Coffee Backpack Combi 2 x 11 Liter

A robust and highly insulating backpack for dispensing non-carbonated beverages like coffee ( Mochila Café Dispensador ) caffe hot/cold.

Takes 11.5 litres of coffee and 5/11 litres of milk. Items like coffee, tea, espresso, caffe Latte, Macchiato, Cappucino, Hot chocolate or wine.

  • The backpack takes 2 AFG Tanks of 11 litres capacity.
  • Includes an insulated tap line.
  • Cup dispenser (white) for EW drinking Cups

The Rocket-Packs backpack is a mobile coffee supply system that you simply strap on your back

  • With the integrated hoses and nozzles, beakers or glasses can be filled quickly.
  • This makes the user independent and a coffee (
  • Sac à dos distributeur de café) self-supplier

With its two separate 11-litre containers, the coffee backpack is, of course, not only suitable for transporting coffee, but almost all types of beverage can be transported safely.

  • Like coffee, tea, soup, beer etc.
  • Two single beverage tanks can be installed (e.g., coffee and milk) for easy serving of both drinks at the same time. 

Proven to be useful in all kinds of events and festivals.

As shown in the image, it takes two containers of 11 litre capacity totaling 22 litres and is suitable for coffee and mixed drinks with the weight of 8 Kg or below.

  • Dispensing takes place naturally and automatically without any pressure required.
  • Both the coffeetaps can be used to separately serve different drinks in both containers.

Additionally, a cup dispenser can also be mounted on the right side.

It is entirely portable, mobile, and easy to carry.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted to the needs if you feel like the weight is more or uneasy.

The advertisement spot at the back of the backpack is transparent, waterproof, and can take adverts.
  • You can request colours as per your desire.
  • However, a minimum order of 30 pieces is required, and the customization may incur an additional cost.

You can take two different drinks and quench the thirst of the whining children on hot days!

For example, it is ideal for hiking with children.

Rocketpacks Coffee Backpacks Video

  1. Standard Color :  Silver/Black  
  2. Material: truck tarpaulin fabric  
  3. Coffee Backpacks Dimensions: H52 x W52 x D32 cm
  4. Weight (empty): 11 Kg

Tank capacity : 22 litre capacity 

The laminated print is placed behind the transparent cover.

Delivery time for 30 pieces in custom Colour 10 days.

The belt can be adjusted as per the need. 

  • Generating traffic is vital for a successful business, and beverage backpacks are one of the best ways to do so.
  • You can use the cover of the backpack coffee dispensers to attract more people to your stores, online shops and reach a broad and much more diverse audience.
  • With the hand pump, the coffee container can also be used for CO2-containing beverages.

    • Serve coffee beverages in a quality state and keep everyone satisfied.
    • Transparent films for advertisement inserts.
    • Advertising space is H 44 x W 91 cm