Can and Bottle Dispenser Backpack

from € 239.- net,  The  Rocketpacks Can & Bottle Dispenser backpack is the ideal mobile distribution system for standard beverage cans and bottles (PET & glass) up to 500ml, as well as packaged food and non-food products.

Furthermore, it can be used as a promotion backpack.
It is ideal for the distribution of free samples and sales (e.g. snacks, sweets, cigarettes, body care products,

Backpack for cans/bottles up to 500 ml - designed for bottles/cans from 0.33 - 0.5 litres. The capacity of the thermo-insulated filling chamber is approx. 30 cans/bottles.

  • Practical solution for the mobile disposal of empties. Lightweight water and dirt repellent material. Easy assembly and emptying.
  • Standard colour: black
    Material: Nylon Backpack Size
  • Backpack size: H47 x W41 x D22 cm
  • Weight (empty): 0,7 Kg

The Rocketpacks beer bottle Dispenser has two depot chambers, each of which can be subdivided by a flexible room divider. The removal openings are individually adaptable to the product and can be closed as required (fixed with Velcro straps).

On the back and the side parts there are foil pockets (fixed with velcro straps). These can be opened to all sides and individually decorated with paper inserts. 

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Thermally insulated Beer can and beer bottle Backpack   individually adjustable Chambers

  1. Lateral extraction openings
  2. Large advertising space on 3 pages
  3. Optional: Side cup dispenser as additional equipment
  4. Inexpensive, variable, quick to use – a useful addition to the dispensing capacities at larger events.
  5. Two chambers, capacity approx. 16 Pet 0.50 Ltr. Bottles per side.
  6. For example, the chambers can be adapted for smaller doses, also in length.
  7. In the output there is always only one bottle/can. After removal, the next will slip by itself.
  8. Advertising Space:
  9. Both sides 38, 5 x 29, 5 cm (HXB)

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Ice Cream Dispenser Backpack - insulated backpack for ice cream sales

Product Sampling

Equipment optional for article TP3001

  • TwinPak waste bag for empty cans/bottles Item no.: TP3101
    Cup dispenser for EW drinking cups 350-710 ml Item No.: RP4410L
    Promotion flag with pole. Weatherproof foil pouch in signal colour - Article No.: RP2012/PF
  • Premium one-hand nozzle,
  • Mechanical air pump, steel housing (only necessary as pressure booster) Part No.: RP1113/PP
  • Gastro apron with 3 pockets - for purse, service accessories etc. Item no.: RP1115
  • AFG tank GV, 11 litres, i tank lid with vent valve, bottom with rubber sleeve, top handle ... incl. beverage line, insulation, sheathing and GV tap Art. no.: RP1104/11GV
  • Container PE, 15 litres, incl. beverage line, insulation, sheathing and GV tap Part No.: RP1104/15GV

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