Drink Backpack 5 - Liter - Beer Cola Coffe


  • The small version among the universally applicable beverage backpacks.
  • Solid, robust drink backpack with low weight and good insulation.
  • Can be used for all carbonated and still beverages hot and cold. Suitable for the uncomplicated, fast beverage service!
  • Basic equipment excl. printing accessories incl. standard tap.
  • Delivery incl. Gastro prebinder with three pockets, for wallet, service accessories etc.
  • The "small" Premium5 liter drink backpack is a multifunctional mobile beverage dispenser.
  • Depending on the model equipment, suitable for serving carbonated drinks, hot/cold.

The Premium5 litre fulfils all the requirements of a professional, mobile drinks service.
The drink backpack cover is ergonomically designed and made from robust and weatherproof materials.

Promotion flag with telescope rod - weatherproof foil pocket 2x DIN A4, in signal Colour, due to its small dimensions and smaller loading volume,

The system has a rock-solid construction with a low dead weight and good insulation (up to 2 hours and more).

... Article Premium 5 litre "for non carbonated beverages. Particularly well suited for fast, uncomplicated beverage Service.

Premium 5 liter "for carbonated beverages. When operating the system with CO2-containing beverages, the manually operated air pump must be used (one pump per backpack).

The Premium 5-Liter is particularly suitable for indoor applications. Expansion joint, one-hand nozzle, drink /pre-mix, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and connection part,

Such as trade fairs, clubs, company parties, product tastings in supermarkets, promotions. In department stores or shopping centres or for private festivities!

Hand-operated drinks air pump, steel casing (to generate the dispensing pressure), When using strongly flavoured drinks (e.g. coffee, mulled wine, fruit tea, cocktails, etc …

Can stick to the plastic drink container despite careful cleaning, colour deposits or odours. Furthermore, this article has a moderate insulation, up to max. 2 hour (depending on the outside temperature).

We recommend using for cold and hot drinks because of its good insulation.

Premium Zapfer, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and tank connection part, Hand-operated air pump, steel housing (if required, only as dispensing pressure booster)

AFG container NC, steel, gravity, 5 litre capacity, incl. insulated, sheathed beverage line. When used with hot drinks, or beer, beverage container can easily inflate.

Gastro-Vendor apron with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories etc.,
Promotion flag with telescopic pole, weatherproof foil pocket for 2x DIN A4 advertising inserts, in signal colour,

If pre-filled drink Tanks are used, make sure they are kept chilled in a container with crushed ice or refrigerator (see at 33 degrees). NO liquid comes out, Check the connection of the Dispensing Hose (Black Quick Disconnect “OUT” Fitting) on the “OUT” Valve of the Beverage Tank to be sure its properly connected.

Drink Dispenser Backpack

5 Liter Drinkbackpack

  • Equipment/Technical data:

  • Material ... very robust and weatherproof truck tarpaulin
  • Insulation Plus ... Up to 2 hours or more (depending on ambient temperature)
  • Dimensions ... H 36 x W 31 x D 28 cm
  • Weight (without beverage content) ... 4,0 Kg
  • Advertising space (foil window) ... H 30,5 x W 64,5 cm
  • Cup dispenser ... Transparent, cst., for EW cups 90-150 ml
  • AFG beverage container NC ... Gravity, stainless steel, 5 litres
  • Optionally ...equipped with standard or premium tap
  • Further equipment options ... Gastro apron and Promotion Flag
  • In such cases we recommend the use of a beverage container for the respective beverage type.
  • Be sure the latch on Tank Lid is shut tightly and the Pressure Release Valve is closed to prevent compressed air from escaping. Increase the flow by turning the adjusting screw on the drink dispensing gun counter-clockwise.