Beverage Backpack 2 x 5 liter

backpack for beverage marketing

If the Premium 5 litre beverage backpack is equipped with two plastic beverage containers of 5 litres each, it turns into a new product.

backpacks for beverage hawker

DPD200 Drink-Pack-Duo beverage backpack "Sac a Dos Boissons Distributeur " consists of a unique insulated backpack, with 2 x 5-litre PE beverage containers, and the dispensing flow is automatic without any pressure or pump used.

for 2 x 5 liter mixed beverage

Using with non-carbonated beverages, the air is emptied by gravity

mobile dispensing for mxed beverage

Using carbonated beverages Hand-operated air pump with T-distributor.

Rocketpacks Beverage Backpack 2 x 5 Liter Video

Container plastic, 5-litre complete with beverage line (insulated and sheathed) as well as standard one-hand tap.

The backpack is suitable for cold drinks with or without carbon dioxide?

  • With gravitation tap - per container.
  • Comes with an insulated and sheathed drink line to the tap, with an integrated transparent cup dispenser tube (for 120-300ml cups).
  • The "Rocket-Packs DrinkPack Combi" is also a universal beverage backpack for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks (preferably suitable for cold drinks).
  • However, from this model, two different types of drinks can be served from one backpack with a transparent cover for advertising inserts (H 35 cm x W 69 cm) and a gastro apron for gastronomy.
  • Equipment/Technical data?

    The manually operated air pump with T-distributor is used for dispensing beverages containing CO2.