Reference Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser

  • I love Munich and when I go to the stadium, I always watch beer while drinking beer.
  • The server is  heavy, so let's do something about it!

 Why should the 3rd generation become heavier, when it should  have started from the point where it should have started saying? 

  • How does a beerserver with a weight of about 18 kilos feel  light? 
  • How can I relieve my body? 
  • Why does it feel easy when it gets  heavier. the rocket packs that the salesman carries on his back!

    Problem with the hip belt position?
  • As already mentioned, the second  generation of beer backpacks succeeded in reducing the weight. 
  • However, there  was a problem with the position of the hip belt
  • They climb mountains by carrying tens of  kilograms of luggage, but they also have frames on their beverage backpacks.

    Do you know professional mountaineers? 
    Who will guide you with the  climbers' backpack on your back?
    I concentrated on raising the center of gravity, but the next question  was: "In which position should I put the center of gravity?"
    Depending on your height you can now adjust the  optimal position with more spacers and less spacers.
    By placing a spacer at the bottom of the Rocketpacks drink backpack we could adjust the optimal center of gravity!

    In other words, the load was distribute.

  • As a result of the second generation Rocketpack it became clear that it  was unstable. 
  • When developing the third generation, we checked the position of  the belt and the structure of the frame.
  • In order to dissipate the heat of the body when worn on the back, the contact surface with the back is made of a material that allows temperature adjustment.

    The hip belt can be worn with one touch, etc.
    • I thought, "I still have to do this."
    • It has taken some time to develop, but I would be happy if the third generation could reduce the burden on them.
  • Despite the cold weather, the sweat of a ball on my nose Voices of people who actually work.
  • When I saw it and heard it.
  • Using a technology called "motion detection",

    The improvement of the backpack that beer runner carries on his back does not bring much profit.