless steel, 3-US gallons (11.4 liters)
      Optionally ...equipped with standard or premium tap .

    Beer Dispenser Backpack

    Beerbackpack 11 Liter

    • AFG container NC, steel, gravity, 11.4 litre capacity, incl. insulated, sheathed beverage line.
    • Just ask us - we will be happy to advise you! Special designs are also possible!
    • Hand-operated drinks air pump, steel casing (to generate the dispensing pressure),
    • The 11.4 litre AFG container NC can be filled via the container opening as well as via the beverage OUT valve without any loss of Quality.
    • Have excellent visibility, have a great impact on the consumer and a high recognition effekt.
    • Expansion joint, one-hand nozzle, beer/pre-mix, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and connection part,
    • On the back, all our Rocket Packs products offer plenty of space for effective advertising messages, ct.
    • Backpack Beer Dispenser premium Rocketpacks Manual