Backpack Coffee Dispenser Pro 19 - Liter

The extra-large variant and ultimate mobile dispenser known for years due to its professional coffee service.

Comes preinstalled with the basic equipment like standard tap other than pressure accessories etc.

  • For all non-carbonated beverages, hot and cold
  • No additional pressure accessories are needed for the beverage dispensing with this backpack coffee dispenser equipment.  
  • The emptying takes place by gravity (natural gradient). 
  • If a more substantial dispensing pressure is required, the manually operated air pump can also be used.

  • For all carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, hot and cold!
  • An additional pressuring accessory is necessary with this Equipment while dispensing carbonated beverages.
  • The emptying by natural gradient is not possible with this backpack coffee dispenser, because the beverage flow has to be transported upwards via a riser pipe. 
  • The pump is always ready for use and suitable for every drink.

The premium tap is connected to the container via a flexible and insulated pipeline.

The Pro19-Liter coffeebackpack meets all the requirements of a professional mobile dispensing device.

  • Utilizes a durable steep AFG container with 19 litres of capacity, and the container and the external pipeline is well insulated to maintain the actual temperature and quality.
  • The Cup dispenser is sand-white colour and takes EW drinking cups of 350 - 710 ml.

With a massive volume of 19 litres, the beverage dispenser is well suited for longer servings.

Excellent and comfortable when put on and has enough space for a 19 litre hot coffee.

Hand-operated air pump, steel housing (if required, only as dispensing pressure booster)

If you are not selling three gallons of the coffee product within one hour, you may want to fill the beverage tank halfway to reduce the amount of time the liquid spends in the backpacks.( Display:Carte Noire, Jacobs, Milka)

Promotion flag with a telescopic pole, weatherproof foil pocket for 2x A4  sized advertising inserts, in prominent colour.

Good quality at a reasonable price, have not let down in the stadium catering with daily use.

Gastro-apron with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories, etc.,

In general, this backpack has an enormous volume.

The backpack is manufactured according to our designs and in close coordination with our Team.

Rocketpacks Coffee Dispensing Backpack Video

For coffee dispensing, it is always recommended to use the container suited for the respective drink i.e. coffee.

The coffee backpack Pro19-Liter is like the equipment Pro11-Liter, a multifunctional mobile beverage dispenser, incredibly robust and highly insulating in a good XL size.

Be sure the latch on the coffee tank lid is tightly sealed and the pressure release valve is closed to prevent compressed air from escaping.

Increase the coffeeflow by turning the adjusting screw on the coffee dispensing gun counter-clockwise.

It makes a high-quality impression and has every volume you need. (Display Nescafe)

The backpack is very stable and has a perfect size, so you won't be tempted to put too much in. 

Backpack Coffee Hawker Video

  • Incredibly robust, durable, and highly insulating backpack construction.
  • Delivery includes gastro-Apron with three pockets, for wallet, service accessories, etc.

We present you a selected and exclusive assortment, which is not offered in any product category in a comparable form elsewhere!

Ultimately, all partnerships are always maintained and expanded with the aim of offering our customers a unique range of services.