Coffee Backpack Combi 2 x 11 Liter hot & cold

For very robust and highly insulating construction, for dispensing non-carbonated beverages like coffee hot/cold.


11.5 litres of coffee and 5 litres of milk - Coffee Tea Espresso Caffe Latte Macchiato Cappucino Hot chocolate11.5 litres of mulled wine + 11.5 litres of punch. Belt adjustment Options.

like coffee tea soup " beer cola " Two single beverage tanks (e.g. coffee and milk ) for easy dosing.

AFG tank GV, 11 litres

 incl. coffee line, insulation, GV tap
Cup dispenser (white) for EW drinking Cups

2 x 11 Liter CO2

The coffee backpack tanks are made of stainless steel, suitable for coffee and food. Quick tank change.

The coffee backpack is a mobile coffee supply system that you simply strap on your back.

With its two separate 11-litre containers, the coffee backpack is of course not only suitable for transporting coffee, but almost all types of beverage can be transported safely.

With the integrated hoses and nozzles beakers or glasses can be filled quickly. This makes the user independent and a coffee self-supplier

But not only folk festivals and festivals are suitable for use, but also in other situations the useful leisure companion proves itself.

2 x 11 litre capacity 22 litres suitable for coffee and mixed Drinks low dead weight under 8 Kg

Emptying takes place by natural gradient! Two single taps can be emptied separately the coffee backpack.

Additional mounting possibility on the right side for a second cup dispenser.

Complete freedom of movement is guaranteed.

You can take two different drinks and quench the thirst of the whining children on hot days: Simply fill the cups and everyone is satisfied.

This is also a backpack that you can carry on your back, if it is too heavy, the adjustable shoulder straps can relieve your pressure .

Branding behind the beverage backpack visual cover: As before, but without laminating and Velcro Velcro. The laminated print is placed behind the transparent cover.

For example, it is ideal for hiking with children.

With the hand pump the beverage container can also be used for CO2 containing beverages.

Backpack colour: Silver in stock. Special colours on request. However, a minimum purchase of 30 pieces is required and may entail additional costs. Delivery time for 30 pieces in special colour approx.

Coffee Backpack

  1. Standard Color: Silver/Black
  2. Material: truck tarpaulin fabric
  3. Backpack dimensions: H52 x W52 x D32 cm
  4. AFG tank NC, GV: 11 litres
  5. Weight (empty): 11 Kg
  6. Visible film for advertising insert
  7. Advertising space: H 44 x W 91 cm