In Vino veritas, in wine lies the truth. This was already known to the ancient Romans, one of the oldest beverage backpack for vine in the world and yet more relevant than ever. Today it is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity, so the old world-famous houses from France such as Mouton Rothschild, Haut Brion or Château Margaux, but also arise more and more young and modern winemakers who are particularly here in Scotland in the upswing and create outstanding wines. Like the winery Bergdolt-Reif and Nett, winery Emil Bauer or winery Eva Vollmer, to name just a few. Take a look around our store and find your truth in one of our premium wines.
  • Comes with the necessary equipment such as standard tap, advertisement stuff or printing, etc. is not included.
  • Delivery includes a Gastro apron with three pockets for wallet, service accessories, etc.
We ship worldwide! Here we always fall back on our premium shipping partners, such as DHL, DPD or UPS. This ensures a fast and secure Drinkbackpack shipping from us to them. This is always done with shipment tracking, so that they always have their shipment in view.
No matter what the occasion, we offer backpacks on request gift packaging for their items. You will receive a high quality beverage carton with decor filling or even on request a wooden box. Shipping can also be done here in a discreet cardboard box, so that no "suspicion" on the contents of the package can be made.
  • This is the small version among the universally functional beverage backpacks. 
  • It can be used for all carbonated and still beverages, hot and cold.
  • It is suitable for easy and fast beverage service!
We offer you an excellent shopping experience in our store. We and our partners guarantee the best service. Through our guarantee of origin, you can be sure that our drink dispenser goods were purchased directly from the producer or the general importer.
  • The system has a rock-solid construction with low dead weight and good insulation
  • (up to 2 hours and more).
This evening will be all about Rocketpacks Drink and Pump. How do we integrate this topic into our corporate culture? What are the challenges of this integration? What deficits, but at the same time what opportunities does this topic bring with it? Does the topic have to be included in the corporate strategy, and if so, how is this already being implemented at individual companies? What does the future of look like in the next few years? Of course the point may not be missing, exchange over experiences, experiences and conversions of these two important topics.
  • The Premium 5-litre fulfills all the requirements of a professional as well as mobile drinks service.
  • Has a 5-Litres container storage for carbonated beverages
Beer Promotion is a backpack advertising agency. We make complex things easy to understand. With intelligent brand strategies, integrated content marketing and sophisticated corporate design. Our clients include leading medium-sized companies and international corporations in Denver!. We have been owner-managed since 1995.

It provides support to mount a promotion flag where a weatherproof foil bag takes two A4 sized inserts in any prominent colour.

