Sell coffee successfully: increase your sales with coffee-to-go backpack. Takeaway coffee is usually bought in the morning as well as in the afternoon. It is therefore helpful if commuters are among your customers. Or if your Rocketpacks is located in a business district, so that a stopover is possible when going to the office or during the lunch break. In this context, it is of course also important to know how many "coffee to go" offers there already are in your environment - be it from others!

The extra-large variant and ultimate mobile dispenser known for years due to its professional coffee service.

Selling coffee: Calculating demand This brings us to the next question to answer: In our experience, on average, quite roughly percent of customers buy a coffee from the Rocketpacks backpack to go. So do the math! To get an idea of how your coffee offering will be received, you can also talk to your customers about it - especially regular customers. Just ask: "Would you buy takeaway coffee here?"

Comes preinstalled with the basic equipment like standard tap other than pressure accessories etc.

This is how much profit you can make selling coffee, selling coffee is a high-margin business and extremely attractive for any store owner. But before selling coffee, there are some necessary purchases to be made: a Rocketpacks coffee backpack, good coffee and the necessary accessories must be available - how does this affect the profit? The cost calculator takes care of this calculation: together with your contact person, you select the desired coffee machine, the coffee and the required accessories - and the calculator calculates to the penny how much profit the operator makes on the sale of a cup of coffee and what costs are involved in New York.
  • For all non-carbonated beverages, hot and cold
  • No additional pressure accessories are needed for the beverage dispensing with this backpack coffee dispenser equipment.  
  • The emptying takes place by gravity (natural gradient). 
  • If a more substantial dispensing pressure is required, the manually operated air pump can also be used.

Selling mobil coffee is easy - really!
  • For all carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, hot and cold!
  • An additional pressuring accessory is necessary with this Equipment while dispensing carbonated beverages.
  • The emptying by natural gradient is not possible with this backpack coffee dispenser, because the beverage flow has to be transported upwards via a riser pipe. 
  • The pump is always ready for use and suitable for every drink.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Illuminated Branding Display!

Supply us your individual design!

The Rocketpacks brand relaunch has been an elaborate process over the past 16 months. The communication experts at the agency, a full-service agency specializing in food and packaging design, were tasked with this challenging assignment. The redesign was accompanied by market research involving both users and non-users. Consumers primarily associated coffee backpacks with trendy themes such as origin, love of home and nature. Accordingly, these Drink to By values are reflected throughout the relaunch, which was interpreted in an authentic and contemporary way under the personal direction of Rocketpacks in New York.

The premium tap is connected to the container via a flexible and insulated pipeline.

We do not sell individual products, but solutions - this has only advantages for you as a Rocketpacks store owner! Why is that? Theoretically, you can of course buy a pack of coffee at the discounter and prepare it in a conventional hawker backpack. In practice, however, you would probably not be very successful. When it comes to selling coffee, the topics of "brand" and "marketing" play a very important role: coffee buyers are decidedly salespeople and pay attention to big and well-known names.

The Pro19-Liter coffeebackpack meets all the requirements of a professional mobile dispensing device.

With our Rocketpacks hawking coffee concepts, you therefore not only buy high-quality products, but also benefit from brand awareness? Our many years of experience and comprehensive expert knowledge flow into our concepts and the associated high-quality advertising materials, from which you can only benefit in your daily store business.
  • Utilizes a durable steep AFG coffee container with 19 litres of capacity, and the container and the external pipeline is well insulated to maintain the actual temperature and quality.
  • The Cup dispenser is sand-white colour and takes EW drinking cups of 350 - 710 ml.
Choosing the right coffee backpack! Once you have an idea of approximately how many cups of coffee you might sell per day and know where your coffee offering will be placed, the coffee machine selection can begin. Three factors are particularly important. First, quality. "First and foremost, the Rocketpacks must produce good coffee. But the external appearance also plays an increasingly important role. The coffee machine should exude quality to convince the consumer." That's because consumers are increasingly placing a premium on quality when it comes to takeaway coffee. In addition to the taste of your coffee, it is therefore important that the vendor coffee machine exudes competence.

With a massive volume of 19 litres, the beverage dispenser is well suited for longer servings.

The second important factor: speed. The speed at which coffee is dispensed is a decisive factor for smooth operations at the backpack coffee seller. If the line gets too long, especially during the peak hours that are so important for the coffee business, the coffee buyer will change his mind and possibly buy his coffee from a competitor.

Excellent and comfortable when put on and has enough space for a 19 litre hot coffee.

The third important factor: ease of use. The portable backpack should be as easy and quick to use as possible. This applies not only to dispensing the coffee, but also to cleaning. In on-the-go supply, employees change frequently, so it is important that the hawking machine guides the user through the cleaning program.

Hand-operated air pump, steel housing (if required, only as dispensing pressure booster)

The backpack is selected - then now you need coffee! The range is as varied as the prices. The decisive factor, of course, is quality. Here it makes sense to try out different brands yourself and also get advice from your supplier.

If you are not selling three gallons of the coffee product within one hour, you may want to fill the beverage tank halfway to reduce the amount of time the liquid spends in the backpacks.( Display:Carte Noire, Jacobs, Milka)

The important thing is that the brand and its appearance fit your target group and your Rocketpacks. There are young and hip brands, as well as high-quality premium coffee suppliers - and much in between. A supplier's own brand can also be interesting - if it's good value for money. What works best in your store?

