In the competitive beverage market, brands only stand a chance if they avoid superficial marketing and inappropriate social media presences. Superficiality in marketing and brand management wreaks havoc - of course, this also applies to beverage brands. The next two of the ten laws explain why depth and long-term consistency are so important to Rocketpacks Drink Rucksack:
  • Simple drinks backpack, with moderate insulation, suitable for any fun occasion.
  • Preferably suitable for cold drinks.
It's not just innovations - social media engagement is also often touted as a magic bullet for bringing new momentum to a company or strengthening a beverage brand. But many companies have already learned the hard way. The basic mistakes were essentially always the same: Coffee To Go Companies engaged in hawking surface marketing that did not communicate top performance in an appropriate tone and that was not coordinated with offline marketing measures In Colorado.
  • No pressuring accessories are required!
  • When used with CO2-containing beverages, we recommend the barrel pump as a pressure accessory.
If one looks at the countless beverage brands competing for the favor of buyers, one suspects that taste is not the only decisive factor in many cases, but that psychological factors such as the history of the product and the brand name are essential for the purchase decision.
  • 5 litres beverage backpack capacity.
  • It can be filled with all cold drinks, whether carbonated or non-carbonated.
Taste counts, but mostly the brand is the bearer of success? Competition in the beverage market is extremely fierce. New lifestyle drinks are added every month, and each of these Rocktpacks restaurant concept drinks claims to be unique and innovative. The reason for the enormous selection of beverages is not demand; rather, most producers are looking for new markets with new mixed cola products in Baltimore.

This 5 Litre capacity drinktank can store drinks and takes a manual pump to generate pressure if required. 

Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Good marketing is the key: the importance of the name should not be underestimated for the success of the product. Especially in the case of beverages, the name should also "taste" good. With a good sales promotion, as clear a sound as possible and high memorability, the name forms the opener to the mobile beverage sales market.

The capacity of this PET container equals the content of 10 beer bottles of 0.5 litres each.

However, authenticity is the key to brand success. It is therefore not surprising that many of the new products are not able to establish themselves permanently on the market. Variants on already well-known products will hardly be able to hold their own, because the first-boom rule also applies to lifestyle beverages. In the case of boldly supported new beverage consumption products without a corresponding competitive environment, the name is not yet so important if a certain special feature or uniqueness is present. Names, however, can help beverages achieve cult status and additionally give them a noble image, which is also reflected in the price, if the entire beer brand appearance is consistent from the Rocketpacks backpack.

It can be adapted for events, parties, clubs, and others to serve beer and other beverages.

The beverage must be available and experienced in the stadium! Uniqueness in taste and design are essential to survive on the market. But the biggest hurdle at the beginning is a very practical challenge: availability. The coffee product must not only taste good, it must also be available. The beverage market is very capital-intensive and entry is correspondingly difficult.

Not just those, but it can also be used at family celebrations, picnics, cycling and hiking tours, children's birthday parties, and promotion and marketing events.

Once a convincing beverage idea has been found and the company wants to enter the test phase with the new product, the problem arises of preproducing a small number of units at a reasonable price. Since the Rocketpacks merchandise presentation at POS beverage startup has neither existing production facilities with which to experiment nor a large sales market, the first batch becomes a significant challenge. Especially since they are competing with financially strong corporations that can easily "flood" the market with a test drink without having to be immediately profitable.
  • Backpack utilizes a durable container, and the external pipeline is well insulated to maintain the original temperature and quality.
  • Fillable with all cold drinks, whether carbonated or non-carbonated. 
If the beverage idea is truly innovative and unique, you can try to attract the interest of investors. Crowdfunding to obtain start-up capital via platforms such as Rocketpacks Live Event is also a viable path for beverage ideas.

It’s refillable and light with 250 g weight, pressure-resistant, and unbreakable

It must be remembered that sales cannot be protected. This makes it all the more important to appeal to as large a target group as possible via the brand, the quality, and the authenticity of the product, and to publicize the OpenAir beverage product with broad-based advertising. Emotions should be created around the product. By far the biggest challenge for a young start-up is to attract attention. This is necessary to make the product visible and increase awareness.

For non-carbonated drinks, drink dispensing takes place automatically.

For beverage innovations, uniqueness is the ultimate. This requires a clear backpack beverage marketing message that emphasizes the special added value and stands out from the crowd. After all, thirst can also be quenched with a simple water. The following therefore applies to all beverages: Only the best are bought.

Ideal for concerts or sports events, at private parties indoors and outdoors, at children's parties, family outings, and many other fun occasions, is this 5 litre drink backpack.

Conscious drinking rethought - enjoy alcohol-free and non-alcoholic without compromise? Whether on birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's Eve, weddings or just because - the occasions can be many and varied. Convivial rounds usually toast with backpack alcoholic beverages to give expression to the event special mobile merchandise presentation at the POS and enjoy the time together. There didn't seem to be a suitable alcohol-free or non-alcoholic way without compromising taste - until now.
  • Can provide a self-service option as well.  
  • Simply open the tap and fill the glass.
  • Whether it's water, wine, or lemonade, it does the job.
Within the last few years, however, a change can be seen with which non-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are conquering a thriving and innovative market. This is currently experiencing incredible growth, with which the development towards conscious backpack drinking is reinforced. In addition to responsible consumption, the focus is on quantity and quality. What has long been known as portable non-alcoholic beer has now been optimized with the movement of the now. It should be noted that it is in no way directed against the consumption of alcoholic beverages or sipping one's favorite beer, but is rather intended to encourage people to question their own alcohol consumption in Hawai.

