Hawker Beverage Backpack

  • Coffee from the Vending backpack is more than just a drink
    If you hold drinks in one hand, chances are you have your mobile device in the other. For some time now, the art of frothing milk, the so-called "latte art", has been a popular subject. In the meantime, however, we have observed that coffee is associated with friendship or solidarity. So coffee is not just a drink. Coffee is not just a drink, it is a way of deepening relationships and facing new challenges.
  • Beverages vending is an essential part of our lives. They transform seemingly unimportant moments into unforgettable memories, strengthen social bonds and cheer up special occasions. Through an always-on strategy you ensure that your brand is present at the time of the decision. Because the distance between the decision and the actual purchase is getting smaller and smaller.
  • How to make effective advertising hawking backpack!
    All people have one thing in common: we all need to drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid to stay alive and maintain our health. But which drinks do we actually reach for and how can Rocketpacks make us reach for their product of all things?
  • Quite simply: with well-placed marketing! Everyone has to quench their thirst, and that's why advertising that involves beverages is clearly interesting for everyone, so you can achieve a very high level of Coverage.
  • The best advertising for beverage vending backpac
    There are an incredible number of ways in which beverage vendors can make consumers aware of their vending backpack product. Here are 10 of the infinite possibilities! The good thing about Rocketpack's beverage advertising is clearly that everyone has to drink something and the advertising affects everyone.
  • Make your drinks known with classic hawking Rocketpacks backpack display Advertising.
  • Classic but effective is clearly the display vending backpack advertising. A beautifully designed poster on the backpack attracts all eyes and if the poster is hung in a place that is frequently visited and preferably close to your own supermarket where the drink is sold, then the chance that the consumer will make a purchase increases immensely.
  • The good thing about display advertising is that you always notice it - even if only subconsciously - and you will definitely notice the product on display in the stadium and that is exactly what marketing wants to achieve. Since we are surrounded by poster advertising everywhere, this is also very unobtrusive marketing. So it's very simple, but still effective.

Draw attention to your drinks with Hawker Rocketpacks on local series or talk shows!
One level higher is product placement in local series or talk shows. Here you enter into a cooperation with the respective film producer, so that the drinks from the backpack are used in their film or series and thus subconsciously encourage consumers to buy, because if you have seen the drink from the vending backpacks drunk in a film more often, you probably want to try it.

Maybe even the actor makes a comment on the Rocketpacks hawker and thousands of people are encouraged to try and buy exactly this product. And again the goal is reached. This makes sense, for example, if a film is shot in your city, perhaps it can even be shot near your point of sale.

  1. Print visually appealing posters for your Rocketpacks!
  2. With beautiful posters you can present your Hawker backpack.
  3. Another and for you probably most exciting marketing method, which offers itself, is to print posters. These posters with Rocketpacks vendors can then be sent to your own restaurants, cafés and kiosks that offer the product.
  4. Because if the potential customer is already at the place where the product is available for purchase, then there is a high probability that the customer will buy the product for which he sees the poster.
  5. Especially if it is designed in a particularly appealing way. If the marketing is done at the place where the product can be purchased, it is unlikely that the customer will forget on the way to the event that he or she actually wanted to buy the product for testing.


  1. Use the power of Rocketpack's Vendor marketing
    Particularly popular at the moment Hawker drinks backpack marketing. Here you often give the product to different people for free and hope that they will remember it or mention it in a YouTube video.
  2.  That is then quasi marketing for free, if one refrains from the sent bottles.

  3. Or you even enter into a paid cooperation with paid testers and pay them to drink the drink and then evaluate it positively in public.
  4. Many people trust the opinion of others they follow, so the chance that their followers will buy the drink is really relatively high.
  5. Nowadays, there are a vending rocketpacks in almost every city, so it's best to ask local testers so that they can point out the exact location.

Backpack for beerhawker

  • Offer beverage samples to try out
    Customers like to try out your drinks
    Another possibility is to have a rocket pack at the concert, where a member of staff will stand and offer small samples of the drink. Nobody actually says no to free samples.
  • The advantage is that the customer tries the product on site and is then relatively likely to buy it if he or she likes the drink. That's why the stand should definitely have bottles that the customer can buy directly.
  • These hot drinks from the Rocketpacks are classic trendsetters
    Which hot drinks are popular with the American population? This can be read in the following lines!
  • Clear favourite on all fronts: Coffee! The warm happiness that wakes us all up and gets us through the day.
  • Tea! The warm moment of relaxation that tea gives us is available in all sorts, colours and flavours, so there is something for everyone!
  • Rocketpacks drink is popular with everyone who likes it chocolaty but is not a coffee fan.
  • In winter we all love our hot mulled wine at the Christmas market! Everyone knows: a steaming cup of punch warms you up on frosty days.
    A little more unusual, but super popular is Chai Latte!
  • Health with the right drink mix for the Vendor backpack tank.
    Anyone who wants to take a healthier approach, but still doesn't want to drink pure water, need not worry: There are alternatives! For example, instead of drinking a beer at the end of the day, you can sometimes reach for a non-alcoholic drink like a non-alcoholic beer from your hawking rocketpacks.
  • This has fewer calories and is better for the body than alcohol. If you tend to soft drinks, you can replace them with pleasant juices, because they refresh and cool just as well. You can also dilute the juice with water, because it is very refreshing!
  • You should also drink because you are thirsty and not because you are bored. And thirst is best quenched with water. To give it more taste, you can also simply spice it up with fruit, or pieces of cucumber make the water fresher.
  • Iced tea can also be made from cold tea with fruit and can therefore be a refreshing ice tea experience, but without all the unnecessary sugar.