The word beverage backpack is the generic term for all those liquids that are intended for drinking. In this context, canned beverages are consumed for three main reasons, namely to quench thirst, as food or as a stimulant. Advertisement

The Rocket-Packs beverage Can and Bottle Dispenser backpack is the ideal mobile distribution system for standard beverage cans and bottles!

A classification is made according to whether the beverages are non-alcoholic or contain alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages include, for example, water, soft drinks and fruit juices. Alcoholic beverages are divided into spirits, sparkling wines, wines and mobile beer cans dispenser depending on their alcohol content, ingredients and preparation method.
  • Backpack for cans and bottles up to 500 ml – has a design range of 0.33 - 0.5 litres.
  • The capacity of the thermo-insulated filling chamber is approx. 30 cans or bottles.
Another classification distinguishes between cold and hot drinks. Cold beverage bottles are drunk at room temperature or chilled and are mostly used for refreshment. Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, are heated before Rocketpacks consumption.
  • This trash bag attached under the backpack is easy to assemble, clean and empty
  • This is the practical solution for the mobile disposal of empty bottles or cans.
  • Can be used for lightweight cans, bottle and other trash except for liquid.
For example, there are bottles backpacks, and water-based drinks for drinks hawker, plant-based drinks, drinks derived from fruits, and milk-based drinks. Milk itself, however, does not belong to the product group of beverages, but is a nutritional liquid and, due to its fat content, is also only suitable as a thirst quencher to a limited extent. Mixed drinks containing milk, however, again belong to beverages.
  • Furthermore, it can be used as a promotional backpack and can carry adverts. 
  • Can crary PET bottles and glass for up to 500ml and packaged food and non-food products.
In some cases, however, the boundaries between the types of beverage are fluid, so that several distinguishing criteria apply equally to one beverage. Which beverages a beverage distributor markets depends on its structure. While a brewery as a manufacturing company markets its own beverages, for example, a beverage wholesaler as a sales partner of several manufacturers can take beverage cans and bottle in the backpack, care of the distribution of a very wide range of beverages in Nashwille.

The Rocket packs beer bottle Dispenser backpack has two depot chambers, each of which can be subdivided by a flexible room divider. 

Beverage bottle dispenser sales can be organized via different sales channels. Basically, a guide to distribution first distinguishes between direct and indirect forms of distribution. If a manufacturer's strategy is based on direct Rocketpacks distribution, it sells its beverages directly to consumers, for example by offering its beverages in its own sales outlets.
  • The sides and the back have pockets to insert and display advertisements.
  •  These can be opened to all sides and individually decorated with paper inserts. 
We speak of indirect forms of distribution when sales partners are interposed as sales intermediaries. This means that the soft drinks manufacturer does not sell its beverages directly to end consumers, but transfers the tasks and functions of marketing and sales to independent sales organizations. In this context, a distinction is made between retail and wholesale.

Thermally insulated Beer can and beer bottle Backpack individually adjustable Chambers

Mobile Beverage Cans Distribution engages in retail trade when it sells its products to end consumers and in wholesale trade when it addresses commercial customers or bulk buyers.

Backpack with two insulated depot chambers to store beverage bottles or cans.

The sales chain itself, i.e. the route taken by the beverage from production to the end consumer, can vary in length. The more commercial stages the sales chain contains, the more intermediate stations are passed through. A possible sales chain would be, for example, the manufacturing beer cans company - beverage wholesaler - beverage specialist retailer - kiosk - end customer.

The maximum capacity of the two thermo-insulated cola-can backpack chambers is approx. 30 cans/bottles each.

In addition to the typical distribution channels, which are also used in a similar form by other industries, the Rocketpacks beverage distribution concept often includes home and fixed delivery service as special additional services. Home delivery service means that customers can order their weekly beverage requirements, usually for an additional vending charge.
  • It has a durable steep container with 11 litres of capacity.
  • The container and the external pipe line are well insulated to maintain the original temperature, and a quality tap is also attached.
Backpack advertising surfaces is of surface that is used to display an advertisement.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

The cola bottle distributor then supplies the customer with the ordered beverages and usually also takes away the empties. Such an additional service enables Getränke Vertrieb to set itself apart from other competitors, whereby the service can be offered to both commercial customers and private customers, but usually in conjunction with a minimum purchase quantity.

Its capacity is 30 -40 cans and bottles, has size-adjustable removal flaps, gastronomy apron, and visible covers on sides for advertising inserts.

Festive Rocketpacks coffee delivery service means that the beverage distributor takes over the supply of festivals and larger events. In many cases, the beverage distributor also provides the festival inventory and mobile bar and refrigeration backpack selling equipment.