This small drink dispenser is simply a must-have for all those who always want a cool drink.

As a result, bars and restaurants are increasingly adapting to changing consumer demand. At the same time, independent companies in particular have made it their Citymarketing business to contribute to the Rocketpacks. The rising sales speak for themselves: In recent months, many new non-alcoholic as well as mobile non-alcoholic beverages have appeared in Germany alone. The products of various brands are available for purchase online, in full-range stores and in selected specialty retailers. The most awarded brand in the emerging non-alcoholic and alcohol-free environment is Rocketpacks, with a completely alcohol-free range of different flavors, setting new standards in the field.
  • Material: Tarpaulin or Nylon silver 
  • Dimensions: H36 x W27x D17 cm
Many of the most popular alcoholic beverages are loaded with sugar, high in calories, and make for a hangover the next morning. With the help of experienced sommeliers, the Rocketpacks backpacks brand has developed more than a dozen stand-alone flavors in homage to their alcoholic role models over a period of just over three years.
  • Plastic container PE with the capacity of 5 litres
  • Weight (empty): 1.2 Kg
Retail sales of coffee have increased annually since , with the largest jump in the year due to the shift in coffee consumption English Rocketpacks Mobile Catering Studio consumers into their own homes during the corona pandemic. Coffee has also benefited from consumers looking for new ways to boost their energy levels at a time when they are feeling particularly unwell.
  • Transparent sleeves for advertisement inserts.
  • Advertising space: H 31 x W 46 cm
Bar operations face all the traditional marketing challenges as restaurants, but they have some additional problems associated with the risk of encouraging excessive drinking and serving intoxicated patrons. Rocketpacks beer can dispensers must also serve food in an environment that is often crowded, boisterous and disconnected from the kitchen.
  • Equipment!
  • Backpack for 5 litre beer can come from the supermarket.
  • Supplied without 5 litre beer can.
  • Rubber ball pump with line and coupling for beverage containers.
You must be very careful when selling alcohol that you don't run afoul of local wine, beer and liquor laws. Many jurisdictions limit your ability to serve beer backpack, advertise or offer drinking incentives and happy tour prices. However, there are many responsible alternatives, such as discounts on your restaurant's signature drinks using molecular blending techniques and discounts on food to complement beverage sales in Idaho.

Includes a tap/pipeline set for beer container.

  • Tapping set for beer can, connected beverage line with tap and a pump
  • NOTE: ONLY beer cans with rubber stoppers can be used!
Ultimately, marketing integration higher sales and profits are your goals, but vague and general goals are hard to control and achieve. Your goals in mobile promotion marketing your bar could be to increase alcohol sales, create awareness for your business on social media, attract key demographics, or get people to stay longer and spend more money. Maybe you want to introduce a new menu or a signature lineup of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage dispensing. Maybe you want to turn your bar into an event venue. Setting some actionable and measurable goals are a solid strategy for any marketing or business plan.

The Drink Pack backpack is a mobile drink dispenser made of modern materials and follows European legislation's technical requirements.

Regardless of your pos campaign goals and strategy, you need to research all local regulations pertaining to alcohol so you don't get into legal trouble. Remember that not every promotion is appropriate for every type of bar. For example, organizing a vintage beer and wine tasting might be inappropriate for a neighborhood bar and grill. You should always tailor your bar advertising to your target customers and available space and price profile, but the following suggestions should give you creative input for your marketing strategy:
  • Drink Pack Gravy is 5 Litres. 
  • Recommend to clean the container thoroughly before the first use as well as after each use.
Include user-generated ideas? You can run a user-generated Rocketpacks contest on various social sites to solicit ideas for new foods, snacks, drinks and themes.

5 litre backpack PE  container includes an insulated pipe with a tap.

Contact local celebrities and influencers? You can use social media to contact local celebrities and Influencers and convince them to promote an idea, cause or product of your backpack beer bar.

The Drink Pack is suitable for serving all types of beverages such as beer, wine, AFG drinks, fruit juices, cocktails, coffee, milk, drinking yogurt, etc.

Drink Backpack Video

An exception is high-grade beverages in undiluted condition. They are preferably used for cold drinks!
Support from your employees! Your backpack employees depend on tips, so every employee is naturally interested and involved in the success of your restaurant. Encourage your employees to share information about your bar's events, food and drink dispensers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These posts don't have to be complex - the employee can just state that the bar is open and currently offering a great special.

We have a wide variety of options available, so please use the contact form, and we will be happy to assist. 

The container’s capacity is 5 Litres and is good of all events like summer parties etc.

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You can also dilute the juice with water because it is very refreshing!

You should also drink because you are thirsty and not because you are bored.

tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!