About Rocketpacks Backpacks Drink Dispenser

In 1995, Rocketpacks started of the manufacturing mobile dispenser backpacks in Germany.

Anywhere the catering is unable to serve everybody, we offer precisely the extra vendor service needed so everybody can enjoy a drink without having to queue up.

Rocketpacks is a portable Catering equipment company which equips the right sort of  people with backpack dispensers for all your events, parties, etc..

We at Rocketpacks will show you what to look out for when buying professional accessories for dispensing technology!

We have been dealing with beverage quality in dispensing systems for over 25 years. During this time our competences have steadily increased.

This unique formula allows to serve your guests in a fantastic way

Creating the situation where your guests will never have to stand with an empty glass, and you will generate an extra turnover.

Can be used for all sorts of parties and events.

Walking Vendor Backpack

Backpack Drink Dispenser