Attention is a scarce resource. If you want to gain it, the best way to do so is with relevant 5-liter beverage container content that promises relevant added value. That's why many of our innovation management marketing projects start with the same questions: What are the Rocketpacks of the target group? How can we provide a real solution with our client's resources? How do we tell the perfect story that makes our innovation potential visible?
  • The Premium 5-Liter is particularly suitable for indoor applications.
  • Expansion joint, one-hand nozzle, drink /pre-mix, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and connection part,
Whether mid-state companies or corporations, companies, their branches and affiliated partners, can conveniently and easily edit, manage, store, order and distribute your marketing items through our user-friendly Rocketpacks co2 drink tanks. We set up a portal tailored to your needs, including all templates in your corporate design.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Cheekiness wins. Rocketpacks in the service of marketing swear by the David-versus-Goliath strategy. This is also in line with the approach in: that even with a small advertising budget, big (sales) leaps are possible - thanks to unconventional, original and provocative ideas. Owners of small businesses with big dreams and tiny budgets who are already getting misty-eyed should be told: Cola Rucksack is not a one-off spectacle, not a streaker on the soccer field with your logo on its back. Because the use in Kalifornia of this alternative form of advertising is preceded by an exact analysis of the target group and the correspondingly sophisticated choice of weapons.
  • The Premium 5-Liter is particularly suitable for indoor applications.
  • Expansion joint, one-hand nozzle, drink /pre-mix, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and connection part.
  • The backpack drink dispenser consists of a hand-operated drinks air pump and steel casing to generate the dispensing pressure.
  • It can be used for strongly flavored drinks like mulled wine, coffee, fruit tea, cocktails, etc. 
The aspect of the unexpected is part of the principle of success - as in a "Drink coffee Backpack" There, guests were nevertheless somewhat taken aback when they encountered a ballerina in the revolving door of the hotel, who skillfully turned with the door and pointed out the evening event. A certain amount of courage was also needed: posters and banners communicated the nonsense of utopian prices for an overnight stay and drew attention to the hotel's own services and associated cheaper offers as an alternative for clever people who do not want to waste their money. At the same time, the media were informed about the action, the Rocketpacks suddenly enjoyed a lot of attention - the message "good price and good performance" was successfully brought to man and woman.
It can be used in fairs, clubs, company parties, product tastings in supermarkets, promotions and department stores or shopping centers, or private festivities.
This first became known and popular with travel agencies and tour operators by recruiting head waiters in the neighboring one and surprising expeditors and buyers with the service staff suddenly belting out arias. A small professional mulled wine backpack promoted its low-priced Sunday breakfast buffet by distributing (apparently lost) wallets with an advertisement as their contents on park benches, in bars and on armchairs in Viennese coffee houses.
  • The Premium Tap
  • Composed of the pipe, insulation, jacket, and tank connection part, Hand-operated air pump (as pressure booster only if required), steel housing.
Creativity with a system? However, a spectacular act alone does not make one, let alone a successful one. To get it right, it is absolutely crucial to know your target group precisely. This includes information on where the customers spend their time in everyday life, at sports, at work or in their leisure time - because that's exactly where the action should take place. After all, there's little point in merely causing a stir without reaching your (potential) guests. In addition, your cold drinks message must be understood - if you leave your customers irritated, you will cause more damage and the original happening will be an unsuccessful flop at best.
  • Drink containers can also be used to cater to cleaning, odor, and deposits.
  • Furthermore, this item has moderate insulation, up to max. 2 hours (depending on the outside temperature).
Customers are like children! Breaking the rules, upside-down worlds, completely new perspectives - lateral thinking is expressly encouraged in guerrilla marketing. And: "Where children laugh, customers laugh too," advises sticking to a simple rule. Guerrillas don't take their time, they put things into practice - this calls for a pioneering spirit, and there's no room for hindrances. With all the euphoria and the new courage for the unusual, there are a few things you should keep in mind: Don't be afraid of customers who are horrified! There will certainly be coffee backpacks, but the number of those who are enthusiastic is much higher. But don't overdo it! Constantly launching original campaigns is not original in the long run. Act carefully!
  • We recommend using it for cold and hot drinks because of its sound insulation.
  • When used with hot drinks, or beer, beverage containers can quickly inflate.
Many rock-pack campaigns take place in highly frequented places - this ensures attention, but on the other hand, the proportion of those who are not eligible as addressees of your performance must be as small as possible - after all, you only have one try, then it's over with originality. Catering backpacks teams marketing ideas rely on surprise, excitement, curiosity, speed and uniqueness, sometimes on shock and provocation. The goal is a wow or aha effect ("What's that all about beverage? What are they doing? What's going on here?"), with which the advertising message spreads and is deeply imprinted in the target person's memory in the most lasting way possible. Then you've done everything right.
Utilizes a durable steep AFG container with 5-litres of capacity, and the container and the external pipeline is well insulated to maintain the actual temperature and the quality. 
Rockepack marketing campaigns should not only arouse curiosity and entertain, but also convey a message in an understandable way. Only then does the one Coke backpack success set in!

If pre-filled drinktanks are used, make sure they are kept chilled in a container with crushed ice or refrigerator (see at 33 degrees).

Drink Dispenser Backpack Video

5 Litre Drink Backpack for Mobile vending, from concerts to sporting events to street festivals.
The majority of beer restaurateurs and hoteliers are afraid to leave familiar paths. The marketing practice cannot be described as courageous, innovative or creative. Year after year, thousands of image brochures and folders with the same look are printed and sent out, which are then thrown directly into the customer's wastebasket. Collected customer data is not even used for individualized dialogs. The change in customer behavior has often been slept through, and the world of beer guests is alien to many businesses.
  1. If there is a problem with liquid dispensing or the liquid is not coming out
  2. Check the connection of the Dispensing Hose!
  3. See if it is properly connected to the backpack/container.
  4. Check If the pipeline to the tap is adequately connected to the outer valve.
We loves the unusual, Rocketpacks for coffee, the entertaining, the human, the sympathetic. In short: anything unconventional that creates a lasting impression and a pleasant feeling. Modern guests love advertising that they can touch, experience, and participate in. The current situation in the industry is a huge opportunity for businesses that feel the pulse of the times, that jump over their shadows, that are proactive, courageous and different from their competitors in winning the customer backpack every day in Washington D.C.
  • Gastro-Vendor apron with 3 pockets to store accessories etc.
  • It provides support to mount a promotion flag where a weatherproof foil bag takes two A4 sized inserts in any prominent colour. 
tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
  • 5 Liter Drinkbackpack Video

    It is designed and efficiently made in Germany. Backpack drinks dispensers from Rocket-Packs can also be used to distribute beverage cans and bottles. However, we are genuinely focusing on drink dispensers that can be used to distribute either hot or cold drinks.
    Why should a company rely on unconventional marketing of all things?

    Reliable, robust drink backpack with low weight and good insulation.

    How do you implement Rocketpacks methods?

    • The beverage container has capacity of 5-litres and the beverage is dispensed naturally without any pressure generated.
    • It is optional to include standard or premium tap
    • Gastro apron and Promotion Flag are also available.
    1. The material used is very robust and weatherproof truck tarpaulin
    2. It provides insulation for up to 2 hours or more (depending on ambient temperature)
    3. The dimensions are H 36 x W 31 x D 28 cm
    4. Weight without beverage content is 4.0 Kg
    5. The advertisement space has dimensions of H 30,5 x W 64,5 cm
    6. Has a transparent cup dispenser that takes EW cups of 90 -150 ml.