Promotion flag with a telescopic pole, weatherproof foil pocket for 2x A4  sized advertising inserts, in prominent colour.

When it comes to choosing a coffee backpack, the question of which coffee variants you want to offer naturally also plays a role. According to the experts' experience, the classics in particular are in demand when it comes to on-the-go supplies: the clear and unequivocal favorite is Café Crema, followed by Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Café Latte/Milk Coffee - these three variants are roughly on a par. The relatively small remainder of demand is then shared by other products such as espresso, chocolate and tea.

Good quality at a reasonable price, have not let down in the stadium catering with daily use.

Consumers are often overwhelmed by the fancy terms of new trendy drinks. Since they are usually in a hurry anyway, they don't take the time to deal with them and prefer to fall back on tried-and-tested Rocketpacks products.

Gastro-apron with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories, etc.,

When it comes to size, the trend is increasingly toward large sizes. While the American can only frown on this, the English like to drink a 500ml coffee on a long car ride. Recommendation: Offer three sizes - consumers then usually opt for the medium Rocketpacks. If you offer only two sizes, consumers are more likely to choose the smaller one.

In general, this backpack has an enormous volume.

Why it does not matter where you put your coffee backpack! You've come to the conclusion that it's worth your while to offer takeaway coffee? Good! You have selected the suitable coffee and received it from us? Even better! Then you can start with the concrete preparation. The first question to answer is: Where should the Rocketpacks be located? This is connected with the decision whether you want to offer coffee in self-service or whether the hot drink should be served by your employees.

The backpack is manufactured according to our designs and in close coordination with our Team.

Rocketpacks Coffee Dispensing Backpack Video

For coffee dispensing, it is always recommended to use the container suited for the respective drink i.e. coffee.
In general, it can be said from the Rocketpacks' point of view that when consumers have a choice, they tend to opt for service. Service is valued in the USA and, in the case of coffee, is usually rewarded. In this respect, it seems worthwhile to sell coffee in service. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to actively offer the customer the purchase of a coffee.

The coffee dispenser backpack Pro19-Liter is like the equipment Pro11-Liter, a multifunctional mobile beverage dispenser, incredibly robust and highly insulating in a good XL size.

Coffee hawking? What more do you need, then, please? As with so many things, the devil is in the details. Because for the to-go sale of coffee you also need matching lids to the cups, sugar, creamer - and would you have thought of a stirrer? With these basics, each of your Rocketpacks customers can create their favorite coffee - whether it's more sweet or black, with lots or little milk. Also remember that you need different cup sizes - because you should not sell a small coffee in a 0.4l latte macchiato cup under any circumstances.

Be sure the latch on the coffee tank lid is tightly sealed and the pressure release valve is closed to prevent compressed air from escaping.

For consumption, you may also need backpack coffee dispenser , a small sweet to go with the coffee - cookies or chocolate coffee beans, for example. What you can now easily do without is the offer of syrup. While the caramel macchiato was a popular coffee specialty just a few years ago, these variants are hardly in demand today. Here you will find everything on the subject of the right coffee accessories

Increase the coffeeflow by turning the adjusting screw on the coffee dispensing gun counter-clockwise.

Sell right and prepare right? What makes a coffee a good coffee? Even though it is often said that making coffee is a real art - with the right Portable Coffee Rocketpacks it becomes a breeze. Your employees need to be well versed with the coffee maker and, most importantly, know how to properly clean it on a regular basis. A clean and well-maintained coffee is the most important basis for a tasty coffee!

It makes a high-quality impression and has every volume you need.

Being mobile and portable, the backpack can be used to serve coffee fast.

The backpack is very stable and has a perfect size, so you won't be tempted to put too much in. 

Backpack Coffee Hawker Video

Incredibly robust, durable, and highly insulating backpack construction. Delivery includes gastro-Apron with three pockets, for wallet, service accessories, etc.
Strong advertising and good Rocketpacks marketing sells coffee! Ready to start offering takeaway coffee to your customers? Then make them aware of it! The desire for coffee should be aroused as soon as they enter the store. This can be done - at the gas station - through advertising on the pump, or through other visible cues in front of your store and on the storefront. Even at the backpack, the coffee offer should be conspicuously presented through appropriate marketing. The last chance has come when the consumer is standing at the cash register: "Would you like a coffee?". So your staff and active selling play a crucial role if you want to sell coffee successfully.
  • Each coffee dispenser is light and can be carried around with slightest effort possible. 
  • All Rocket-Packs are available for purchase worldwide, and if you are in Germany, you will have the option of renting one for your parties and events instead of buying outright.

We present you a selected and exclusive assortment, which is not offered in any product category in a comparable form elsewhere!

Ultimately, all partnerships are always maintained and expanded with the aim of offering our customers a unique range of services.

And the ambience has to be right: Your customers buy coffee from the Rocketpacks not only as a source of energy, but also to enjoy it. Your store, and the coffee area in particular, should therefore also exude a feel-good atmosphere. The general rule for running vendor a bistro is that the customer must first gain confidence in your competence. This means first and foremost impeccable hygienic appearance and, last but not least, the atmosphere in the store.
  • Traditionally, mobile coffee dispensing systems are used where, for structural reasons, not enough counters can be set up, such as in the grandstand area of stadiums.
  • However, there are also possible uses at major festivals such as selected indoor shows such as concerts or sporting events.
tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!