Beer Backpack 2 x 15 Liter hot & cold

  • Beer backpack Combi 2 x 15 litres for two different Drinks!
  • Basic equipment excl. pressuring accessories Premium tap, complete with pipe, insulation, jacket and container connection part,
  • The beer backpack  has two super-light plastic tanks made of PP that can be emptied independently of each other.
  • Thus, two different beer can be served simultaneously with this device.
  • The large decoration area brings out every trademark to its best advantage.
  • Rocketpacks' has many years of experience in the production of backpacks.
  • Container PE, 15 litres, incl. beer line, insulation, sheathing and GV tap!
  • Promotion flag with foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color -

For dispensing CO2-containing beer, additional pressure accessories are required.  Mechanical air pump, steel housing (only necessary as booster for dispensing pressure)

Promotion flag with foldable pole- Weatherproof foil pouch in signal color -

Containers is also convincingly reflected in other backpacks.

Beer Backpack

This enables two different beer to be dispense at the same moment. The backpack can be used with both hot and cold beer.

  • This is what makes this backpack so special. For good reason:
  • The insulation provides total all-round protection for the  tank. It protects them from knocks and blows.
  • A production quality the beer backpack that has proven itself.
  • All proof that this perfect beverage backpack meets all market requirements.
  • All Rocketpacks beer kegs with dobble insulation for hot events.
  • It extends the service life of the beer backpack to an extreme extent.