Beer Backpack 2 x 15 Liter

beer backpack for mobile beer selling

Beer backpack Combi with 2 containers of 15 litres to serve different Drinks!

beerbackpacks for beer hawking

The beer backpack has two super-light plastic tanks made of PP that can be dispensed independently.

15 Liter beer container
  • A PE beercontainer with 15 litres capacity includes a Beer line, insulation, sheathing, and GV tap!
  • Promotion flag with the foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color -
beer pump for pressuring

For dispensing CO2-containing beer, (Mochila con dispensador de cerveza ) additional pressure accessories are required. Mechanical air pump, steel housing (only necessary as a booster for dispensing pressure)

beer keg 15 liter

Promotion flag with the foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color.

beer diepenser keg 15 liter

Containers are also convincingly reflected in other beerbackpacks.

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  • Basic equipment excl. Pressuring accessories Premium tap, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket, and container connection part.
  • Thus, two different beers can be served simultaneously with this device.

Rocketpacks Beer Backpack Video

This is what makes this backpack so exceptional.

For good reason?

beer selling from the back-pack
  • The large decoration area brings out every trademark to its best  advantage.
  • Rocketpacks' has many years of experience in the production "
  • Sac a dos bière Distributeur "  of backpacks.
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Mobile Rocketpacks Beer Backpack

  • That has been developed for the dispensing of CO2-containing beverages and other products.
  • It stands out due to its light but sturdy design.
  • It is available as an AFG and keg version both.
  • It brings wearing comfort, has a professional appearance, and its high functionality form the basis for a brand appearance.
  • Behind an easy-to-change, glass-clear PVC film, there is an advertising space with the dimensions.
  • Our beer dispensers are portable, allow self-service, and are fun to use.
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