The removal openings are individually adaptable to the product and can be closed as required (fixed with Velcro straps).

The term of Rocketpacks sales concept summarizes all procedures, processes and activities in sales. This means that, based on the objectives, a strategy is developed that defines all the measures and processes that are necessary to be able to achieve the bottle backpack vendor sales objectives. All these decisions and defined sales activities are then summarized as a sales concept.
  • They take any kind of adverts regardless of what you are promoting.
  • Promotion is not limited and applies a wide variety of adverts.
The basis for this is extensive analysis, which looks at the target beverage customer groups, the general conditions of the market and the competition. At the same time, it is determined what specific advantages and benefits the Rocketpacks Backpack company can offer customers through its products and services. These advantages, which distinguish the company from its competitors and which the customer can only obtain from this company, are also referred to as unique selling propositions.

Perfectly suited to supplement and increase promotion and sales.

Market launch - What needs to be considered?

For a free drink bottle or "Give Away" from the Rocket Pack backpack or vendor's tray, backpack persons have to be stationary.

For beverage producers we are the contact for ideas as Rocketpacks and as a full-service agency we also deliver the conception and development of the brand name and the visual appearance according to your briefing. We are able to position innovative products as well as to develop concepts for contemporary and lifestyle products. Lifestyle products with the appropriate trends to develop. We can offer you the bottle backpack system entire spectrum of professional implementation. Please contact us.
  • Optional? 
  • Side cup dispenser is optional and can be attached additionally. 
  • The backpack can also be equipped with a cup dispenser.
Creative new developments and ideas for all types of beverages. According to your briefing specifications, we develop the appropriate concepts and design implementations for all brand components and their marketing.

After removing an item through the side opening, the next article slides along and is immediately ready to hand over.

We can advise you. Develop your Rocketpacks brand and accompany you step by step. Even collaborate on recipes. What we can't do is supply you with a producer and bottler. We are specialists in marketing to target groups, i.e. for the complete portfolio of possibilities from brand development to online and print advertising for your beverage product.
  • In the output, there is always only one bottle/can.
  • After removal, the next will slip by itself.
What packaging do I use? Existing bottles or jars. Where can I get them in my quantity at a good price and do these packages meet the requirements of the producers or bottlers.

You can increase your sales as the backpack allows the easy serving of 0.5 litres drinks and other eatables as well. 

Often, drinks simply belong or help us celebrate the important moments in our lives. And it's not uncommon for us to use a drink bottle and can, to underscore a memory or a story we're telling. A cell phone allows us to capture, share and deepen everyday experiences of all kinds.

Our thermal backpacks can be divided into two adjustable partitions of different sizes, allowing two different products to be placed in the same sampling backpack.

We are your powerful partner in beverage wholesale for Ireland and our comprehensive range of beverages ensures you a wide choice of products. Draft and bottled beers, soft drinks, mineral and medicinal waters and juices from all national manufacturers, but also regionally significant products. The special wine area "wine room" is supervised by our trained wine sommelier. An excellent wine concept for the gastronomy, and another concept tailored for the trade.

The drinks cans and bottles backpack is ideal for dispensing non-food and food products at events, festivals, etc.

You have an event, wedding, birthday, fair, anniversary, shooting match? Then you are in the right place with us. For the event service we Rocketpacks offer our customers "everything from a single source" from A as in tapping trolley to Z as in backpack tap system. Hygiene - a very important topic in gastronomy, hotel business, community catering, kindergartens and all public facilities. We offer you professional support: Detergents, soap dispensers, sterilem, dishwasher additive for the commercial areas - a "spring cleaning" that will inspire you.

These are also suitable for small servings for a longer duration of time.

The thermo-insulated unique backpack is made of particularly hard, dirt, and water-repellent fabric.

Backpacks are well insulated and carry beverages of 0.5 litres and a cup dispenser can also be attached.

We are a brewery-free, independent specialist beverage retailer serving the trade, gastronomy, canteens and private customers in the area in and around Lohr with an extensive range of beverages. As a partner of the organizers of many festivities in the region, we also prove our competence and efficiency with our beer festive service. With us the customer gets what he wants.

Large advertising space on 3 sides front and sides of backpack.

The unique backpack is designed for cans and bottles up to 0.5 litres.

