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  1. Your first choice should be Rocket-Packs as they are the leading manufacturer of these products.
  2. In this article, we will talk about the characteristics of these backpack drink dispensers, and why you should get one from Rocket-Packs, and what you should expect from them.

The Wide Reach of Backpack Beverage Dispensers

  1. For school activities, a backpack dispenser will be handy for the students and the teachers as well.
  2. Camping is also made fun of with these items. Instead of taking a substantial and power-based freeze, a drink dispense will do the job.
  3. Easy Usage. Upon your purchase, you will receive a pack that contains a 3-gallon stainless steel container, a hose, a cup dispenser, and a coin pocket.
  4. When it comes to using it, use the hand pump attached to your hip belt to pressurize the 3-gallon barrel, and you're off and distributing.
  5. It is a versatile and innovative product. You can serve fresh water, coffee, or hot chocolate.
  1. Design and Characteristics?
  2. The sale of beverages is one of the most profitable businesses globally, with a high sales volume and a low preparation cost.
  3. If you are interested in running a successful beverage distribution,
  4. Rocket-Packs, mobile drinks dispensers, are ideal for selling all types of drinks, whether cold or hot, carbonated or non-carbonated.
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In terms of characteristics, these products are designed in a smart way?

  • The outer shell is made of polyethylene combined with a thick foam core that keeps the contents of the dispenser hot for hours.
  • Thermal backpack with imported stainless-steel tanks helps keep the cold drinks cold and the hot ones warm.
  •  Like all Rocket-Packs backpacks, the non-carbonated is made from durable nylon, and the interior is specially insulated and lined to maintain temperature.
  • They have various products such as backpack beer dispensers and backpack coffee dispensers, which they deliver around the world
  1.  Based on customers' reviews, we can safely say that these products are used in 60 different countries.
  2. From their foundation in 1996, they developed their prototype of a backpack beverage dispenser, until today.
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  • Aside from the significant events mentioned above, beverage backpacks are ideal for sporting events, concerts, fairs, parades, and crowded places, from parks, leisure centers, beaches and tourist attractions, commercial centers, office buildings, factories, bus stops, terminals, railway stations, etc.  
  • Through this equipment, you will be able to promote your brand innovatively.
  • One of the smartest advertisement methods is to run sponsorship ads.
Watergirls selling fresh water from the backpack in Dublin 2021. Jan. Presentation of goods at POS Thermoruksak
  • The high-quality drink dispensers they provide are used in the most prominent events worldwide, such as Tomorrow Land, Winter Olympics, and Football World Cup.
  • They have factories in every continent with dozens of stores that sell these products on the go.
  • If you do not have time to look, you can always check on the website and buy your chosen product.
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Rocket-Packs has had demonstrated success by exporting their products worldwide, which gave them massive reputation and success and consequently more demand.

Alternative Usage?

The development, assembly, and technical assistance of their products is carried out in their factories to ensure the best quality and rapid delivery worldwide.