We offer a variety of high quality drinkware to match your occasion, whether it be tablecloths, tableware or cutlery! In addition to the appetizing food, your drinks should not be neglected. How about our modern Rocketpacks? Or a cool blonde from your own backpack tap. Of course, we also organize the right service staff for you. Our staff is always professional, punctual and courteous. Quench your thirst anywhere with our backpack beverage dispensers - perfect for events and outdoor adventures".

In 1995 Rocket-Packs started the production of mobile dispenser backpacks in Germany. 

The right drink for every occasion with our Rocketpacks Cocktail Catering. Offer your guests something out of the ordinary. Whether at your office, event location or home, we will come to you and bring everything needed for their coffee party. From appetizers to bar apothecary, flair bartending, show bartending, fresh fruit and branded products, we offer you the perfect bartending service. In addition to classic and fancy cocktails, our trained bartender will create your own drink, even in your Coke logo color if you wish.

Unlike any other catering service, we offer unparalleled and precise vendor service so you can enjoy your drinks without having to wait in line.

Exhibition Catering? Make contacts, intensify business relationships, build on success. Whether it's a business lunch, a flying buffet, a stand or after-show party, or crew catering, our in-house catering kitchen will put together your own food concept. Whether it's catering in your corporate colors, a cocktail bar, decorations, equipment or service staff, we'll meet your needs and help you present your company to the public in a professional manner. With our trade show backpack catering, you will make the perfect impression. Event Beverage Catering ? No matter what style or theme you choose, we will design the right event catering for your event. Benefit from our years of experience in the event and catering industry, from culinary delights to entertainment. We draw the red thread through your event and spoil you with our Event Rocketpacks in San Antonio!

Serve your guests in a fantastic way with this unique formula

In sports, there are numerous occasions and opportunities for successful guerrilla marketing campaigns. Entrepreneurs, event organizers, and major sports brands use the attention of various beverage events, such as world championships, Olympic Games, and marathons. In this way, advertisers benefit from an already prevailing interest and find their target group in large Beer To Go numbers, bundled in one spot. Perfect for creating an unusual, original surprise using unconventional methods.

We at Rocket-Packs will show you what to look out for when buying professional accessories for dispensing technology.

In the highly competitive beverage industry, so-called Rocketpacks have long since found favor. Beverage manufacturers and suppliers are coming up with ever more creative ideas to impress potential customers. At trade shows, the possibilities for Rocketpacks marketing are limited. Many exhibitors therefore already make use of the trade show environment. On the trade fair grounds themselves, eye-catching costumes are often used, or signs with curious sayings.
  • Our beverage quality in dispensing systems is backed by expertise for over 25 years now.
  • During this time, our company has become more strategic, mature and competent.
Every day we see more and more creative advertising in the restaurant industry. Why? Competition is fierce, and smaller restaurants and pubs in particular have to get by without marketing departments and consultants. There's one principle above all: stand out for all it's worth. Even larger food and beverage brands have long since discovered fancy advertising campaigns for themselves. It's really amazing how many great ideas and creative forms of advertising exist in the food and beverage industry in Washington.

Rocket-Packs is a portable catering equipment company that equips the right sort of people with backpack dispensers for all your events, parties, etc.

As mentioned at the beginning, the very concept of backpack beverage bottle and cans marketing brings with it the aspect of surprise. People are surprised in environments they know with marketing actions they would never have expected to find there. This does not necessarily have to be a public place, but can also be done in a viral way. By whatever means! Excitement and enthusiasm among consumers. Surprising actions are talked about, people engage with the brand and create word of mouth - one of the most powerful tools in the beer or coffee marketing repertoire. Rocketpacks also makes it possible to put a company or brand on the map. Thus, a campaign can already become a marketer's dream by being shared via social media and, ideally, appearing on the evening news.
  • Creating an environment where your guests will never have to stand with an empty glass, and you will generate an extra turnover as well.
  • The easy to carry, portable beer backpack holds up to 12 liter of draft beer and includes a convenient cup dispenser for 2-16 oz cups.
  • Rocketpacks Backpack is a unique and innovative way to carry your favorite drinks with you wherever you go.
  • It is a lightweight, insulated backpack that can hold up to six cans or bottles of your favorite beverages.
  • It also features a built-in ice pack to keep your drinks cool and a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Are you thinking about selling ice cream from a vendor tray? One thing is for sure: ice cream is a great addition to your product line, especially in the summer, but it also sells well in the spring and fall. But selling ice cream needs to be well planned: Ice cream does not sell well all year round. So you have to use the space differently during the rest of the year and then move it again for the season. That's not very practical. If you want to sell scoop ice cream or soft ice cream (i.e. unpackaged aged ice cream), there are some additional regulations you need to follow.

