Our promoters take your brand to the streets. Street promotion at its best! At Rocketpacks, we not only run promotions, but we also ensure that the quality of our materials and personnel is always at the highest level. From planning to supervision to the promotion itself, we are your one stop shop.
  • If you have a drink in one hand, chances are you have your mobile device in the other.
  • The good thing about Rocketpack's drinks ads is that everyone has to drink something and the ads affect everyone.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

WHY PROMOTION? Promotion is a long-established form of advertising that has become less important with the advent of online advertising - or so you might think. But the fact is that promotion is not irrelevant at all; it is another highly effective personal marketing tool in the campaign portfolio. Those who do without personal contact run the risk of being untrustworthy or unimaginable in Illinoi.

So it's effortless but still useful the hawker backpack?

  • Make your drinks known with classic hawking Rocketpacks backpack display Advertising.
  • Classic but influential is the display beverage vending backpack advertising.
  • A beautifully designed poster on the hawker backpack attracts all eyes.
    If the poster is hung in a frequently visited place and preferably close to your supermarket where the drink is sold, then the chance that the consumer will make a purchase increases immensely.
A vibrant promotion campaign is the answer, and will please both existing and potential customers. This is because the message is conveyed through the personal recommendation of a Rocketpacks seller - and that is what promotion is all about! Although promotion is an offline beverage marketing tool, it can be perfectly combined with digital media. Surveys, special promotions, competition entries and much more are the ideal way to do this.
  • These posters featuring Rocketpacks vendors can then be sent to your restaurants, cafes and kiosks that sell the product.
  • If the marketing is done at the point of sale, it is unlikely that the customer will forget to buy the product to try on their way to the event.
Promotion is not a scalable advertising medium, but it can certainly generate viral effects if it is staged properly, for example through an extraordinary flash mob or in conjunction with a clean Rocketpacks hawker guerrilla campaign. The advantage of street campaigns is that they can be very targeted, minimising wastage.

Coffee from the hawing backpack is more than just a drink?

  • Backpack marketing of hawker drinks is particularly popular at the moment. 
  • This often involves giving the product away for free to various people in the hope that they will remember it or mention it in a YouTube video.
  • This is effectively free marketing, if you don't use the bottles sent.
  • Use the power of Rocketpack's hawker marketing. 

    1. Or you can work with paid testers, give them a bottle to drink and hope that they give a positive review.
    2. Many people trust the opinion of others they follow, so the chance that their followers will buy the drink is relatively high.
    3. Rocketpacks are sold in almost every city these days, so it's best to ask local testers to point out the exact location.

    Hawker Backpack Video

    A clear favourite on all fronts: Beer! The warm happiness that wakes us all up and gets us through the day.

    With beautiful posters you can present your Hawker backpack?

    • These hot drinks from Rocketpacks are classic trendsetters.
    • Which hot drinks are popular with the American people?
    • Find out from the lines below!


    There is always a need for promotional material for the right campaign. From giveaways and vouchers to the perfect outfit for staff, there is a lot that needs to be planned in advance. We are happy to take responsibility for the production planning and subsequent implementation. If an installation or special production is required for a promotion, we can act quickly through our network and offer high quality Hawking beer backpack products in custom work.
    • Health with the right drink mix for the hawker backpack?
    • Anyone who wants to take a healthier approach but still doesn't want  to drink pure water need not worry:
    • There are alternatives! 
    • For example, instead of drinking a beer at the end of the day, you can sometimes reach for a non-alcoholic drink like a non-alcoholic beer from your hawking rocketpacks.
    Rocketpacks vending backpack is a type of backpack that is designed for use in mobile vending or sampling events. It is typically a lightweight and portable backpack that can be worn by a vendor or brand ambassador who is distributing samples, promotional items, or small products to consumers.
    • Customers like to try out?   
    • Drinks beverage samples to try out!
    • Another possibility is to have a rocket pack at the concert, where a  staff member will stand and offer small samples of the drink.
    • The good thing about display advertising is that you always notice it, even if only subconsciously. 
    • You see the product on display in the stadium, which is exactly what marketing wants to achieve.
    • As we are surrounded by billboards everywhere, it is also very discreet marketing.
    tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
  • THE RIGHT EXHIBITION STAFF FOR YOUR STAND. Whether it's a trade show, conference or corporate event, having the right staff in place will ensure the event runs smoothly and visitors are satisfied. Rocketpacks has been providing hostesses and hosts since the very beginning. We always look for professionalism, service-mindedness and a well-groomed appearance when selecting our staff. With us you are guaranteed to find the right hostesses and hosts for your Hawker Fair in and around San Huan.
    • It has fewer calories and is better for you than alcohol? 
    • If you tend to drink soft drinks, you can replace them with pleasant juices, which are just as refreshing and cool.

    That's why they should have bottles that the customer can buy directly.

    1. Iced tea can also be made from cold tea with fruit, giving a refreshing iced tea experience without all the unnecessary sugar.
    2. We are a manufacturer of backpack beverage dispensers for 19 liter beer, cola, and coffee for use at events.
    3. Our backpacks are designed to be mobile and easy to use so that you can serve your customers the way you desire.
    4. We have in store all sizes of beverage backpacks so as to suit your needs.
    5. With our backpack beverage dispensers, you can bring hot and cold drinks and distribute them easily.