The business plan for your beverage business
  • Standard colour: Silver
  • Material: Nylon 
  • Backpack Dimensions: H47 x W41 x D 22 cm
  • Weight (empty): 0.7 Kg
Like most founders, you probably won't be able to draw on substantial savings for your business idea to fully finance the opening of your Rucksack Getränke flashen beverage market. So you will have to rely on borrowed capital. At this point, at the latest, you will need a detailed business plan. Banks and investors want to see that your business model is sound. So take your time and write a solid and detailed business plan. Our handy business plan template will help you with the first steps, so you can get started right away

It’s an inexpensive, flexible, easy to use, and useful addition to the dispensing capacities at larger events.

Ice Cream insulated Dispenser Backpack

Before you open your beverage store, you should consider whether you want to be part of a large chain of beverage stores or run your very own beverage business. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. It is actually much more difficult for small, independent stores to compete against the large Rocketpacks beverage retailers. For this reason, the majority of beverage stores in England are also so-called franchise stores. Franchise means that you start your own beverage market, but your store is part of a large retail chain. This hawker concept has some advantages:

The insulated Ice cream backpack system keeps the ice-creams, ice slurries, and other products are frozen for a longer duration.

By using additional cooling elements, you get a more extended cooling period. 

For you as a founder, opening a beverage franchise store means minimizing the financial risk for your beverage store. At the same time, however, you have to hand over part of your sales to the Rocketpacks franchise partner and are not free to determine the strategy and actions in your store.
  • Advertising Space?
  • Both sides 38, 5 x 29, 5 cm (H x B)
If you would rather achieve the greatest possible independence by opening your beverage market, you need to be aware of the financial risk and the effort you will have to invest in operations and advertising. Therefore, first work out a sensible and detailed beer tasting strategy. You could, for example, work exclusively with local beverage suppliers or ice cream, and perhaps even negotiate an exclusive right. Or you could specialize in a particular beverage and offer it in a large selection. With a general assortment, it will be a good piece of work for you in any case to be able to exist next to supermarkets and large chains.
  • Two chambers capacity. 
  • 2 x 15 0.50 Litre. PET Bottles per side.

Product Sampling?

  •  Is it ideal for the distribution of free samples and to increase sales?
  • Good for Snacks, sweets, cigarettes, body care, and all other small products.
  • Give-away is also suitable for small articles from the food or non-food sector!

Beverage Cans/ Bottles Dispenser Backpack Video

Can and Bottle Backpack for 40 Pc Beer and Cola Bottle and Cans. It has a premium one-hand operated nozzle/tap. Takes a mechanical air pump with steel housing (only necessary as pressure booster) Gastro apron with 3 pockets to be used as purse to store service accessories, etc. Has a container with 11 litres volume, includes an insulated and flexible pipeline to the dispenser tap.
If you want to open a beverage market, you have to register a business. The good news is that you don't need to have any special qualifications, so the effort is relatively low. Nevertheless, you will have to provide some proof - which On pack Promotion exactly depends on the products you want to sell in Delaware your beverage market.

It is designed to distribute various types of packaged products (both food and non-food) like cans, chocolates, ice-creams etc.

If, for example, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are to be part of your product range, you will need verifiable knowledge in the area of youth protection. In this case, you must provide proof of sales promotion and participation in a corresponding training course at the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce. If you also offer food, you may need proof from the health authorities. You register with all the necessary documents at the responsible local trade office in Dallas.

With these backpacks, you can carry out promotional actions to distribute samples of products effectively.

Distribution of Rocket-Packs beverage bottle backpacks, developed for the customer, from the design of materials to their shape. 

  • These backpacks provide easy access from both sides through the two side dispensers.
  • Has custom trays with the customer's brand for product distribution.
tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
    1. Three customizable sides on the backpacks allow you to decorate the backpacks with the customer's logo or adverts.
    2. Custom advertising panels of larger dimensions can also be added to the backpacks to provide greater visibility to the brand.
    If you decide against a Rocketpacks franchise concept and for an independent beverage store, you need a clear positioning. As an independent beverage retailer, you cannot purchase the same quantities as the large chains. This results in higher prices for you when procuring beverages. So you have to sell the beverage dispenser backpacks more expensive than others, but with that you quickly lose your competitiveness. So why should customers Business To Business pay more for their water from you?
    • Following equipment is optional and can be installed and removed as per requirement.
    • Rocket-Packs waste bag for empty cans/bottles Item no.: TP3101
       Cup dispenser for EW drinking cups 350-710 ml Item No.: RP4410L 
    • Promotion flag with the pole.
    • Weatherproof foil pouch in prominent colour for adverts - Article No.: RP2012/PF  

    Your target group

    You could supply events in your city with bottled and canned beverages or be a beverage service provider for offices or corporate events with your beverage backpack!