Do not forget a supply of cleaning solution to keep the mobile drink dispenser clean and hygienic.

Summer, sun and refreshing ice cream enjoyment! What would the warm season be without the enjoyment of ice cream with a variety of flavors? In this regard, British brain researchers recently found out that a beer belly-flop is enough to trigger feelings of happiness. What could be more obvious than to make customers happy with a business idea that is rich in perspective? Ice cold caught looking for a good business idea! Whoever is looking for a viable business idea and sensibly starts from the demand, can deal here with the option 'to become self-employed as an ice cream manufacturer' in a compact as well as practice-oriented form. But what distinguishes this job description? Which formal and technical requirements have to be considered and planned? The path to self-employment as an ice cream manufacturer requires holistic planning in order to avoid being caught out cold. In this respect, interested parties can use this article to get ideas and inspiration for starting up a business as a beverage manufacturer. Speaking of which: Italy is considered the cradle of coffee production. In this respect, the pleasant can be combined with the useful by taking a look in front of and behind the scenes of the craft during a vacation.

Backpacks and Vendor's Trays are available in different sizes and colors.

But what does it look like in practice? Imagine the following: You are out for a walk in the city, walking through streets and alleys that are familiar to you. As you turn a corner, a huge block of ice suddenly appears in front of you. Frozen in the ice are the small and large Rocketpacks, which you can free from the ice with a pick. Even if you don't drink alcohol or aren't convinced by the brand, there's still a good chance you'll share this surprising and unexpected experience, right? Book our professional mobile coffee backpack for your trade show booth or corporate party. Our professional barista will prepare fresh coffee for you and your guests. You can book this service with or without our counters. Fresh on site, we prepare delicious and colorful smoothies for you and your guests. We offer a variety of smoothies in different colors and flavors. All made with high quality juices and fresh fruit.
  • It can be used for all kinds of parties and events.
  • Equipped with all the quality features of the proven beverage backpacks, the Rocket-Packs Premium is 22 inches (0.56 m) high x 12 inches (approx. 30 cm) wide and weighs approximately 19 KG when full.
Advertising backpacks as a stage for your logo Backpacks are very popular items. It is not for nothing that they are also extremely popular as promotional items when printed with your individual logo. Why is this so? Backpacks are basically sporty, casual and down-to-earth, they are the buddy type of bags - even if today they also look very classy, high-quality and technically sophisticated.
  1. Rocketpacks is a premier provider of portable beverage dispensing equipment for the global food and beverage concession industry.
  2. Our backpack dispensers have been utilized in over 60 countries to serve a wide range of hot and cold beverages, beverage samples, and other packaged products.
  3. Whether you're serving at a busy event or in a crowded venue, our reliable and efficient dispensers ensure that your customers get their drinks quickly and easily.
  4. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Rocketpacks is the top choice for businesses looking to streamline their beverage service and enhance the customer experience.
Most people associate "backpacks" with positive experiences and values: trips, vacations, leisure time, adventure, freedom... In terms of advertising impact, message reach, contact rate, sympathy and usefulness, backpacks as promotional items occupy a top position.
  • A beverage backpack system that has proven itself worldwide.  
  • The new products are the latest development in the Rocket-Packs Family.
  • Practically, the high production quality of the beverage backpack impressed the breweries.
  • At Rocketpacks you can have backpacks printed with your logo. In the online store you can buy cheap promotional backpacks online. Custom printed backpacks are a great way to draw attention to your business. You can also reach a wide audience with these useful promotional products. If you have any questions about the various printing options, we will be happy to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry!
    • Manufacturer and world leader of portable beverage/snack dispensing equipment for the hospitality industry, exported to more than 68 countries.
    • An effective eye-catcher - promotional backpacks present messages and campaigns (product sampling, party advertising, etc.) in crowds in a particularly mobile and appealing way as walking advertising.

