Beer Backpack 2 x 15 Liter

If a business wants to focus on excellent beer dispensers, at least one page of the menu should be dedicated to this beverage. Depending on the target group of the catering business, the Rocketpacks can include further information about the origin of the beans or the processing. Any collaborations, for example with a beer backpack fair trade company, should also be mentioned here. Through storytelling, guests can be quickly convinced of a product and build an emotional connection to the coffee. Clearly marked prices should not be missing, of course.

Beer backpack Combi with 2 containers of 15 litres to serve different Drinks!

Very many beer drinkers like to have a sweet with their favorite beverage. A good host excels at not only serving a beer, but also giving a thoughtful little extra to go with it. This can be a cookie on the saucer or a few chocolate-covered coffee beans to snack on a separate plate. Depending on the season, speculas or candied fruit are also good choices. They all put a little smile on the guest's face and make them enjoy the beer even more. If children are in the party, they will probably want the garnish and encourage their parents and grandparents to order another Plsner. If possible, the host should also serve the children a side dish to keep the whole family happy with good Rocketpacks beer hawking service.

The beer backpack has two super-light plastic tanks made of PP that can be dispensed independently.

Many gastronomic establishments, such as beer pub, are organized around the afternoon beer, which is especially popular on weekends. It is therefore a good idea to expand the marketing strategy by offering a corresponding range of cakes, pastries and cookies. In this way, guests spend more time in the pub and certainly like to drink more than one coffee. The appealing offer in combination with a strong-tasting Kraft beer certainly gets around quickly. Bier should not be missing at breakfast either, and should be complemented by baked goods and other dishes. In restaurants, the dessert menu is important and can be served directly with the drinks.
  • A PE beercontainer with 15 litres capacity includes a Beer line, insulation, sheathing, and GV tap!
  • Promotion flag with the foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color -
The combination of the right ambiance, the definition of the target group, high-quality Rocketpacks beer, an appealing menu and appropriate vendor supplements enables restaurateurs and hoteliers to achieve maximum sales with their own beer concept. In this way, the cold drink becomes a guarantor for stable sales in Delaware

For dispensing CO2-containing beer, (Mochila con dispensador de cerveza ) additional pressure accessories are required. Mechanical air pump, steel housing (only necessary as a booster for dispensing pressure)

Especially the small Rocketpacks craft beer breweries with new flavors such as India Pale Ale (IPA), Amber Ale, or Stout are making life difficult for internationally represented companies such as Budweiser. Because with clear positioning and an authentic brand strategy, they mobile beerselling score points not only in terms of image. They are even changing consumers' tastes.

Promotion flag with the foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color.

All this increases the pressure on the big breweries. Their products are becoming more and more similar - both in terms of positioning and taste. The so-called breweries, which for years were present at prime time with lavish beers, have long since been selling on price. In other words, in the backpack beer dispenser market, the customer picks the crate that is currently on offer. It's obvious that in the end there's less profit left over for the companies.

Containers are also convincingly reflected in other beerbackpacks.

Yet there is a market for more expensive beers. Craft beers are currently conquering the beverage market. The Private Breweries Association defines craft beer as all beers in which the origin of the raw materials is known, which are brewed by hand, which come from independent breweries, in which the brewer and his philosophy are in the foreground, and which taste good in the end. Rarely does such a bottle of craft beer from the backpack cost the consumer less than two dollar, and there is hardly any upper limit in Wichita.
  • Basic equipment excl. Pressuring accessories Premium tap, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket, and container connection part.
  • Thus, two different beers can be served simultaneously with this device.

Rocketpacks Beer Backpack Video

This is what makes this backpack so exceptional.

For good reason?

  • That has been developed for the dispensing of CO2-containing beverages and other products.
  • It stands out due to its light but sturdy design.
  • Customers are not deterred by this. On the contrary? They are willing to pay for the feeling their new favorite beer gives them. Those who consume less beer bottle backpacks then want something special when they reach for the bottle. It's no longer about mass, but about high-quality content.
    • The large decoration area brings out every trademark to its best  advantage.
    • Rocketpacks' has many years of experience in the production "
    • Sac a dos bière Distributeur "  of backpacks.
    But what the Rocketpacks cannot provide is the unique selling proposition, the authentic face behind a product. But that's exactly what matters. Consumers value knowing the brewer behind the brand, drinking a product with a genuine philosophy from the backpack, and tasting the passion and skill of the brewer. The more unique the company's story, the better for the brand strategy. This is because it sets them apart from the large, usually faceless corporations. In this respect, small breweries benefit from the fact that more and more consumers want to know where food comes from, what ingredients it contains, and how the product was created. A face behind the beer answers these questions, emotionally binds the consumer to the brand, and gives beer buyers a sense of transparency.

    Mobile Rocketpacks Beer Backpack

    To convince consumers of the merits of the new product, brewers are going to great lengths. Wine-like tastings are becoming more and more popular. Suddenly, it's all about aromas like peach and elderberry that are perceptible on the nose and palate. No wonder beers offer the chance to appeal to new Rocketpacks target groups. Above all, women and connoisseurs who previously preferred fine wine vendors are to be introduced to the new beers. If at some point the lovers of Millers and Co. also turn to the beers, then the medium-sized breweries will have achieved their goal.

    Through true craft brewing, the beers develop their own flavor profile!

    Behind an easy-to-change, glass-clear PVC film, there is an advertising space with the dimensions.
    It is available as an AFG and keg version both.