    Walking Vendor Backpack Video

    Walking vendor backpack State-of-the-art insulation of the product tank and backpack cover ensure excellent performance. An original filling temperature of 36° F (2° C) resu...
    Although ice cream is an indispensable part of everyday life from a cultural point of view, ice cream maker has only been a recognized Rocketpacks apprenticeship since 2009. In August 2015, the training was further adapted so that it is now also called "Ice Cream Specialist". In addition to the complex production of ice cream, the content of the training also focuses on the gastronomic aspects of the vendor tray - after all, the ice cream produced must be sold as profitably as possible. And this is precisely where the aspirations of entrepreneurs with the business idea of 'setting up their own business as an ice cream and beverage manufacturer' should be consistently pursued from the outset.
    With all the quality features of the thousand fold proven beverage backpacks.

    Rocket-Packs offers a complete selection of spare parts for all of their backpack beverage dispensers, so you can fix them whenever necessary.

    You can also order replacement sign covers or have a custom logo or slogan printed for your Rocket-Packs drink Backpack.

    If you still lack ideas to decorate the best friend, think about one of our coffee backpack courses. As an introduction to a long party night, our beer workshops are the ideal program item in the evening program. Warm up with tasty drinks and learn to mix your favorite cocktail before hitting the popular party venues around town. Both in our course rooms and at your home, all you need to bring is a good mood and your best friends, and we'll take care of the rest. We will guide you through the evening in a relaxed way with delicious drinks and expert advice on drinks as well as spirits.
    • More than 28 thousand  beverage backpacks are in the market worldwide and speak themselves of their outstanding quality and functionality.
    • Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser is a hands-free beverage system that allows you to carry and dispense your favorite beverage while on the go.
    • It features a lightweight and durable design, adjustable straps, and a built-in drink dispenser that can hold up to 32 ounces of your favorite beverage.
    • The dispenser is designed to be leak-proof and easy to use, with a simple one-handed operation. 

    Replacement parts for the beverage dispensing Backpack include the rocket pump, spare beverage tank for easy refills, replacement cup dispenser and dispensing hose.

    Backpack Beverage Dispenser Video

    The Rocket-Packs Premium insulated draft beer dispenser also comes with a mini CO2 cylinder and an insulated beer dispensing hose with Quick Connect functionality.
    If you are looking for a special experience for your holiday party, book our coffee course for your company. Professional bartenders and expert advice are just some of the reasons why a beer course is a great corporate event. Together with your colleagues and employees, you will learn how to mix beers, how to use bar equipment correctly, and you will get interesting background information about individual drinks, production methods, and spirits from experienced bartenders. In our cozy classrooms or at your office, we will make your holiday party a special occasion. The small difference between passively consuming cocktails and actively participating in their creation will bring your team closer together than the obligatory Christmas party at the bar. The guided creation of the drinks and the slow approach to the mixing techniques ensure a conscious enjoyment of the drinks with fascinating background information as well as a relaxed atmosphere during the learning process.
    • Check out the instructional carbonated demonstration video on the Rocket-Packs.
    • The tanks are of the best export quality, made of stainless steel with 19 litres, the best of all.

    Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser?

    All include hose and dispenser.

    Equipment mobile backpacks? Anyone who remembers the Christmas market stands knows the differences between the many huts, market stalls, booths and other types of stands. All mobile stands are equipped with high quality technology. Electricity and water are available everywhere. All you have to do is plug in and you can start entertaining your guests. In addition, professional boilers for hot water and sufficient cooling systems are installed. Hygienic catering equipment is a matter of course in the entire interior. Events with mobile stands? Rocketpacks has already organized several events with mobile stands. Or high-quality beer. There are no limits. Just like with a beverage truck. In any case, even with many guests, the provision of various food stations in the form of stands is a popular catering option. Basically, you can offer your food and beverage backpacks in mobile stands, so that your guests can find a great selection at all stands.

     A cool and eye-catching advertising, promotion and presentation are guaranteed for you! The whole system is super light and comfortable to wear.

    • The Promo Backpack with Flip Flag and the Promo Backpack in the classic flag design (also in the double-layer printed version) guarantee attention from afar.
    • Also effective is the version with display and print.
    • A backpack beer dispenser is a device that allows you to carry and serve beer from a backpack. It can be used for mobile vending, events, promotions, or parties. 

    According to the web results, some features of a backpack beer dispenser are:

    1. It can hold different amounts of beer, from 5 to 30 liters.
    2. It can dispense cold or hot beer, as well as carbonated or non-carbonated beverages.
    3. It has an ergonomic design and a large advertising panel
    4. It can be connected to a keg, a pump, or a pressurized gas cylinder with CO2.
    5. It can be customized to match the colors of your brand or product..
    6. Would you like to buy a backpack beer dispenser? 
    tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!